Not the Raid Post You Were Looking For

I know, I know, I said I would talk about raiding today like I covered heroics.

But two things happened.

First, I’ve written probably 5 drafts of that post. I have a LOT to say but I think the way I need to say it needs to be organized better. What with my recent promotion, how I feel about raiding not only affects me, but it now affects a whole truckload of people. I want to make sure I get it out on “paper” how it really is for me. You might have to wait a couple days while I work on that.

Second, my guild kicks ass.

I am teh fail raid leader for not obtaining a screen shot, but we downed Festergut.

Honestly, I was expecting a week about like last week.

Clear up to Saurfang, clear some trash, get chewed on by some puppies and then slam against the wall on Festergut until trash respawned.

Let’s compare:

Lord Marrowgar

  • Last week: 2 attempts, was very impressed, beats the hell out of 10 tries the week before
  • This week: 1 shot, was thrilled, and we did have someone who had not been present for that kill yet, he got the boned achievement

Lady Deathwhisper

  • Last week: 3 tries, was very happy
  • This week: 1 shot, even more thrilled

Gunship Battle

  • Last week: 3 tries, but I call a Mulligan on the one where the tank’s UI flipped out
  • This week: 2 tries, happier, but still need to figure out what the problem is, everything seems to be fine and then it goes downhill and unfortunately, the parse does not record this battle

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • Last week: 5 tries
  • This week: 1 shot and we were freaking heavy on the melee, I was terrified that we would not be able to pull it off, last night was the epitome of pro use of CC (roots, traps, Chains of Ice and probably more stuff that I didn’t even see since we were on those beasts and they were dead so fast), and get this – the bitch didn’t get to cast Mark of the Fallen Champion once, NOT FUCKING ONCE

So that was something like 8 attempts less just getting to the new stuff. Amazing how much time that saves and how better morale is getting to the new content.

And then we did right on the puppies.

Last week was a little chaotic on Precious, with people halfway down the stairs with zombies chewing on them and not moving up into range to get them pulled off.

Last night, it went like we were seasoned pros at this.

Festergut was 3 attempts.

My guys are great about picking themselves up and getting shit back in order after a wipe.

We release, fly back, run in, buff, and are already done discussing what happened and what needs to happen.

I do call Mulligan this week on attempt number 2.

There is a mechanic where the tank gets a buff that makes them uber powerful as they get closer and closer to exploding from the Gastric Bloat crap. So the tank that does not currently have threat switches to a non-tanking stance/presence to avoid stealing the aggro by virtue of being so cool. When the stacks drop and they pick up Festergut again, they re-pop the appropriate buff/stance/presence. Well… the second pull was with a tank still in DPS stance/presence. That was over very quickly. So that attempt doesn’t count.

We’re using what I’ve dubbed the “designated puker” strategy. Only 3 people need to be at range in 10 man to keep Festergut from tossing puke poison into the melee. So we had me, the hunter and the boomkin at range, spread out all nice. We were the only ones targeted, and boy does it suck, always after a proc or full stack of Arcane Blast and just long enough to lose it all.

On top of puking, from the time I entered the upper spire to our kill on Festergut I had some weird latency issues, quadruple what it is normally. I couldn’t tell if a spell was queued or not because I frequently couldn’t even see the cast animation. I knew I was done casting because I eventually got an Arcane Blast debuff. My cast bar was all red. No bueno. As soon as we made the kill, I was just fine. If anyone knows what causes this crap, please let me know…

Anyway, last week was a lot of scrambling about trying to get spores in the right place and /facepalming as healers were stacking and getting hit with the puke poison and dying.

Last night?

Well. Oiled. Machine.

I was ready to call people out for fail, raid leaders aren’t always nice… but they didn’t give me reason to.

I’m starting to get more comfortable with the leading, trying to do a better job with remembering what each role needs to know. I’m getting there. All the work I’m putting in on my alts is really helping, I’m leveling with the intent to raid on them so I’m paying a lot of attention to what a situation looks like from their perspective.

Rotface was a little crazy, but we did give it 10 shots and got him to 39%.

We tried a couple different strategies for the slime kiting, but it took a few just to really get the mechanics worked out.

Our biggest problem (other than getting the slimes to the right places at the right time) seems to be healers racking up the aggro against the little slimes, even if they aren’t healing the kite tank.

We’ll do some research today and show up tomorrow with a list of ways to succeed.


There is more.

While our progression group was kicking ass and taking names in ICC…

We had a whole second raid tearing up ToCr!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we had two successful raids running at the same fucking time.

They even finished Trial, whereas last week they started it and had to call it on the faction champs. We brought in half the progression team to roflstomp it to completion Monday night. That wasn’t as much fun since there was hardly anyone there that needed the experience or the gear.

This week, they had a harder group composition to take on for the FC and still got all the way through in one night.

I wonder what they’re going to do on Thursday?

Maybe a little 10-man EoE or OS? Head into Uld?

Regardless of where they go, I’m proud of the entire guild.

Not so long ago I was wondering if I would ever see us getting anywhere. I actually considered leaving the guild.

Now I’m chomping at the bit to tear into Arthas, and I wouldn’t want to be taking him on with any other group of people.

27 comments on “Not the Raid Post You Were Looking For

  1. For The Pie says:

    Conga Rats to both teams!


