Deep hard mode experience


Do people even read their guild recruitment ads before hitting Enter?

Apparently blogging is viral.

I would like to take a few words here to introduce you to a couple of my guild mates and their blogs.

The Den of Delerius – Once a night elf druid, now a cow druid, Delerius made the jump across servers and factions to join my merry crew. We almost lost Del to real life situations, but he came back with reinforcements! A staple of my progression raids, it wouldn’t be the same without a tree standing on the fish feast.

DoTs and HoTs – Resto druid and warlock. Mostly Alliance, but she moved a warlock over to the better side. One of her many locks. She has more warlocks than any sane individual should have. I think that explains a lot right there… Lyss is a welcome anticipated addition to our raiding team. Now level faster and post more unintentional WoW pr0n! =)

Mohawk Troll – New to the blogging scene, but one of the original House Vol members from when we were still on Blackrock (more like Crashrock, amirite?). I expect much sauciness from this troll in days to come, he always comes out of left field with the zinger that wins the conversation.

For The Pie – Actually blogs over at 4thehorde, but he’s pie. He doesn’t just have pie, he is the Pie. I can’t figure out how to read just his posts so it’s going to take me a while to go through the archives there. Damn my obsessive-compulsive blog archive reading. And FYI – this man is a pro at the Tranq shot on Icehowl. And he sent me pie. Apparently he also makes me ramble.

Orangeslice > All – Also new to the blogging community, but loads of experience in the MMO world. One of the most hardcore players with the most casual (as in non-elitist) attitude I’ve ever met. Soft-spoken but full of initiative, he is a welcome addition to my officer team. And he bubbles me! <3 (Yes, I can be bribed with bubbles.)

Speaking of officers… Tel was also promoted but has no blog (that I know of) to pimp here. And he doesn’t heal me anyway. So even if he had a blog maybe I wouldn’t pimp it out. Neener.

If others in the guild are blogging, I have yet to discover it.

And tying this post back to the title…

We at Shadow Rising don’t have a poorly-worded (or well-worded, depending on your point of view) trade chat guild advertisement. We don’t recruit in trade at all. We’re largely word of mouth, or in this case, word of blog recruiters.

We do have a great group of guys and gals that working together to smash Arthas’ face in.

We would like to take 25 at a time into ICC, but we’re a few short.

If you’re interested, head over to our guild site and fill out an application.

The General and Welcome forums are open to the public, feel free to browse and get a feel for who we are.

Raid nights and times are currently Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 Server (Central) to 11:00 Server. Sundays same time is used for clean up. Drak’Tharon is a PvP server but we’re low population so it’s fairly calm. On the plus side, Horde almost always controls WG.

Individuals with a tank/DPS set up would be ideal and I can always use heal/DPS (ranged!!!).

This is an older post, raid times have changed, but what we offer and what we look for in a potential guild member has not:

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12 comments on “Deep hard mode experience

  1. koalabear21 says:

    I hit 52 last night. I’ve been getting about a level a day. Considering I am not using heirlooms and hardly have any rested, I think I am doing pretty damn good. :-p


  2. Orangeslice says:

    Ari…dirty minded title is dirty…using dirty things to draw people in…what will people this of SR????


  3. For the Pie says:

    Apparently the guild is full of girls gone wild.

    I’m just saying…


  4. For the Pie says:

    as to how to read me at 4tH..

    For the most part that gets them, it might get one or two more posts about pie, but that’s just fine and dandy.

    Moar pie is good.


  5. gnomeaggedon says:

    What Pie is whoring… I mean baking himself out to more guilds… watch out for his personal supply of tshirts.. they are covered in some kind of… umm.. gel…


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