Rotface and Mirror Images

OK, I’ll admit that I have not gone out and done a bunch of research on this yet.

That’s plan B.

Plan A is that one of my readers has a clue or possible explanation or can tell me that I’m imagining things.

The situation:

Rotface encounter in ICC.

We run in, I establish myself on the threat table and pop Mirror Images.

My threat against Rotface is now divided amongst my three stooges, allowing me to open up the can of whoop ass.

The RNG then selects me as the lucky winner of a baby parasitic slime.

The problem:

I just burned the hell out of my mouth taking a bite of reheated pizza. Ouch.

The problem regarding the slime:

When my slime pops out of me (off of me? where exactly is this slime coming from?) it does not follow me like a faithful puppy dog to where the off tank is dragging the ever-growing slime pile around the room.

Instead, it immediately latches onto the nearest healer and commences to omnomnom.

The Mirror Image mechanics have always seemed to be rather straight forward.

Their purpose it 2-fold: an additional source of damage and a threat dump.

If you are in combat with something (and therefore currently on its threat list) the summoned images will immediately fall into position and start in with the pewpew.

If you are not in combat with something, they will mill about and start pushing each other and whining about “he’s on my side!”

This is pretty easy to observe when a tank pulls at the speed of light in a heroic.

Pop images mid-combat and they shoot your current target.

Tank has moved into the next room before this lot is dead, run to catch up, images in tow, target the next mob and begin casting.

If a spell with a cast time is used, the images will loaf around until the completion of the cast (and possibly spell impact as well for spells with travel time) before they get the hint.

Use an instant spell and they join in right away.

So unless I’m in the Exodar and about to make good my on my escape without the guards 80 yards away noticing me until my images volunteer to run half way across the city to aggro something that didn’t know I exist… the images will (almost always) ignore any creature that I have not established threat against.

Creatures that I come into contact with after images have been summoned have full threat against me.

Quick experiment, summon MI before a boss fight and open with a PoM Pyroblast or other large nasty spell.

After the boss one-shots you, you’ll notice that the images did not divide the threat you gained after they were summoned.

New creatures wandering into a fight will not recognize that you’ve split your threat over your clones and will munch on your face.

So to get the most out of MI, make sure that you have established yourself on the threat table of the creature you want to ignore you and hope that nothing new enters the fight to bypass your threat dump to the images.

Based on these observations and snippets of research I did a while ago, I would think that when a baby slime is spawned off me, I should have full threat against it since it appeared after the threat division.

Following that train of thought, it should stay on me.

But it didn’t, so there has to be an additional mechanic at play.

Perhaps the slimes are born inheriting the threat values from Rotface?

In that case, I would expect the slime to pick one of the 3 images and chew on it.

But it didn’t. It beelined for a healer.

I’m left with:

The encounter is bugged.

Mirror Images are bugged.

The healing aggro was too much from our awesomesauce healers.

It was a fluke. (I’ve been reluctant to try this again since losing control of slimes is bad.)

Pizza sauce reheats too hot.

What do you think?

11 comments on “Rotface and Mirror Images

  1. Delerius says:

    Considering that this happened, what, 4 times 2 weeks ago? I don’t think it’s just a fluke.. something is either bugged or wrong. And yes, it sure seems like it should at least hit a mirror and not a healer. /agree


  2. Delerius says:

    I found it. After some googling and reading the official (troll) forums and wowhead… here’s what’s going on.

    When you get a slime, you’re supposed to start with 500k threat on it.

    When you use Mirror Image, for the next 30 seconds your TOTAL threat is reduced by 90,000,000. Yes, 90 million.

    Now ask me why I keep pulling aggro on the slimes.

    The solution put forward by one mage on the forums, is that if you already used Mirror Image and get infected.. WATCH for which healer it goes for and tell them on vent, then they can move and kite the slime out to the big slime and the offtank. It needs to happen fast though.

    That, or you wait to use Mirror Image until someone else already got a slime.

    That, or you don’t use Mirror Image at all.


  3. Jasin says:

    Hi Arioch,

    I’m a long time reader, first time poster.

    I think the problems lies with your understanding of Mirror Images. While MI is active (regardless of whether the mirrors are still alive or not), you cannot pull aggro from _any_ mob. Your still build threat, however this threat does not ‘act’ upon any mob. This can be seen in Omen, where your threat bar goes gray, and no matter how high it gets, you do not pull aggro (your threat is kinda invisible). However, as soon as the 30 seconds is over, your threat becomes ‘visible’ again, and then you may instantly pull aggro (if you have the highest threat on the mob).

    The way it actually works is that you get a buff that offsets your threat by -90000000. When the buff wears off, that offset disappears, and you are left with whatever threat you have built up yourself.

    It does not matter when MI is cast, or if you already have threat on the mob or not. A new mob can enter combat during MI and you will still not get aggro from it (as your threat against it is starting at -90000000). The images themselves do not have threat, and don’t even need to be alive for the threat offset to work. (Note that if you are going solo and pop MI, you will still get aggro, because -90000000 threat is still more than anyone else around you!).

    I like to cast MI _just_ before the tanks pulls a boss, so that I don’t waste a GCD in actual combat time. When MI is about to finish, you can look at your threat, and if you are in danger of pulling aggro when it finishes, invisibility FTW!

    The problem you had with rotface was that whatever threat you had on the small slime, was effectively reduced to nothing by MI, and so the slime went for the next highest threat (the juicy healers). I have had this happen to me on rotface as well before, and I don’t think there is much you can do. Unlike most other buffs, MI does not give you a buff icon you can click to cancel. My suggestion would be to use invisibility and then play dumb and blame someone else for the rogue slime :) (Or not use MI during Rotface).

    Having said all that, I love Rotface and it is one of my favourite new fights, along with Putricide.

    P.S Arcane sucks, go fire!


  4. telanarra says:

    “The problem:

    I just burned the hell out of my mouth taking a bite of reheated pizza. Ouch.”


    roof of mouth burns i think suck more then any other non allergy food related pain. Although lemon juice in the eye was up there on the Suck.

    Pizza sauce reheats too hot. /agree


  5. Jaedia says:

    I think taking a bite of hot pizza when a boss is pulled is probably a bad idea and you shouldn’t do it if you like your taste buds in tact ;)


  6. rustbeard says:

    What are the odds of getting a reheated pizza and giving it to the snowbold going omnomnomn on my back?


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