Raids and Shit

Because someone was looking for it…

and found me.

Back in the office today so here’s a quick progress report:

25-man Raids:

ICC was attempted a week or so back, but is too much of a gear check with us not having enough power from the top end to muscle through it.

Trash was cleared and Marrowgar attempted.

We will return.

We’re *usually* able to clear ToCr in an evening with some time to spare.

Last night was the night when it seemed like everyone forgot basic fight mechanics as soon as we got to the Twins.

It was ugly.

After a couple wipes, I decided we needed a refresher.

I explained the fight in a manner that can best be described as a lecture through clenched teeth.

Then, as we were short a few people, I called the raid.

Those bitches are safe for now since we lack the coordination to kill them.

10-man Raids:

We were a little short on time last week, but we were able to clear through Festergut again.

Abracadaver is mine.

I’ll try to get a picture of the little ghoul thing it can summon.

And yes, those are my T10 shoulders.

Helm too, but it’s hidden so as not to obstruct the glory that is my ponytail.

I do miss my T9 shoulders. They were prettier.

Revered ring from the Ashen Verdict kicks ass.

Poked at Rotface and then couldn’t resist sight-seeing in the new blood wing.




Was expecting frostbolts or void zones from the mini-lich.


Lich Slap.

Seriously. That’s its attack.

So between laughing hysterically at that and some mob with pally powers and shadowstep and a “wipe the raid” ability, we had a few deaths.

Oh yeah, and someone was turning us into spiders.

We raided smarter not harder and brought out the shackles (love our priests) and managed much better with only half the trash at a time.

We played with the Princes a couple times before we had to call it.

The fight is crazy hectic, with so many things to watch for.

And I got to TANK.

Granted, he just stood there and shot shadowbolts at me, but I was still technically tanking – top of the aggro meter and no one was yelling at me.

Very weird experience.

We’ll regroup and storm the citadel again tomorrow.


We’re in the process of testing out the EPGP loot system and will be rolling that out very shortly.

I spent a looooong time last night writing up the post for the guild on it.

Should be up tonight if I can get the last details hammered out.

It was a tough decision to move away from loot council, but not every “gets” loot council.

There has to be a lot of trust and a lot of belief in the progression of the guild as a whole.

As we move to 25-man content, it’s not always easy to ask 25+ people to keep the “good of the raid” in mind as loot is being shuffled around.

With EPGP we’ll be able to objectively and quantifiably distribute loot – while still rewarding/encouraging good guild progression.

It is way past the time I should have passed out so I’m stopping here. Told you posts would be thin for a few days.

17 comments on “Raids and Shit

  1. For The Pie says:

    Not saying we weren’t screwing up. I was dying to orbs because 3 of the other color would spawn right on me, but… Hopefully new computer is able to handle 25 mans better, if it can’t I am so mad, because that’s a grand wasted.

    The server is in emergency maintenance this morning due to lag issues and other server stability issues. Not making excuses, but it could not have helped us being goofy.


  2. crankyhealer says:

    Hang in there. EPGP, once implemented, is quite simple and reasonably equitable. We just rolled it out a month ago, and it’s working well.


  3. smart001 says:

    I have been in loot counsel and EPGP guilds, never ran one with DKP.

    My favorite so far is the one we are in now.

    Loot rules are as follows:
    1) Main Spec
    2) Off Spec
    3) off armor (pally cannot roll on mail unless shammy doesnt need it for any spec)
    4) One orb/trophy per person during 25s.
    5) High roll wins.
    6) Loot Master has final say.

    I know it sounds like there is a lot of room for arguing and such, but really it works really well. I am usually LM during raids and I will tell you the only time I have ever given loot to someone who did not win the roll was last night (huntard rolls on strength axe so i had it disenchanted). If someone has won 2 or more upgrades and then rolls high on a third, i will ask them to pass, but I do not make a big deal of it. So far nobody has not passed when I asked them to. When the guild officers sat down to hash this plan out we wanted to “take the loot issue away from the loot issue”. We have had 0 complaints or problems and have been running this system since October.

    Those are just my several cents.


  4. theerivs says:

    Raids and shit.. LOL! Pure Win!


  5. Orangeslice says:

    yeah that trash does not play nice….tactician….is a cheater….his title should be clothwearing killah.


  6. Raven says:

    EPGP is….

    I miss DKP. You earn points, you spend them. I’ve been earning mad points raiding but then I got Bastion of Purity which included almost 700 GP and suddenly my ration was sacked. I have to earn 700 EP just to get back to where I was and then I finally start building my ratio up. I’ve already gone through a decay trying to get back on top. I was just able to pull another piece of gear (and another 500 GP) but only because I was the only the only mail caster. I didn’t even really want it but it would have been de’d and it was a definite upgrade. But at only 1 boss in I would have rather saved my crappy ratio for something slightly better. I swear I will never get another neck or finger piece. Just my thoughts though. Apparently its the thing now.


  7. Tebla says:

    I like EPGP the best, I think. We use DKP in an almost EPGP way upgrade is half of earned DKP and sidegrade or offspec is quarter. Works out pretty well.

    Dislodged Foreign Object cost me quite a bit last night, but it was worth it :)


  8. Orangeslice says:

    Dislodged foreign object….sounds like something from a bad sci-fi movie…..alien probinnnnggggg


  9. Orangeslice says:

    Dislodged Foreign Object

    that is nice…


  10. Orangeslice says:

    doh link to wowhead did not work.


  11. Frostsmoke says:

    We do DKP with silent bids. This helps tremendously–if someone wants something, better spend it. Also with minimums on Main Spec and Off Spec. Of course we only DE as a last resort–would rather have a healing Druid take a pc of Feral, even if he plans not to use that talent tree. Although we dont have many(if any) lootwhores, and we all know everyone’s main spec, and do our best not to step on toes. I for one am a believer in this mantra: Gear happens, if not tonight, next time we are in here. I am here for content, period. I have had so many toons with diff tiers, it’s ludicrous to be upset because you lost a bid on 1 piece of loot.


    • For the Pie says:

      We used DKP Suicide Kings, IIRC. Basically, you earned DKP for things, like most every process out there. You spent your full amount on each item, so if you had more than the other player wanting it, you won. Then you went to zero. Of course, depending on raid makeup and drops, you could get more than 1 item each raid. It basically made you want to spend your points as you reset to zero. Pretty effective.


  12. Jaedia says:

    What plugin iis that? :o I wants.


  13. […] went much better than last week, but my threat to explain the fight AGAIN might have had something to do with […]


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