But can I use it on my resumé?

So last week on Tuesday I led our troops into ICC.

The other officers and I had spent all week looking at strategies, watching videos, planning for contingencies.

We went from 10 attempts on Marrowgar to 2, even with new people in the raid.

Lady Deathwhisper put up a bit of resistance, but nothing we couldn’t overcome.

Would have had the gunship battle in 2 I think except the boarding party’s tank had a UI freakout and he got stuck with the action bar for the cannon, even after leaving the cannon. Apparently that makes it hard to tank or something. Pffttt…

Saurfang fell.

We entered the Citadel.

I was worried about loot getting to the right people and zoned in a little after everyone else.

My screen opens up, I see jets of blue and white smoke and hear them in vent, GOGOGOGOGOGO!

So what do I do? Blink through that shit and land smack dab in the next one.


Trash was hard, we actually called it Tuesday night on account of “Beware of Dogs” and came back on Thursday. By the time we got to Precious and Stinky we were tired.

Started up at the Citadel entrance on Thursday and went through trash much more effectively, what a difference between the end of a night and a fresh evening.

And then… well, we won’t talk about what happened next because it involved lots of dying.

I will summarize with, we did not down either of the bosses and called it after trash respawned.

We’re at an awkward spot, with just a few too many people that want to and can raid for 10s and not quite enough that want to and can for 25s.

Over the past week, we’ve pulled in several new people so this is a temporary problem – temporary until they get from their Naxx gear up to T9.

It’s the one thing that I like about the badge system and them dropping like candy in heroics.

I love the fact that I won’t have to drag them through Ulduar and then ToCr to get them geared.

I’ll give them a week and see how far they’ve gotten and we’ll see about using them as the core for a ToCr raid to run concurrently with our ICC progression group.

But besides the people that aren’t quite geared enough, I have a few extras that ARE geared enough.

And that means that some people have to sit out.

Putting together a raid under these circumstances is horrible.

I want to bring everyone.

But I can’t and decisions have to be made.

I’m trying to balance people and swap them out one week for the next, but I know that will ultimately slow down the progression of the group. Getting a full second raid group would alleviate a lot of that pressure.

I had to make the call to replace someone on Thursday.

He was trying his best, but the experience and the gear just wasn’t quite there.

That’s one of the most difficult whispers I’ve ever had to send to someone.

Thankfully, he knew what the problem was and was very gracious in removing himself from the group without a fuss.

But it still hurt.

I take these guys into these dark, dangerous places and I want to see them win.

I want to see us kicking ass and taking names.

As a team.

And to have to tell someone that they aren’t quite good enough to be on the team…

I feel like I let them down.

I let the guy that wasn’t ready down by getting his hopes up in the first place and I let the rest of the team down by not bringing the best group that I could.

We’re going back in tonight.

We’ll do better.

I’ll do better.

Friday morning.

I was wide awake at 6:00 AM.

For those that don’t know me, that’s fucking early.

I am NEVER awake at 6 in the morning.

But there I was, lying in bed, awake.

Worried about how I was going to fit all these people into raids.


Running down the roster and trying to match tanks and healers and DPS of relative gear and experience into appropriate raids.

At 6 in the fucking morning.

Saturday evening.

33 comments on “But can I use it on my resumé?

  1. Delerius says:

    Arioch, you have almost always been the leader of the guild in our minds, now that you have the title it’s just more official. We will continue to support you as you lead the raids and select the best individuals to progress our guild through Icecrown.

    We WILL be Kingslayers.



  2. Tirael says:

    What problems were you guys having with the dogs/Fester/Rotface?


  3. Groendell says:


    Our guilds are similar in size it seems. On a good night we’ll have enough people online for a 25 man- but 4- 5 of them are not geared enough for ICC. On a bad night we’ll have 17 online (when a 25 man raid has been scheduled.) Fortuneately, we have been able to assemble two 10 man squads lately and pushing through Saurfang (usually) but are stuck on Festergut.

    Our GM and officers have been worrying over the solution to progress as a casual guild (alot of the core are RL friends). It’s tough trying to appease the more gung ho raiders (let’s raid 4 – 5 times a week) while at the same time goading/luring the others to show up to smack our faces for a couple of hours on new content. Drama tends to happen- but I’ve seen this since the MC days : ) and it’s part of any guild.

    We’ve mostly been doing 25s short and pugging anywhere between 4-6 for Ony/ToC. It’s been a good way to see new people and helps with recruiting too sometimes.

    Good luck with the new position and make sure you get a raise!



  4. For The Pie says:

    Wait. Does that mean you are the boss of us?

    I, for one, welcome our new overlord.


  5. repgrind says:

    Holy crap … grats Ari!
    I might have to actually log in over there once in awhile and say hi, I’ve kinda been slackin on that.


  6. rustbeard says:

    Welcome to the wild and wonderful job of herding cats! Now you too may know the joy and pain (well, the pain anyway) of sleepless nights, agonizing over lost opportunities, underperforming heals, overaggroing dps, and tanks who forget to repair before showing up.

    I *thought* I had escaped all that with my defection from my last guild. Apparently, as of last night, I was wrong. But, I’ll post about that tomorrow.


  7. Dark/Soth says:

    Congrats Arioch!


  8. jong says:

    congrats ari!


  9. We are in a similar situation. We’ve been growing a bit lately with friends of friends getting invited. If everyone shows up we have enough to do a 25-man and only pug 5 or 6, but on a typical night we have 11 – 13 show up for our 10-mans.

    It’s frustrating, but we run on a first sign-up first in basis. It doesn’t always get us the best group composition, but we are willing to try unless we end up slamming our faces into a wall. At that point we’ll make some necessary adjustments.

    We haven’t tried Festergut yet, but we are working on Rotface. Everytime we start to throw together a good attempt our slime tank was losing connection. Looks like my DK alt is going to be brought in specifically for slimes on this fight.


  10. koalabear21 says:


    I too have been worrying about getting the right stuff for raids. Our GM is absent due to RL stuff and everything falls to me to pick up the slack. The other officers are there, but they tend to let me handle it. So far it has been the most fun and most stressful job. I love it.

    I hope you love it too!

    Good luck! :D


  11. gnomeaggedon says:

    Grats on the GM’hood…

    Management 101…

    If they are going to do the work, give them a title and a pay decrease… They’ll work all the harder!


  12. sheepblinkinvis says:


    Good stuff and well deserved!


  13. Orangeslice says:

    You asked for chocolate and we delivered!!! Now where is my tip :P


  14. Orangeslice says:

    And It looks like Ari spelled dessert right? ninja edit?


  15. Tirael says:

    You’re normal? I never got that impression.


  16. […] a LOT to say but I think the way I need to say it needs to be organized better. What with my recent promotion, how I feel about raiding not only affects me, but it now affects a whole truckload of people. I […]


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