Not Quite Whiny

So today was supposed to be a  day of blogger unity in whining.

Unfortunately, I was not aware of this upcoming event and so saved no bits to whine about, doling them out randomly throughout my blog as I felt fit to whine.

I have nothing to whine about today.

But I do have something to bitch about.

Hell hath no fury as they say… and you really shouldn’t piss off a blogger.

Not that they knew I was a blogger.

But you know, just about everyone’s got a blog these days, just something to keep in mind.

His name is Pow.

Here is his armory link.

Tir was kind enough to lead a 25-man ICC for us when Marrowgar came up as the weekly, AGAIN. (4/12 thank you very much)

We had just shy of 15 guild members in the raid and the rest were pugs.

It was announced that Tir was leading the raid, it was considered a guild run, loot rules were explained, any complaints/comments/concerns were to be directed to me as the guild leader.

The pronoun of “she” or “her” was used. My voice was heard on vent.

Pow has left the raid.

Tir posted what Pow had to say about leaving the raid.

Yeah buddy, if I’m in the kitchen it’s because I’m sharpening a knife for ya.

You want to know why I playing male characters on the other MMORPG I played before and continued to do so when I started playing WoW?

Want to know why for a very long time I wouldn’t admit to anyone I did not know in real life that I was a female player?

Want to know why I was terrified of speaking in vent in pugs; terrified of getting booted from the raid just for a lack of a penis?

There’s the reason.

24 comments on “Not Quite Whiny

  1. dvotee says:

    It amazes me why some people are like this.

    Why has you being female got anything to do with your ability as either a GM or infact just a player. Nothing. At the end of the day we are all moving a mouse, clicking buttons etc so are they saying that the female population cannot do this? We all have to learn tactics, learn our chars etc, are women that incompetant that they lack this ability? No of course not.

    I know plenty of female gamers who kick ass and why wouldn’t they. You’re better off without people like that and welcome him to your ignore list.

    You know what, this kind of thing really pisses me off but I guess I’m one of the few.


  2. Slo says:

    Wow, just wow. What a jerk. Gaming may still be seen by some boys as a boys club, but I like to think most men know that women can play and play well.

    What did that guy gain by doing that? He lost out on a 25 man ICC pug run that went 4/12, better than most pugs are doing in there. So his loss and your gain, you didn’t have to put up with, or worse, carry some jerk for the night.

    Sorry you had to deal with that crap.


  3. Tirael says:

    Well, before I even posted that in guild chat, I told Arioch to blacklist him from future raids. Since the guild doesn’t do ICC 25 a lot, I pug it a lot so I will not be using him ever again.

    As far as his comments on female gamers, I don’t care if you a he/she/shehe/him/her/shim as long as you do your job, cause little to no drama, and stay out of the fire. Also, as a raid lead, I like having a decent female player in the raid. It makes the male raiders perform better..for the most part.


  4. Raven says:

    Haha…that’s funny. I grew up around a chauvinist pig. He was offended that someone suggested my mother should work to help pay the bills and told me that he felt sorry for me when I said I didn’t think I would get married because apparently a woman can’t live right without a man. He hates me now because for about a year I single handedly took care of my family when my husband got laid off. Apparently I have gone against the very laws of nature or something. I can’t help but find said pigs unbelievably amusing now. What hell they must live in today.


  5. slice213 says:


    People like that are freakin dumb. Some of the best players i have encoutered in MMO’s have been female gamers. In my old FFXI guild – the 2 best healers were females, they were also damn good DPS (when they had the chance to go DPS) as well. Well geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the game.

    Gender should not matter in a game. As Tirael mentioned, as long as someone does their job well, it does not matter. Pow’s mentality is the one that just shows of poor breeding. His parents should not have been allowed to breed…for that matter neither should they. Then again he is probably as freakin 14 yr old kid..thinking they are the shiznit….damn teenagers. *get off my lawn* Oh well their loss.


  6. Delerius says:

    Wait, you’re female????



  7. Forreststump says:

    The utter absurdity of that waste of oxygen… /facepalm

    DISCLAIMER: Following statement said purely in jest.

    Since you’re in there sharpening a knife anyway, can you bring me a sammich?


  8. koalabear21 says:

    He would have gotten out dpsed by Ari anyway.

    Then I would have laughed.

    Strangely enough I haven’t come across this in game (other than last night) as of yet.

    I do experience it in the outside world. I’ve had guys I was dating not be able to handle the fact that I was better educated and had a better paying job. My ex-fiance couldn’t stand that I made more money than him. Oh well, his loss.

    I might not be the best player out there, but I like to think that I at least am a fairly decent one. Gender shouldn’t have any play into it.


  9. Arvash says:

    What a Delta Alpha…This guy probably doesn’t even have a girl. Like Slice was saying, I’ve played with some really good female gamers (Ari and Lyssi are on my list =) ) and as long as you know how to play and play it well, it doesn’t matter what gender you are. As far as being our GL, I think you do a fantastic job of leading us, moreso than some GLs I’ve encountered in the past.

    POW = Problem arOund Women…. should’ve known….


  10. shystechris says:

    Ever wonder why some guys hands are calloused?

    Guys like that spend too much time romancing their left palms…

    They lose touch (hehe) of the real world–it’s sad and ironic really, cause they themselves are doing women a favor by pushing them away.

    Personally, I like those people to stick around so I can be a dick to them.


  11. Ak says:




    That response is just so damned stupid I have to wonder if it wasn’t just a joke.

    If not, then I have a special message for our friend, as follows:




    You’re going to fucking need it!


    That being said, 4/5 Guilds I’ve been associated with have had female leadership, either in name or in practice.


  12. Bloodmalak says:

    Guys like that are a complete waste of oxygen and should be shot… or stabed seeing how your sharpening a knife.
    DISCLAIMER: coming from a guy.
    Oh hey while your in the kitchen can you get me a beer! *shifts eyes*


  13. Nitedragon says:

    FEMALES PLAY WOW!!!! where have i been.


  14. telanarra says:

    Personally for my own safety and Ari’s i think she should be barred from anyplace that has sharp objects. :)


  15. Drew says:

    That has to be the most laughably stupid thing anyone has ever said in WoW. People never cease to amaze me with their ignorance.


  16. theerivs says:

    He’s right you should get to the kitchen, while your there get me a beer, and a sandwich. That a girl *smacks butt*



  17. Hêx says:

    Obviously he has not heard the horror stories that go with ari being in the kitchen. And I just like to say, I have no problem having a female GM.

    In other news, I practically fell out of my chair laughing when after reading above blog post one of the automatically generated possible related posts was “kitten herding 101”. I mean, it was a serious blog post but kitten herding, lulz.

    Anywho, 3 cheers for female GM.


  18. Jaedia says:

    Holy shit that still happens?! I’d have fucking reported him! That’s disgusting..

    In lighter news, my guild does a similar thing, runs a semi- guild run of ICC 25 on Friday evenings, around 15 guildies and the rest PUG members and they do quite well ^^


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