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Fail blogger is once again fail. I fat-fingered the date to release this one so it may have show up in your readers a day or two early.

And now for something completely different…

As mentioned yesterday, I have some pieces of writing to post that were spawned by “something else.”

That something else would be a writing assignment given to a guild mate.

Most of the guild knows that I write this blog and several are also aware that my profession is technical writer. I write. A lot. For fun and profit!

So when he got this writing assignment he approached me for some help and hints, and I thought it was pretty nifty where we went with it.

The gist of the assignment was to write an essay that depicted a scene from your life and then explain how it portrays your character traits. Or something like that. The parameters were pretty fuzzy.

He got approval to write it from the perspective of his in-game character instead of from his real-life perspective. And then he gave me permission to do whatever I wanted with his final piece. So here it is, bwahahahahaha. I’m sure he knew that was coming.

If he would like to take credit for it, he can reply in the comments, otherwise I’ll leave it as anonymous for now. Here’s the inspiring part, the rest of it was BS and he knows it. =D

All ten of us entered the room. The thud of my metal-shod boots echoed in the vast ice-draped chamber. Our approach did not go unnoticed and the bones of the ancient wyrm stirred from their resting place on the frozen floor; rising and spinning into the air. Everyone readied at my command; ready to engage the mass of bones reconstructing a dragon’s skeleton in front of us. My cold aching green hands tightened their grip around my great axe and shield and as I took one last deep breath I saw my breath escape from my helmet. As I charged forward I let out a war cry, “lok’tar ogar” in orcish. Everyone followed and cheered, “victory or death.” I kept the dragon’s attention on me letting my companions’ steel crack ancient bone. Every few hits his crushing blows broke my stance forcing me to recollect myself. Sometimes he would fly up several feet in the air and freeze some of my allies in a solid block of ice. I yelled for everyone to take cover behind a frozen fellow warrior. The dragon’s breath coalesced into a sphere of ice. With great force the wyrm exhaled hurling the ice bomb to the ground at the center of the room. The solid blocks of ice protected us from the fatal shockwave of ice and also freed my frozen brother in arms. During the fight the wyrm conjured death-chilling winds carrying shards of ice that could penetrate the toughest metal. After what seemed like hours the shattered bones lay lifelessly around the center of the room and my guild has just felled Sapphiron.

Helping him with that brought back memories of some of the fiction I used to write back in high school. Full-blown stories were never my strong suit, but scenes were easy to write.

So I think tomorrow will be the publication of my late-night chicken scratching.

Then I’ll get back into the normal whining and bitching you’ve come to love and expect here.


17 comments on “Something else

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  2. koalabear21 says:

    I can’t wait to read the rest of this. :)


  3. slice213 says:

    o.o awesomesauce.

    gimme more!!!


  4. telanarra says:

    huzzah for storytime with ari


  5. Some Orc says:

    This first part is an intro to get people into the game. The rest of it is already done it’s just not really worth reading. Its a personal narrative so I talked about myself in-game as Zug. I had like 1 more hour after a Thursday raid to do it so i used the old writeup i did earlier. I wanted to rewrite it but i wanted to go to bed so it would have to do. I plan to rewrite the second part for my professor when I finish that english course. Itll prob show up here sometime.


  6. slice213 says:

    Cool a Zug post. should be epic


  7. Some Orc says:

    I used to tank everything up till late Ulduar early ToC. I just picked tanking saphiron because there was more to talk about and was an easy fight with less than 10 mechanics to explain.


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