And 80 #2 will be…

Hard to believe, I’ve been in the game for 2+ years now and only have 1 max level character.

That’s about to change.

I’ve had a blood elf pally that I’ve strung along for quite some time. He’s my scribe so I periodically get in a tizzy to level him up to unlock the next level of inscription. The method of leveling choice is invariably instance runs while someone else is farming for something. As a result, I have no freaking clue how to play him and get very frustrated.

My blood elf DK is standing in Org at the moment, acting as guild bank mule. Anything to be sold gets routed through him to keep my own bags and mail box less cluttered. His most notable excursion recently was my husband using him to mule stuff through the neutral AH in Booty Bay. Except he put his little baby Ally character too close to the mailbox and 1-shot her with my DK. Apparently the guards didn’t take too kindly to that. So he got us both killed.

I have my blood elf priest (yes, I know, lots of blood elves, I likes teh pointy ears, mkay?) that is leveling with a few other friends. We’re stuck in the early 70s as it’s getting hard to get time set aside for these characters.

There’s also a tauren druid. I’m having a hard time deciding what I want to do with him. He acts as a secondary personal guild bank so it’s not like he has a lot of bag space available to go questing with.

And a troll shaman. Pointy ears, but posture problems. I enjoy playing him, just haven’t had the time. When do I get that 4 totems at once stuff?

There’s all my other characters from 15-62 on my first server. I probably won’t go back there, but I might look into muling some stuff over. I had a bit of gold stashed away.

My recreation of my night elf warrior. He’s getting dusty. But I did ship him some BoA. Those shoulders are ridonkulously huge.

I’ve got a space goat pally that I was healing on. She’s also a scribe and has turned out to be a glyph bitch. I don’t let her out very often anymore.

And then I have my night elf DK.

If you had asked when I first started which of them would get to 70 first, it would have been my original night elf warrior.

But I tasted the sweet fruit of the Horde and my mage blazed and blasted his way to 70 and then 80.

Once my mage was at 80, I thought my blood elf pally would be next.

But then I rolled the belf DK.

And then the druid.

And the shaman.

And then the priest.

And the warrior.

An attempt at a hunter.

There was a warlock in there somewhere. He didn’t last long.

There is also a Forsaken warrior.

And then there was an orc warrior.

I think there was another hunter.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, I would have placed money on my priest being the second 80.

But nope. It’s going to be the night elf DK.

The one that has leveled with no BoA. With no main to support him. Hell, he’s supporting the space goat pally. No BoA flying, he hoofed it until 77. Still has slow flying although I do have the cash to upgrade.

He’s leveled through questing and the dungeon tool. The downside is that I frequently get pulled into a dungeon when I’m at the furthest possible point from a vendor and my bags are full.

It’s been enjoyable to see the NR zones from a different perspective. Some of the quests are also in books/manga that I’ve read so it’s like I’m playing along in the script instead of just reading it.

I’m holding my own in dungeons. If I’m not at the top of the chart, a glance at the party list would reveal that I was under-leveled in comparison. My gear blows. But I swear it’s the same damn pieces of spell mail that drop every dungeon I run.

He’s on a PvE server, which has made leveling slightly easier. Not by much, but a tad. I haven’t quite lost all my PvP feelings however. When SW was under attack, I defended the portal room as best I could, at level 65 or so. Didn’t last long. Then during the Lunar Festival I came across a blood elf mage trying to sneak into SW off the boat I was boarding.

I didn’t even hesitate. He tried to jump off the boat to save himself but the diseases took care of him. I wasn’t about to risk missing my boat by jumping off to follow him.

Then it dawned on me what I had done. I had just killed ME. Granted, his hairstyle was no where near as fabulous, but I killed a blood elf mage without batting an eye.

I’ve mentioned before that my characters each have their own personalities. I was worried for a while when my priest hadn’t developed a personality yet. He was very 2-dimensional (no pun intended) and didn’t feel “right” until his personality came about.

