I’m ready 2 play

Yes, this is a bit of a cop-out post.

But I told you this would happen while I’m working on this project at work!

Actually got a 25-man raid off the group last night with all guildmembers.

Took out 25-man ToCr with only 3 wipes – 2 on beasts and 1 on Anub.

No hunter with Tranq shot (Pie, Spliff, we missed you!) and a couple people were just slow on the MOVE part on Icehowl.

Anub we had an issue with keeping the adds on the ice, the burrows fucked us over and we hit enrage.

Turns out we also had a healer that didn’t *quite* remember the mechanics of phase 3 and panicked a bit as I’m yelling about full fucking raid frames. But we did it.

Twins went much better than last week, but my threat to explain the fight AGAIN might have had something to do with that.

Minimal sharding, I even finally got a boot upgrade, which means I now have to regem. Again.

It was our first night of “real” EPGP and it went smoothly.

Except for my screw up.

I ran an upgrade list for myself for cloaks the other day.

I’m tired of rocking the Naxx 25 cloak off KT. I’ve had it for a looooooong time.

I was in a hurry and just jotted down the names of items that came up as upgrades without really looking at the stats, I have to regem anyway any time I get a new piece.

Maiden’s Adoration drops (and I’m too lazy to go get a link for it), and it was one of the upgrades for me.

I rolled Main Spec and got it.

Someone points out that it has Mp5 on it.

Well shit.

That makes it better for the healers.


Passed it off to one of the healers who had best enjoy his cloak bought with my GP!!!! I expect heals for this!!!!

After that, the weekly raid quest was finally NOT Marrowgar for once, so we stormed Eye of Eternity to kill Malygos.

We had a handful of people that had NEVER been (thankfully we had a 25-key) so I run down the fight real quick.

We get to phase 3 with minimal deaths and we’re looking good on time. This is far and away better than I’m expecting as generally any raid with Maly first-timers gets stuck on each phase transition at least once while people get oriented.

But not us!

Phase 3 starts and we group up and start shooting Maly and then we’re all dismounted and falling and then back on our drakes and then falling and dying WTF.

Nail it perfectly next time without further bugging.

Several people got achievements, now we need to see who is still missing what to get them all Champions of the Frozen Waste. I nominate a certain healer sporting a very nice cloak to do this research. =)

OK, I have got to go to bed and I forgot to eat because we had an officer’s meeting after the raid and I had to load the parse but I’m too tired to eat now and my fridge is broken and I have to get up early…

So I leave you with this:

24 comments on “I’m ready 2 play

  1. Delerius says:

    We own.

    In my defense, I had no idea just how much healing a single rejuvenation does. It alone was enough to bring my group 2 targets to full.. so I had to open up my spellbook and downrank to rank 5 and everything went smoothly after that.

    Maly was awesome, I’m glad I finally got to experience that. I hit 80 the week after Ulduar hit and I certainly wasn’t ready for any raids for awhile.

    My first Kel’Thuzad kill was after I joined you guys /eyeroll

    I think the cloak you want is the one I got 2 weeks ago… from Icehowl I believe. Identical stats to the mp5 cloak but it has haste (yay) instead of crit and spirit (yay) instead of mp5. Much better for ya.

    And I agree, EPGP did its job and did it well. Now let’s go kill the Lich King.


  2. Raven says:

    In our guild if a mistake is made we do an GP return. In other words you return the item and get negative GP and then the item is given to someone else with the appropriate GP. It would be unbelievably unfair to have to rebuild your ratio when you don’t have the piece. (especially considering something like a shield from 25ICC is up around 800 GP or something like that) If you just chose not to I’ll be quiet, but on the off chance you don’t know how I can ask one of my raid leaders and let you know.


  3. telanarra says:

    “Several people got achievements, now we need to see who is still missing what to get them all Champions of the Frozen Waste. I nominate a certain healer sporting a very nice cloak to do this research. =)”

    guess i know what im doing this morning


  4. telanarra says:

    Oh and ty for the cloak i was sick of rocking the emblem cloak


  5. Forreststump says:

    A single stack of Lifebloom will keep a player alive (Penetrating Cold notwithstanding) – Rejuv is overkill, unless downranked. Yes, Lifebloom has a higher mana cost upfront (though it costs less per cast after the mana refund on the bloom is considered) and the number of people you can simultaneously cover is fewer due to shorter duration.

    However, Lifebloom provides a steady stream of healing that ticks every second, instead of every 2-3 seconds (depending on Rapid Rejuv glyph), that gives a little wiggle room when someone gets the Penetrating Cold debuff. Another consideration: depending on the timing of a Rejuv refresh, it can be over 5 seconds between Rejuv ticks, if the refresh if applied just before a tick was going to occur (tick timer reset). 5 seconds is an eternity in this fight.

    Just an alternative approach to consider (personal preference, I guess). The key thing to note is that as long as a player is receiving at least 250 HPS, they cannot die (barring Penetrating Cold debuff). Leeching Swarm will damage (and heal ‘Nub) for 10% of REMAINING health or 250, whichever is greater (20% on heroic).

    If the healers are “Johnny-on-the-Spot” with big heals IMMEDIATELY (Gimmick Alert: using Glyph of Healing Touch provides larger but more expensive heal than Nourish, and a shorter cast time) on those that get Penetrating Cold, you can let the raid hover at ~10%-15% on their health bar and be perfectly safe (it’s scary – but doable). If you want more wiggle room (but slower effective DPS as ‘Nub gets healed more), keep them around 30%-40%.


  6. Tirael says:

    Are you guys using any addons to track EPGP or are you doing it long hand?


  7. Tirael says:

    Which one? I have used EPGP pretty extensively (SSC-BT in BC and Naxx-Ulduar in WotLK) so I know of a really good one if you aren’t using it.


  8. Tirael says:

    Oh..that is the one I used. Awesome addon. I liked the fact that you basically get to use an interface similar to the ingame loot system. Did I suggest this before? I guess I am going senile in my ripe old age of 24.


  9. Tirael says:

    Fwiw, I miss you guys. I am glad you are progressing through some 25 man content.


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