Inside Out

Or Inside Azeroth

Flipping through my archives, it dawned on me that I don’t think I ever put out some link love to the guys and gal over at Inside Azeroth.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the only podcast that I listen to weekly.

(Not that there aren’t more podcasts that I want to listen to, because there’s a dozen or so that I want to listen to, but it’s like the list of over 50 WoW blogs that I want to be reading… WTB more time in the day.)


Inside Azeroth is hosted by the trio of David, Steve and the newest addition of “Salty” or “Sultry” Katerina.

Each brings with them a different view on just about every aspect of WoW.

David runs a reasonably serious raiding guild Horde-side on Wyrmrest Accord (RP). They are currently focusing on 10-man ToCr content to get ready for ICC.

Steve has a very casual guild Alliance-side on Runetotem (PvE) (plus his numerous alt projects scattered about). They raid about once a month. A wing in Naxx or Sarth. Maybe take on an old BC raid for giggles.

Katerina has just moved to a new guild that does both 10 and 25 man content and is enjoying ICC.

Steve has been bitten by the BG-PvP bug while Katerina has only done as much PvP as required for the world event achievements.

David tanks, Katerina heals, Steve pewpews.

David occasionally breaks off onto a rant (always worth listening to), Katerina eggs him on, and eventually Steve brings it all back to order.

The show has great balance, talking about just about everything there is in the game to talk about, with a very relaxed feel. I often find myself trying to talk back to them when I agree or disagree with something and have to make a note of it to post on the forums when I’m done listening to the show.

They record weekly, usually over the weekend, and the shows are available to download directly from their website,, or from iTunes. I don’t do the iTunes thing so you’re on your own for that one. And there’s a Zune thing. I know nothing about that.

The shows run somewhere between an hour and two hours (a few are a bit longer) depending on how much there is to talk about and how feverish the discussion gets, but it always ends too soon for me.

Give ’em a listen!


4 comments on “Inside Out

  1. theerivs says:

    You know I really must start listening to podcasts more, but you know I’m not a huge fan of talk radio. I feel its the last step before I’m really an old man is that I start listening to talk radio and enjoying it.


  2. Orangeslice says:

    I guess I am too much a visual person…never could get into talk radio….but will have to check it out…as servers are down now…why on my day off…curse you Blizzard!!! YOU DAMN DIRTY APES!!!!!!!!!


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