  2. Delerius says:

    Whoo boy, last night was EPIC! I could either leave a novel in your comments… or write my own post. Yeah I’ll do that.

    But I still gotta say a few things at least!

    1) Third time in Icecrown first time on Marrowgar was epic.
    2) First try on gunships was really close, like 20k left on their ship, but it was Zug’s fault.
    3) Not only did Saurfang (no, he IS his son) not cast his mark… he was only at 50 MAYBE 60 blood power. Yeah.
    4) I gots a Festerbutt kill-shot and can send it to ya when I get home tonight.

    Two FULL raids with 7 online to spare was more epic than any of us could have imagined. Your leadership is inspiring us to new heights. :-)


  3. For The Pie says:

    Does GM stand for Guild Mother?

    Go and clean your room, and don’t stand in the fire!

    Quit running with scissors and let the tank get aggro!

    One day your face will freeze with that look and you’ll be sorry, quit playing Bejeweled during the raid!

    Just sayin.


  4. Orangeslice says:

    Go go Ari and Shadow Rising!! I have a screenshot for Festergut as well if ya needs itr as well.

    I was really happy about no mark of the Fallen Champion!!!! Bubble spam ftw.


  5. Orangeslice says:

    nah I am still failz healz lol.

    But the healz last night were on the money…..Sorak and Del killing me in healz lol but expected, druids and resto shaman use “I win” button. /faceroll.

    I wonder is a PW:S would stop it (the puking debuff)….but if ice block doesnt…bubble prob wouldnt? /sigh

    Rotgut is a much more annoying fight….hate freakin movement fights….but sigh just like with Marrowgar we will prevail!!! :)

    One thing for that i was maybe thinking about swapping to holy and speccing into body and soul to benefit the OT. Body and Soul increases their movement speed while under the effect of PW:S….only prob with that is holy shield is not all that and the cool down to recast is a bitach….


    • Delerius says:

      Yeah I had thought about body and soul last night, I tried to inspect you to see if you had it in your holy spec.. obviously that didn’t work cuz you were in your other spec. Before I could armory it or ask you we were pulling again lol.

      A couple other ideas:

      Soth in unholy presense? 15% faster right?
      2 OT’s / kiters. From what I’ve read so far today this seems to be what most guilds are doing. There is no enrage timer and frankly it’s not a very heal-intensive fight, I think we can 2 heal it.


    • Delerius says:

      If you were looking at recount, yeah you were pathetic :-P

      The parses Ari takes do try to factor in shields though, and if you go take a look at those I beat you own my barky face.


  6. Forreststump says:

    We’ve not had little oozes peel away from a live target, then return again, as they are supposed to have no aggro table. If someone with an ooze dies, it may be healing that gets its attention in the process of acquiring a new target (e.g. the healers are nomnom’d).

    Body and Soul is an excellent tool for this fight, but we use it on those who gain Mutated Infection to speed their “special package” to the OT, at which time they are cleansed and go about their merry way. We use a bear OT and he is able to maintain a safe distance from the Big Ooze fairly easily (the exception being when the slime flood switches quarters at an inopportune and he gets slowed – if you have a paladin in raid, Hand of Freedom is boon for those instances and has a reasonably short cooldown).


  7. Orangeslice says:

    Hmmm. Will have to try that out forrest. thanks for the advise.

    Yeah i dont really care about being #1 heals..i just like to complain….cause that’s what old people do. :)

    I do gotta say, seeing my zergling murder the murloc marine was amusing,


  8. Some Orc says:

    Not really crazy happy we got festergut down. I was kinda expecting it last week. But i do like the improvement on all the bosses.
    Get to work on that raid post. Post a sneak peak or something.


  9. smart001 says:

    My own two cents? If you insist.

    My favorite class to heal with is a disc priest. She and I two heal all the way up to rotface, and can almost two heal that. Contrarily, if i am healing with a pally or shaman or even another druid, yes my effective HPS goes up, but my stress level does as well. I <3 me some disc priest.

    We are running into problems with rotface, we have all the minimal coordination down (moving spores etc) but just are not quite beating the enrage timer, last night our best attempt had him down to 8% twice (23% a third time, but peeps were getting tired so we called it). 8% twice tells me we need more dps since nobody died at all until enrage. I think we will give it one more shot at 2 heals, the problem is (imo) the OT is a druid, he can tank his ass off, but he takes so much damage during that fight it is insane. he has 55k HP 10 man buffed too, so that chill of the throne should be called chill of the bone druids.

    So in summation:
    1) Congratulations Ari and the guild.
    2) I <3 disc priests.
    3) I rambled about my guild's rotface woes.
    4) I put in a summary and summarized an otherwise lengthy comment.
    5) Are you still reading this?
    6) I think someone spiked my coffee this morning.


    • Delerius says:

      Wait, is there really an enrage or do you mean you were just overrun with constant slimes?

      You’re not confusing festergut with rotface are you?

      And agreed, the resto druid/disc priest combo is awesome.


  10. Doz says:

    He said rotface and meant Festergut I believe. As there are no spores on rotface.


  11. smart001 says:

    yeah, much to my chagrin, when going in last night to beat festergut, i realized i had called the names incorrectly.

    it pisses me off that the two look so closely alike and have similarly putrid names, and are irritating.

    now i feel like a dumb ass… /shame

    ~ nub out


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