Paladin Healing, A Journal

So I’ve got a little space goat pally.

She makes such cute squealing noises when something is beating on her.

Was planning on leveling as retribution, like all the cool kids do… but I already have 20+ minute waits on my mage… I have a DK that can almost sort of tank on the same server… that leaves holy.

Levels 15-19

The ONLY fucking heal spell I have is Holy Light.

Regarding Holy Light, allow me to state this:



It’s slow.

It’s a mana hog.

It takes forever to cast.

It’s expensive.

Did I mention that it’s not a fast or cheap spell?

Talk about the importance of a pre-cast.

Although I did actually have a tank take more than her 450 points of life in the 2.5 seconds it took me to cast HL from the start of combat.

That run was a bundle of fun for many reasons… I hate Wailing Caverns with a passion now.


In this level bracket, HL costs almost 100 mana and heals for about 250.

I only had between 600 and 800 mana. I can cast 6-8 heals before I’m OOM. I miss Arcane Torrent so very, very much.

If you have not taken at least 200 points of damage (and are not the tank) you are not getting a heal. So sorry, but my precious resources are going to go towards saving the tank’s hide and my own.

So I’ve got this one heal spell and that’s about it.

Oh sure, I’ve got some other toys in the toy box.

I can try to judge for light to take care of some of the incidental damage, but only if the tank actually has control of a mob. That was a really big IF.

I’ve got Lay on Hands! On a 20 minute cooldown.

Hand of Protection? 5 minute cooldown and about as confusing as Divine Sacrifice I’m sure. I can just see it now: “WTF can’t attack! o wait, all better now”

Hand of Freedom is great! If someone actually needs to be freed from something. I was rather disappointed when this did not work on that fucking Druid’s Slumber spell in WC.

Purify is also great! For all the poison and disease being thrown about… the poison part came in handy in WC, I won’t lie.

But really, all a pally healer has to work with at this point is Holy Slow and Expensive Light.

Impression of healing in this bracket: Oh shit, he’s going to die because A) I am out of mana or B) the spell is too goddamn slow.

Levels 20-24

I dinged 20 and it was like the heavens had heard my lamentations.

OK, I’m sure the deaf heard all my bitching and screaming at the monitor about HL.

I just about hugged my class trainer when I learned Flash of Light.

A full second faster, and less than 30 mana.

At level 20, my HL had a heal per mana (HPM) of 2. That’s 2 HP back to you for every mana of mine.

My new and beloved FoL had a whopping 3.2 HPM.

Yes, I was seriously excited about that 1.2 HPM.

It might only have healed for about 100, but it’s speed and small size made it far more versatile.

I could suddenly pay attention to more people than just the tank.

HL on the tank, FoL on the dumbshit DPS, HL on the tank, FoL on the DPS that was doing right but the tank was being a dumbshit, HL on the tank etc.

This is also the bracket where more tanks seemed to either get more toys to use or learned how to use what they had.

An increase in mob control meant an increase in my ability to judge for light, allowing most DPS to keep themselves topped off and limiting the twitch I get when someone’s life isn’t full but it would be a waste of a cast to heal them for 50 HP. (I know, P3 on Anub in ToCr is going to kill me.)

Around 23 I decided it was time to clean up my spazzy spec and trundled off to the trainer to unlearn my crap and relearn something useful.

(I had a habit of leveling in a dungeon and picking a talent that would immediately benefit me in the role I was in, since I was hopping between all three for a bit, this made a mess of my talent trees.)

Went straight heal talents.

By 24, My HL was healing for well over 500 and my FoL was sitting at a pretty 125+ and my mana pool was cracking 1k.

This is also about when I discovered warlocks.

Warlocks and their fucking lifetapping.

When the tank says, “Big pull, guys!” and then runs into the room to round up the whole lot, that is NOT the time to tap yourself to a tiny red sliver of life.

Or he would always wait until I had topped everyone off and started drinking.

Lifetap. Lifetap.


I hate you.

I didn’t let him die, but I hated him all the same.

So far, I feel like pally healing is painfully dull and bland compared to priest.

Very reactive, not very proactive.

And I have to stand still to do much of anything.

This is a work in progress, and yes it was a filler post for today because I had to pass out at around 7:30 last night.

Going into the office kills me.


25 comments on “Paladin Healing, A Journal

  1. Hulan says:

    All healers hate locks and bloody lifetap – welcome to the club :)


  2. For The Pie says:

    Don’t forget you have Gift of the Naaru. It’s not great but it can help you get through those first few levels.


  3. Delerius says:

    I think I’ve got it best with warlocks, as a druid all I have to do is throw a single Rejuvenation on them and they can lifetap their cute little demonic hearts out. I loves my hots.

    I… guess I’m willing to forgive you for not giving us that raiding post, just don’t pass out tonight! We need your mad deeps and inspiring leadership skills, we’re gonna down Fartface tonight!


  4. Matt says:

    I warn locks up front, if they get dumb with it, they better be carrying bread and bandages. Or water, like me.


    • telanarra says:

      MY solution just don’t heal locks or Ari’s :)


    • For The Pie says:

      Cheap mages!@#@# grr.


    • koalabear21 says:

      It drives me up the wall when a mage won’t drop a table.

      I might be a fail mage, but damn if I don’t pop down a table every time I join an instance.

      Hell I use my Int buff even when I am the only one with mana. Then again that is because I have a special buff bar and if one person doesn’t have the buff it turns red and I have to fix the red. I HAVE TO! You just don’t UNDERSTAND!

