The other side

First things first – This post is a celebration that I hit 100k blog views yesterday. (The tally at midnight was 100,199.) Go me and many thanks to all of you that have come back day after day to read my ramblings. And thanks for derailing the comments on a regular basis. =P

And Dark/Soth is the one that guessed it correctly. Internetz +100.

Now into the goodies!

So after flaunting what the Horde-side of my pointy-eared character roster has to offer, it’s only fair that I showcase what I have for the blue and gold. (I would like to point out that my repeatable quest post was the highest viewed of mine that whole week.)

Night elf poses are a little easier to work with so I was able to do a couple things I wanted to with my blood elves.

I’m thinking of trying to do some wallpaper shots. I’ll start with my characters and then maybe look for volunteers. It has been said that in all fairness I should include the cows… nothing says sexy like “moo” amirite?

So without further ado, allow me to either delight you or mentally scar you. Either way, you’ll never think of Frostmourne the same again.

That would be my DK lounging at the bottom and my warrior standing on the right.

I’ve talked about my DK a little bit, he’s due for a proper introduction here pretty soon seeing as how he hit 80.

He has also recently completed a server transfer and is now kicking it with Koala and her crew in EoF. I get to go on my first raid as a melee character tonight! Into ICC of all places, rocking 2-piece T9 and barely able to DPS my way out of a paper bag. My weapon is from heroic DTK and I have craptastic trinkets. I predict retaliatory blog posts from other members of the guild about the fail DK in the raid. (Note to self, track down all their blogs and move to the appropriate places on my blogroll.)

Personality-wise, he’s cold, distant, ruthless, and possibly cruel. Regaining his free will did not include regaining his sense of compassion for the world around him.

And my poor, poor warrior.

My first character, tortured by my uber-noobness. He was rolled on an RP server. I decided to go with the “strong, silent type” if any one ever actually tried to RP with me. Grunting and /nod counts as RP, right? I needn’t have worried, RP was not taken seriously on that server and I was very limited in my contact with non-guild members anyway.

The strong, silent type follows him to his reincarnation. Night Elf warrior 2.0 will be leveled as prot with my husband as my pocket healer.

I haven’t played him enough to really develop his personality. I know that he likes to fish. He feels very protective of people he travels with and will take his tanking duties very seriously. We’ll see how he fleshes out in the future.

I *tried* to go to bed early one night last week with every intent of actually getting to sleep at a decent time.

Of course, I failed miserably at that mission and ended up awake in bed with a notepad and pencil, writing.

The result is about 5 pages of chicken scratch (it’s been a while since I’ve done any serious hand writing and I was getting tired).

The contents of said scratch, which I can hopefully read, are two short stories. Well, short stories is probably an exaggeration. Excerpts from short stories? Maybe that covers it. Blurbs? I’ll let you judge.

Each story deals with one of my DKs and I will be publishing them shortly. Friday, to be precise. Don’t worry, I won’t let the blog get overrun with RP stuff, but this was spawned by something else. Hmmm… I suppose I should post the something else first. (If you read this through a feedreader you’ve already seen the something else because fail blogger is fail.)

I’m trying to also put together a new picture… we’ll see what I can do. It will be a bit before I can post that.

29 comments on “The other side

  1. Tiræl says:

    That is one huge sword your DK has their Arioch…other than that, aside from the fact that this is WoW softcore pr0n, they do have a certain artistic quality to them. So, aside from the nekkid nelfs and belfs floating around here, great job.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    Yay!!! I <3 this picture.

    I cannot decide if the belf picture is my favorite or if this one is.

    The belf one might win out because there are more of them. At the same time This one has better poses.




  3. slice213 says:

    100k views. grats Ari! 100,355 clearcasts


  4. tonedeath says:

    Congrats, cousin of mine. You’re an inspiration to us all :)


  5. Ak says:

    Ooh, you’re rolling ICC w/ us tonight? Awesomesauce. :)




    • Tiræl says:

      What spec are you?


    • Tiræl says:

      Ok. Run these glyphs. Glyph of Death Strike/Glyph of Dark Death(or Glyph of DRW, they are interchangeable)/Glyph of Disease. Here is your rotation:

      Line 1) HS-HS-DS-PS-IT-RP Dump (meaing Death Coil)
      Line 2) DS-HS-HS-HS-HS-Pest- RP Dump
      Line 3) HS-HS-HS-HS-HS-HS-Horn of Winter-RP Dump

      Repeat lines 2 and 3. JOHN FUCKING MADDEN.


    • Tiræl says:

      TBH, as blood, diseases aren’t doing as much of your damage. They are more there to buff your strikes (DS/HS). Here is a good macro to use.

      #showtooltip Hysteria
      /cast Hysteria
      /use Potion of Speed
      /cast Raise Dead
      /cast Dancing Rune Weapon

      Bind that to one of your funky keybinds and you are set. Uaing the Potion oF Speed prior to summoning your pet means they benefit from your CURRENT haste level at the time of casting. I am not sure if Raise Dead/DRW invoke to GCD (it has been awhile since I played blood), but if they do, just remove Raise Dead from the macro and cast it IMMEDIATELY after the GCD is up. Then blow through one full rotation, then use Empowered Rune Weapon, and go to town. Use DRW everytime it is off CD.

      Refreshing diseases early isn’t a bad thing (in some instances it is actually a good thing).


    • Tiræl says:

      Also..stand BEHIND the boss.


    • Tiræl says:

      I should have brought a toon over to Koala’s server…but which one?


    • slice213 says:

      just roll another DK Ti :P

      (i really should lvl my mage over there….beein sitting at 22 for a while now…tons of rest XP and BoA gear)


    • Tiræl says:

      3 toons is enough for me. I just need to know which one of my toons SR doesn’t need.


    • Tiræl says:

      Or I could just level my pally…that is what I will do.


    • koalabear21 says:

      We need a holy pally :D


  6. Ak says:

    Well, it’ll be an adventure, then. :D


  7. theerivs says:

    First Congo Rats….and Death Knight…I’d rather see you play a Whorelock….and thats saying ALOT


  8. […] mentioned yesterday, I have some pieces of writing to post that were spawned by “something […]


  9. Keredria says:

    Oh my eyes! My eyes! Seriously that pic has scared me a bit.

    Anyways, grats on 100k views!


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