Oops, lol

Short post since half of you are on vacation and people only seem to read blogs from work. =P

So I’m on my Ally DK, just zoned in to Halls of Stone for my daily random.

Someone asks if we can do the rock boss first.

Oh cool, a group that’s going to do the whole instance. I don’t think I’ve been here on this toon yet.

The tank appears to know the fights, just has no clue where to go to get to them.

We clear trash up through the hall where the rock guy is and there’s an elder.

Sweet. Wasn’t really planning on running around to pick these guys up this year, but I won’t say no to one in my path.

“Ok, queue us up for UP next. That’s where the next one is.”

Huh? What?

Role check pops.


Um, I didn’t sign up for an elder group. Can we just kill the last guy so I can get my emblems?

*chirp* *chirp*

You are now the party leader.

“Oops, I didn’t mean to do that, can you pass lead back? lol”

How about we kill the last boss?

Player has left the party.

Pull in new DPS.

Second player has left the party.

Pull in new DPS.

Kill rock guy, maiden chicky, cruise through the Brann event and kill the last guy.

Near as I can figure, they tried to vote to kick me, failed at selecting the correct item in the menu and passed lead to me.

Then they tried to vote kick me after I was lead, but it failed since the healer and tank didn’t seem to be too concerned about elder hunting.

So they left.

Oops, lol.

Maiden chick dropped the ebon roses, which I won. Woot.

So my DK only needs to drag a couple love fools around to get the title. So close… he’s 78 (and can fly in Northrend!) but I think it will just have to wait until next year.

I think I may have pinned down why I prefer Horde to Alliance.

The Alliance tend to be defeatists.

They’ve lost before the battle has even begun.


5 comments on “Oops, lol

  1. Jaedia says:

    Reeeeally depends on your server. Vashj Horde is better than Vashj Alliance (my main server), however on Terenas, my Alliance alting server, there is a much higher population of Alliance. Guess I got lucky with where and which factions my friends rolled eh?


  2. Delerius says:


    I will never willingly choose to be alliance scum except for the sake of a delusional friend. Then I will spy on the enemy for future attacks.

    And I can read your blog anywhere now, so long as my nannyphone allows me to :-P


  3. Orangeslice says:

    Moat posts! I read them from home or work!


  4. Darraxus says:

    If you are worried about not getting into Naxxramaas, I believe you can get in there at level 78 to drop the love fool.


  5. Troutwort says:

    I laughed out loud when they tried to boot you but instead made you leader. Ha!


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