Late post has (mostly) nothing to do with WoW

So I was in the office yesterday.


See, I’m on this project. It’s a BIG project and will revolutionize the way we do business. So they say.

Lots of people brought in for the project so lots more people than we have room for in our large 4-building complex (not counting the several other buildings we have in other locations).

So we rent space at a hotel that’s a few blocks downhill from the local site.

Like all projects of this magnitude, there have been some communication issues.

And like all projects, it’s generally my role as the technical writer that gets shafted on the communication. Tech writers somehow have this amazing ability to be “accidentally” removed from distribution lists. I’m used to it by now and just take extra steps to make sure I have someone on the “inside” to get my information.

I finally got the invitation for my first real meeting (not a pre-meeting, already did that) for the project.

And the meeting was taking place at the aforementioned hotel.

Long story, but Rip from Critical QQ and I share the common trait of not driving.

But Dark/Soth works for the same company and isn’t too far from where I live so we have a “he drives and I buy lunch” deal worked out.

The weather was frightful, but we finally made it to the office area and he drops me off at the hotel.

I check in at the front desk and ask where my meeting is.

They have three meetings for my company, but none are mine.

I go upstairs and check with each meeting to make sure that they are not my meeting.


Pull out my laptop and try to check my email to verify the time/date/location.

My wireless security was never set up on this machine.


Call my manager.

No answer.


Consider calling Dark/Soth to come get me.

Decided against it as he’s hourly and would have had to clock out to come get me, resulting in us being late for the raid later that night.

How bad can the weather really be?


It’s about a half mile – uphill – from the hotel to the office. For once, I was not wearing heels, very abnormal for me.

It wasn’t raining so much as the wind was pushing water through the air.

I almost got blown off the sidewalk into traffic.

Fun times.

I should mention that while I am considered to be of a good shape, I am not in good shape since my days of telecommuting.

That was the longest walk. Ever. Well, second to Rip walking around in a blizzard.

Finally get into the office and find an empty desk to plug into.

Check my email.

How cute, an updated meeting request that was sent after I already left the house that morning.

“Just noticed you weren’t on this invite, do you have time to join us in building A?”


“I’m on my way.”

Of course, I’m in building D, which if you can’t guess is the building furthest from building A.

Building A is a very mysterious building that few people get to go to and most don’t even have security for.

So I pack up my laptop again and lug it down to building A, fretting the whole time about whether or not I’ll even be able to open the door and get in.

I make it to building A and thankfully my security card gets me in.

And then I realize that I have no idea where room 148A is.

I wander around following the trail of meeting rooms until I find a dead end and room 148B.


How the hell do I get to A from B?

Thankfully there was a class about to start in that room and the facilitator was able to direct me through this secret passageway in the wall and I was able to get to room A.

From there, the rest of my day was relatively uneventful.

Got home just in time to raid, but in no condition to lead.

Many thanks to my officers that stepped up.

We took a couple stabs at ICC 25, but were short a person and had a few socials as filler so the DPS wasn’t quite there to take on Marrowgar.

It was still a good learning experience and got some people started on their rep for the Ashen Verdict.

Tucking our tails a bit, we returned to 25 Trial, where we performed much better.

We got through the faction champs (only two tries and I think we had a healer DC on the first one) before it was late enough to start losing people.

I then passed out without even loading the parse.

Today, I spent my morning staring at my computer screens and taking forever to formulate a thought and even longer to put it in a coherent sentence. As a technical writer, that’s bad.

So I finally just called my manager and told her I was toast for the day. My chest is cold, my ear hurts, my legs and shoulders are sore, and I can’t focus. I have a day off now and I don’t think I can function well enough to play WoW. I think I’ve spent an hour on this post and it’s not even 1000 words and certainly contains nothing of substance.


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14 comments on “Late post has (mostly) nothing to do with WoW

  1. Some Orc says:

    Get well soon :)


  2. For The Pie says:

    I could tell you how to get to 148A, but then I’d have to… well… you know.


  3. Ten'nen says:

    You need a hug. Or another pick me up.

    Like this:

    There, don’t you feel better now? :-D


  4. Dark/Soth says:

    I hope you didn’t contract the flu/cough/cold/bug/virus/crappyfeeling that I contracted via the Spawn of Dark/Soth. I’m having a terrible time focusing today as well and I was struggling last night in ToTC too. I think I was #8 in dps on beasts and Jarraxus, which like never happens. Didn’t even break 5k. Think I hit 4800 once, which in a 25-man is terrible (for me). It didn’t help that Spawn of Dark/Soth insisted on sitting in my lap, cheering me on as I “keeled the bad guise”. After I logged out, I had to play her level 5 gnome warlock with her for a bit. Since I promised her like 40 times while I was raiding. Eventually she got tired of the warlock and wanted a new toon. So we made a draenei warrior instead. So, for all you players out there on Drak’Tharon. If you see a female draenei warrior running around looking genuinely lost and moving in random directions, you can bet there is a 4 year old behind the PC, bouncing merrily on my lap as she kills the Mutated boomkins in Azuremyst.


  5. Orangeslice says:

    Ouch get well soon boss!!!!

    And PIe….belfs are not mean and nasty….orcs are.


  6. Raven says:

    Oh right…get well soon.


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