      *runs off crying*


  5. telanarra says:

    ok i was kidding about the not healing locks


  6. koalabear21 says:

    Being a warlock who is both max level and leveling, I just want to tell you that not all of us are that stupid.

    At 80 I have enough spells that benefit me to where I can life tap, not receive healing, and I go right back to full health. This is really useful because I have to life tap to keep my sp buff up.

    After 30ish affliction warlocks can spec into siphon life. This spell heals you when you have corruption up on a mob. I frequently have to life tap at that level because my mana dries up like no one’s business. Thanks to siphon life I don’t usually have to strain the healer.

    I do make it a point to tell the healer that if I am over tapping then to tell me or don’t worry about healing me. I have gone so far as to ask healers if it was ok for me to life tap to fully refill my mana when I can’t stop to drink. When I do this, 90% of the healers tell me to life tap and that they have me covered.

    Since I have never seen a polite warlock do this while healing, I will have to grudgingly admit that I might be different than other warlocks.


  7. Orangeslice says:

    Yeah the annoying locks can be annoying, bit i really do not mind lifetap….renew and bubble good to go XD

    And lvling a pld is fun…nice being able to take on more then 1 mob and not getting one’s face owned…low lvl priest lvling I made a lot of mistakes,


    • Anabella says:

      On the other hand, I am just leveling a warlock with herbalism. Lifeblood is perfect. Also, I am sporting heavy runecloth bandages on lvl 43 (They heal for 2000. I have 1500 HP. Nuff said).

      And I keep seeing twitchy OCD healers tossing me heals when I am obviously bandaging…

      My main is healer, btw :)


  8. daemia says:

    I was hellbent on leveling my pally as holy and made it to 66 or 67 before breaking down and buying a secondary ret spec…and then I understood the cool kids.


  9. Zarigar says:

    There is a special place in hell for locks who spam lifetap repeatedly on themselves while you are drinking and then just stand there waiting for heals.


  10. Raven says:

    Never level anything as healing. NEVER! And thats all I have to say about that.

    And as far as locks, I’m so used to life tap that I throw a riptide on them in between every pull out of reflex. I don’t get mad at them for lifetapping during pulls either. If they are being stupid…they die. I would think a decent player could pay a bit of attention and be aware to some extent how each class heals. I am a chain healer so ranged get random heals where the melee usually stay topped off. Ranged shouldn’t take to much damage unless we are dealing with an AoE. If we are dealing with a major AoE (i.e. Saurfang) and they start life tapping left and right they are stupid and should go play in traffic. Of course it’s not a raid unless the lock dies.


    • rustbeard says:

      Try leveling as a holy priest someday….

      *Bangs head*


  11. Ten'nen says:


    You’re a good lock. I appreciate when locks ask before lifetapping. At max level, mana isn’t a problem for paladins (or it shouldn’t be). At low levels, though, Holy Light made me cry myself to sleep for the longest time, and when locks life tap and then stand there and target me stupidly, expecting a heal, I would “if you want a heal, you can give me water so I can get back the mana I’m wasting on you :-)”

    I also leveled before the time of dual spec to level 70 as holy in BC, which was painful. When I got to Northrend, I decided to go Prot since I had both healing and tanking sets, and Prot can actually successfully kill things, and I’d actually get into instances…

    Oh man. Those were the days…


    • koalabear21 says:

      Why thank you :)

      I have been leveling my baby belf lock and doing instances with her. I have really gotten lucky because every instance I get put in has had an amazing healer decked out in heirlooms. I do my whole “Is it cool if I lifetap?” and every single one has told me to do it whenever I need to.

      If I see the healer stopping to drink, I do the same instead of life tapping. The tank has to wait for the healer so I might as well get in on it too. :D


  12. Forreststump says:

    I leveled my paladin as holy back in the Vanilla era (lolwut?!?). I understand your pain – and no, it does not begin to become proactive under after level 70 (Sacred Shield/Beacon of Light), but the state of low-level “paladining” is far, FAR (did I say… FAAAAAAARRRR) better than it was in Vanilla.

    There just isn’t much finesse in paladin healing, but instead feels like brute force healing. Where the other healers have varitable “utility belts” of healing/mitigation options (my resto druid namesake’s key/mousebinds are overflowing: resto druid = Swiss Army healer, amirite?), paladins are 3-trick ponies, but all those tricks are incredibly powerful for their size: Holy Shock (the stiletto strapped to your leg), Flash of Light (.44 magnum hand cannon), and Holy Light (shoulder-mounted Stinger missile).


  13. theerivs says:

    Is it the thing that all mages must have a pally now. LOL!


  14. Anea says:

    Maybe this is “just” a filler post, but I really like it. Because it’s true.

    Especially the damn warlock part.


  15. Darraxus says:

    1) I will never heal as a Paladin again. I love Ret….Prot is fun….Holy is shit on a stick. This may be because I have been spoiled by playing a Druid Healer (my Pally was Holy through all of BC).

    2) I have a Warlock, and I dont mind locks who tap. I throw a rejuv on them and it heals them to full. On the other hand, the ones who have more mana than health piss me off. LRN TO WARLOCK NUB.


  16. gnomeaggedon says:

    I discovered something the other day after botching in the comments of CriticallQQ.

    Apparently (some?) Locks get a spellpower bonus from tapping… Thus why most do it as they enter battle…

    Apparently rank 1 gives the same bonus, so they have no excuse for dumping all their health, but at least I don’t swear every trash pull now…

    I always loved the locks that siphoned while tapping on the last mob of a pull… Full health.. Full mana… Happy healer


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