Great News Everyone!

Not only is the poison gas cloud pipe thing fixed and the slime pipes flowing again, but my blog issue has been resolved.

The Happiness Engineer admitted that this was a weird case and it turned out that *suddenly* I need to have a box checked off on my profile that didn’t need to be checked before.

So for future reference for bloggers:

If you run into a situation where you suddenly can’t see your menu bar for font manipulation, link insertion, etc, and trying to add tags or change the publication time/date doesn’t do anything… you have to go in to your profile and check the “use https” box.

Now that that situation has been resolved, we can finally get back to what passes for normalcy around here.

A lot has happened in the guild in the last couple days and I will take some time next week to talk about it. I think it was important and anytime someone invokes Hitler in a guild forum it becomes blog-worthy.

The fun stuff is that we have a new pally tank and we drug him through ICC 10 last night.

We also pulled in another mage (need moar ranged) and neither had been past Saurfang yet.

Originally, we had planned to hit Blood Wing, but with two new peeps in the raid I opted to tackle the fights I know we can win. Plus the weekly raid quest for us was to kill Rotface and Festergut within 30 minutes of each other. We almost made it, but wiped on Festergut so lost the buff from Rotface.

But you know what?

That’s OK. We’ve only dropped Rotface once before, and we got him on the third try with 2 people that had never seen the fight before. Festergut went down on the second attempt.  Not too shabby.

Putricide… is another mess. That fight relies very heavily on positioning and awareness. Where do I need to be to make the most of the time I’m going to have to pewpew on that slime? And it didn’t help that our DPS was too good on the boss and we kept hitting P2 with a slime up. Timing needs work. Hopefully we can get back in on Sunday to clean that up. But again, that’s a fight we’ve only done once before.

More next week, I’ll be able to put links and pictures and everything in!


23 comments on “Great News Everyone!

  1. Tirael says:

    And the blogosphere uproar settled, as the mighty Arioch returned.


  2. Rashiel says:

    Welcome back!


  3. Groendell says:

    Did you need to kill them (rotface and Festergut) within 30 mins for the raid quest? Or did someone need to have both “debuffs” orange and green to turn in? If it was the latter there is a way to get this with only a few peeps actually going in to face the bosses. We used a tank a healer and two hunters. Started it up until the hunter(s) got the debuff- let the healer and tank die had the hunter(s) feign death- boss despawns- goto next boss, rinse repeat. For Fester (which we did second) I went in too (the other healer) so there were 3 ranged and we didn’t wipe before getting a debuff. (My job was to ensure the hunter stayed alive with her debuff.) Turn in quest and pray for BoE purples in the bag ; )


  4. Orangeslice says:

    Welcome back boss.


  5. Orangeslice says:

    Blah some of those defeats may have been my fault – i was kinda out of it – thank god for dayquil.


  6. Tirael says:

    We got Blood Princes down on Wednesday. Fyi, BQL is a AoE healer check. If your healers can handle the intense (for a 10m) amount of damage going out (think ToC 25 Twin’s + Jarax Legion Flames) and you can get the bite rotations down, after 4 people are bitten, your dps will melt her.


  7. Arvash says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again for taking me into ICC last night. It’s always good to experience new content and taking down new bosses. Sorry for not getting the bag of goodies. =( I guess I got a little too taunt-happy on Fester….


  8. Imoh says:

    “That fight relies very heavily on positioning and awareness. Where do I need to be to make the most of the time I’m going to have to pewpew on that slime?”

    Stack the whole raid bar 2 people (hunters or holy pallys preferably, the players that aren’t stacked will move less than those that are) on the spot where the green slime spawns, that gives melee a head start on getting that slime down, makes sure there are enough bodies to make the explosion harmless, and keeps the raid away from the orange clouds spawn point and the risk of instagibs.

    When you are going into P2 with a slime up, make sure you use invis on the transition, this will allow you to miss the tear gas debuff and DPS the slime, rogues can use vanish for this too.

    The fight is really quite simple once everyone is aware of what they are supposed to be doing and where they are supposed to be doing it from.


    • Imoh says:

      No, you stack the raid there the whole time, the green slime is the most annoying part of P1 and P2 so by having everyone except 2 people stacked on the green spawn spot you allow melee to get a head start on the green slime while it’s trying to pick a target (it can take up to 10 seconds), and you will have enough people stacked on the one spot that if it does choose someone close to target the explosion is spread around more players and hits for very little.

      The other thing this does is allow you to put 2 ranged that you feel are going to be able to move from the goo grenades without tunnel visioning as the only eligible targets, as I said in my first comment, hunters and holy pallys make the best candidates, hunters for obvious reasons, holy pallies because during P2 the rest of the group is being stacked on PP and he needs to be moved to avoid the bombs fairly regularly and tank deaths can occur having a pally being forced to move so often.

      This is the strat we use atm, we got our first kill on 25 by moving the raid side to side like I think you are doing, and while it works, there is a higher possibility for error.


    • Imoh says:

      Damn, no edit option.

      I should add that I assume you are talking about 10 man here, if you are talking about 25 man, you want 6 people at range.


    • Imoh says:

      The green slime will explode at least once, it’s unavoidable pretty much, unless you have a mage at range that it fixates, then the mage can blink away and buy more time to kill it, pretty hard to rely on that though.

      The movie is pretty horrible but gives a good view of how to deal with the slimes in P1 and P2.


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