Real Life Raid Boss

I’m about to be pwned by the real life raid boss – I’m in the office today.

Note that my boss is not the raid boss, it’s the actual feat of going into the office that’s going to wipe me.

I anticipate high repair bills.

Filler post today, most likely filler post tomorrow as I recover from being in the office and then leading a raid.

In case you non-rogues were wondering what the traps in ICC look like, here is a snippet courtesy of my rogue husband.

It’s the kiddy-pool looking thing in the upper left.

They’re frigging huge. Apparently they can also be slow to spawn on the screen when the rogue is cruising the room.

I hear a warlock’s Eye of Kilrogg is capable of seeing them as well.


If you’re living under a rock, you may have missed out on the changes to the armory.

Pretty snazzy stuff over there!

First thing I had to do was set a default pose.

There is some code to allow you to insert a quasi-real time image of your character onto a website, but frowns heavily upon much scripting and I can’t get it to work.

So here’s one of the last shots of me in full T9, 11 more Emblems of Frost and I’ll be sporting my Mardi Gras shoulders.


Yes, I am shirtless.


One good thing to come of the GearScore fad:

I receive random epeen stroking from total strangers upon zoning into Dalaran!

I finally got GearScore Light to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

I’ve yet to really see a correlation between a high GS and good performance or a low GS and poor performance.

If anything, the only correlation I’ve been able to make is that a higher GS is more likely to be attached to a asshat or douchebag of a player. Not in all cases, but it does seem to lean that way.

I discovered this week that I am scary.

While reviewing the roster after my promotion to Guild Master the other week I noticed one of my mages had disappeared.

I was a little disappointed. The guy seemed really nice, took instruction well, and seemed genuinely interested in improving.

Turns out he had run with us once or twice back in the Naxx days and was a little intimidated by me.

Now back in those days, I never spoke in vent and hardly ever typed anything in raid chat.

I was a good, quiet little mage, did as I was instructed and would acknowledge that I understood my assignments.

(In before “What the hell happened?”)

Not real sure how I was scary back then, my DPS wasn’t all that and a bag of chips, arcane had yet to receive love from the developers.

He joined the guild when we were starting ICC and came in with us on a 10-man while we were on Lady Deathwhisper.

By this time, I was freely talking in vent and was probably leading the raid with one of the other officers.

I noticed he was using an outdated arcane rotation and told him about the new one.

I told him over vent.

And he figured out that I am, *gasp* a WOMAN.

Can play his class, lead raids, and I have tits?

Triple threat, baby!

Then I was promoted to Guild Leader.

It was too much for him.

He went /gquit.

Reason given: I’m intimidating.



21 comments on “Real Life Raid Boss

  1. For The Pie says:

    Wait…you are a female? Why was I not told?

    And a mage?

    And a belf?


    Oh and when the big mean Raid Leader/Guild Leader says don’t stand in front of the worm, don’t. Check my death on Northrend Beasts. I am blaming lag, which is true, because I didn’t realize the worm had been turned my way, until I was killed me.

    So on topic, if you boss casts paralytic poison, run to fire. /nods wisely


  2. rustbeard says:

    “Can play his class, lead raids, and I have tits?

    Triple threat, baby!”

    God help him if he discovers you’re married, and therefore used to giving orders to a man. His poor brain might explode.

    Good luck with the in-office work today – since an office re-orginization, I lost my private office and now share one with my immediate boss… I get to look into the eyes of Mal’Gannis all day now!


    • telanarra says:

      ” I get to look into the eyes of Mal’Gannis all day now!”

      semi-helpful solution to your problems

      1. poke your eyes out
      2. poke his/her eyes out. the trip to the er prevents you from looking into there eyes
      3. do not poke instead remove said eyes store them in a jar or have them made into paperweights. then go ask for promotion since your immediate boss can no longer perform his job.
      4. duct tape
      5. work with the lights off

      there i hope i was helpful in some way shape or form.



    • For The Pie says:

      So how do we solve our scary GM issue?


  3. theerivs says:

    tits? Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

    I hope your defense is up so your boss doesn’t crit.


  4. telanarra says:

    “So how do we solve our scary GM issue?”

    we make T-shirts that say our GM is scarier then your GM.


  5. For The Pie says:

    New guild name:

    My GM can beat up your GM.


  6. afterthot says:

    So, Recount actually has a tab that tracks GS in conjunction with performance with respect to DPS and HPS. Granted, not every healer will light up the HPS charts and tanks will be pretty low on the DPS charts, but it is useful for finding fail DPS, despite a 5k GS.


  7. sirfwalgman says:

    I will NEVER get why some men are scared of capable women. I personally find it attractive.


  8. Orangeslice says:

    PIe…whomever told you standing in a fire is a real jerk…..



  9. Grim says:

    FYI, EoK can’t see the traps, but it can spring them. Our rogues mark ’em with flares and I trip them with my eye.



  10. Delerius says:

    You kinda missed it amidst all the real life work junk, but this post was on Clearcasting’s birthday.

    Happy Birthday Clearcasting!!


  11. […] and 20 new posts. In game play, this was the month I was made guild master of Shadow Rising (which intimidated at least one player and he left the guild). We were in ICC and floundering on killing the dogs and […]


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