Honey, do you want to get me something for Valentine’s Day?

*bats eyelashes*

He looks at me like I’m speaking in tongues and wielding a flame thrower.

I think he actually shrank back into the chair.

“Um, why?”

OK, I’m about to make a huge chunk of guys out there jealous.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We haven’t gotten each other gifts for Christmas or birthdays or anniversaries for quite some time. We have each other and that’s good enough.

Well, did you see the little plushies that are being released in the Blizzard store?


I want the windrider.

He’s ADORABLE. And he’s smiling. And you get a code for an in-game copy of him.

“They haven’t been released yet.”

I know. But I want one. The Alliance one looks goofy. But I want the windrider.

He never did answer me if he would get me one.


Who all wants one and which one?

Oh, and this site has come to my attention: http://dailysquee.com/

I lurvs teh baby aminals. /squee

33 comments on “WANT

  1. Delerius says:

    Who cares about the stupid alliance pet? Maybe I’ll get one to torture and abuse… nah. That would probably make a 5 year old somewhere cry.

    But the wind rider? WANT!

    (And it’s pronounced “wih-vern” not “WHY-vern” Jacque!)


  2. Darraxus says:

    My wife loves in-game pets, but she wont spend real money on them.

    I got her a new pair of Uggs for Valentines Day.


  3. Tyræl says:

    The cuteness has seared my retinas..IT BURNS!!


  4. daemia says:

    That wyvern may be my ticket out of the doghouse!


  5. koalabear21 says:

    I am going to get both. As soon as I saw them I squeed


  6. Orangeslice says:

    *bats eyelashes*

    That right there is scary!!!!


  7. Orangeslice says:

    I think I already have posted my preference on which pet… but to reiterate has to be the wind rider cub or go home jr.


  8. Kadia says:

    omg! omg! omg! I want the wind rider! And I know I’ll get it because I already got the blue Murky and Lil’ K.T. for Christmas … and because I know how to “convince” my BF :)


    • rustbeard says:


      Female wiles…. dangerous things. Thankfully, after nearly 19 years of marriage, I no longer worry about such things.

      Well, ok… I “did” buy a something an a Little Blue Box for the other half for Christmas … but she did suggest that we fly down to NOLA last year for my birthday, (during Mardi Gras). So yeah, I hit the big 40 on Burbon St. – staring at boobies. Well worth the cash.


  9. Tyræl says:

    I WANT to take down another dragon..this time in 25 man.


  10. […] talk to them. It is a place I feel I am needed/wanted. Most people I know want that. (Aside from Retina burning cutesiness of […]


  11. Shawndra says:

    I hinted rather broadly that a certain husband might want to buy his valentine something just like it….

    We’ll see when they come out if he took the bait :) I hinted that I wanted the windrider, to, because the gryphon just doesn’t look as cute!


  12. orangeslice says:

    “Ridiculously cute” IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

    IS FING Ridiculously cute….

    I might have to buy one.


  13. koalabear21 says:

    I have to wait until I get home to get one. My authenticator is there. :(


  14. shystechris says:

    Gratson the Windrider Ari!


    PS. I ordered mine yesterday too. lol


  15. koalabear21 says:

    I got mine today!!!



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