From the moment this night elf DK was created, he was a mercenary. He doesn’t feel any sense of regret for what he did under the control of the Lich King. He doesn’t feel obligated to try and rectify the wrongs he has wrought. He doesn’t feel much of anything at all. He chose to return to the fold as it were because it would be the best option for him to continue doing what he’s become good at – killing shit. So it wasn’t out of any sense of civic duty to protect the harbor of SW that he killed that mage. It’s just what he does.

He’ll be my second 80.

Starting next month, he’ll be ready to start joining in the guild raids. Those happen once or twice a month. Maybe a wing in Naxx. Maybe OS. Maybe up to XT.

I was hoping to level him as both a tank and DPS but it became very apparent that the gear I was getting wasn’t going to be able to keep up with NR DPS. I think half my tank set is still from BC dungeons or quests. I’ve tried to keep it current, but it keeps lagging further and further behind.

Now I can start investing some time and coin into getting a proper tank set and learning how to do it. After I’m done embarrassing myself with this tank, I can transfer my hard-learned skills to my blood elf DK.

I’m still amazed that I was able to just level this guy. Normally, leveling is such a winding path for me, but this one was a straight shot.

Anyone else have an 80 they were surprised about?

Edit: He hit 80 the day after I wrote this. It’s what I get for trying to write when I have a couple moments of spare time. I collected a bunch of information about how his first few heroics went and what it took to get into them, now to just find those screen shots. >.<


23 comments on “And 80 #2 will be…

  1. Delerius says:

    Gratz! Even if you are on the wrong side… faction transfer over and have fun with us kk?


  2. Slo says:


    My 2nd 80 was also a DK, and also surprised me – I never even wanted a DK, how did she get to 80 before all those other alts?

    But mine is a cute, cuddly, pink haired, gnomey that gets you to let your guard down and then instantly turns into a killing machine once you do =)


  3. koalabear21 says:

    Grats on your second 80. It is a bit tougher to level without the BoA that we have become accustomed to, but it isn’t impossible. The upgrades that you get while using the dungeon finder makes things so much easier.

    When are you unveiling the other piece of news?


  4. orangeslice says:

    Grats boss!!!

    Other piece of news??? suspence is killing me.

    Koala….80 yet? :P


  5. orangeslice says:

    *sigh* violence does not solve anything. Violence only breeds more violence.


  6. zarigar says:

    Violence amuses me.



  7. theerivs says:

    TRAITOR!!!!!1! A death knight how could you…Might as well make a warlock next. You don’t like wearing mage dresses anymore? LOL!

    I crack myself up, Yea I wanted a melee class too, I think every caster wants at least one melee class too, I went with a pally more diversity, can heal, tank, and dps.


  8. James says:

    Out of my 5 80s I think after the mage the DK was the easiest to level. I leveled him prior to all the DK nerfs so I just plowed through everything. I think the most fun class to level was my mage. Granted I was in BiS gear for BC.

    Now I’m working on a 74 pally right now which is alot of fun. I think the thing about the DK is that there was ZERO downtime. Which made it fast. The Druid was next in that department.

    Grats on your alt though! It is truly nice to have different options in game!


  9. Rurjaos says:

    Surprise, surpise. My first 80 wasn’t my main and has rarely been played since then. But in the dawn of 3.0 my pally went from 60 to 70 to 80 to fly fast, kill faster, get some skalps and dig deep. And all the stuff he found, flattened the way for my main (warri-tank) then, who dinged a few days/weeks after. Second (counted) 80 was my spacegoat shamgirl. Looking over my chars, I prefer classes with mostly zero casttimes: warri, enhancer, resto-druid……………dk…………disc-priest……elem-sham. The other end of the spectrum are classes that have to sit down and drink every second fight (while leveling).


  10. […] talked about my DK a little bit, he’s due for a proper introduction here pretty soon seeing as how he hit […]


  11. […] surprising reminder that my second max-level character ever was actually on the Alliance […]


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