Motherfucking Meme

So because Darraxus has a hard time coming up with blog topics he decided to hit the blogging community with a meme instead of writing about yet another fail PuG.

His question: What do you do while you blog?


I blog while I blog?

Yo, we heard you like to blog so we put a blog in your blog so you could blog while you blog.

Maybe not quite like that.

I don’t do the windowed mode thing in WoW unless I absolutely have to. It makes my text look funny and I don’t like seeing all the other crap I have going on behind the scenes.

So I don’t play WoW while I blog.

Maybe if there was an add that was basically an in-game word processor that I could export a text file out of… hmmm… that would make it a lot easier to write my fail pug stories without having to take notes on a scrap of paper and then not lose the paper and then understand what I meant when I wrote it.

Case in point:

I found a note I wrote for myself well over a year ago.

It says:

Game idea

Left cow

Right cow

WTF was I thinking/drinking?

Blog creation happens in 2 different methods for me.

When the muse is demanding, I can sit and type out an entire post from start to finish without pause. Review. Publish.

No time to muck about with doing anything else while I blog.

Sometimes the muse slips me an idea but doesn’t seemed too concerned about what I do with it.

Those are the notes on scrap paper, the two posts I have started in my drafts folder, and a few I think I have tucked away in Word docs.

With those posts, I may start writing but then I see I have a new email.

Or something just popped up in my feedreader.

Or I decide I really have to know if a giraffe is a ruminant or not. (FYI – they are.)

Or the cat needs to be fed and/or pet.

Or like just now, I have to go log on and lead a raid.


But at that point, I’ve pretty much stopped blogging and have moved on to the new activity.

If I’m mulling a thought over and am not ready to commit it to paper, I will pace about the house, talking to myself.

This really isn’t so different from my normal activities, I’m just focusing the conversation on the blog topic.

I don’t really do anything when I blog I guess… just blog.

So my question to the readers is, what are you doing while reading blogs?

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9 comments on “Motherfucking Meme

  1. Thommas says:

    I’m at work when I read blogs on my cell. I work 3rd shift, so reading up on blogs helps me stay awake through the night. It’s security, so it’s basically a job of staying awake. :P


  2. For The Pie says:

    “So my question to the readers is, what are you doing while reading blogs?”

    I dps Trial 25.


  3. Delerius says:

    I read from work on my cell phone. Used to read just on the computer computer but apparently they know when you do that so I got a phone.

    Of course…. the phone has a very random built-in nanny that is eternally frustrating.


  4. Darraxus says:

    LOL. Actually it wasnt going to be a meme…then I though “Wouldnt Arioch just hate to do a meme” And thus a meme was born. So suck it ! :P

    Yeah, I do most of my blogging alt tabbed doing AH stuff (never actually doing anything useful like raiding or instancing) or at work sometimes.


  5. Raven says:

    I work while I read blogs/write blogs…and the IT is so over worked around here that the likelihood of them actually looking at I AM doing of all the 400 employees is about 1 in 800 (multiply # of employees by the # of computers they are all behind by…I haz a method)…not bad odds if you ask me. Besides most of them play WoW so I’m sure they understand.

    And I knew what a ruminant was….go me!


  6. Orangeslice says:

    What am i doing while blogging…..usually on a break from work when reading blogs etc. Blah not a very exciting reply.


  7. crankyhealer says:

    Drink coffee. Try not to spit it on the keyboard when someone says something amusing.


  8. Brian Inman says:

    I usually drink a beer or two to loosen up a little bit. It seems to really help me from being distracted, and concentrate on the task at hand of writing a post for my blog.

    If you have Twitter, Facebook, Email, and your Reader open you will soon have lost 3-4 hours of your day without even realizing it.


  9. Lymph/tranq says:

    I don’t write any blogs, and this is the only one i read, so feel special Ari! Usually I’m faking doing homework or alt-tabbed while tanking an instance on my pally (we have faceroll capabilities that allow for this kind of thing)


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