How did you sleep last night?

Something a little different today, bear with me.

Alright, now take a deep breath and close your eyes.

On second thought, don’t close your eyes because then you can’t read this.

Think about the position you generally fall asleep in.


Nothing kinky or perverted.

(This time.)

Are you on your stomach? Your back? Left side? Right side?

Arm tucked under the pillow?

Legs strewn across the bed?

Now you can close your eyes if you need help remembering, just open them again to keep reading.

When you’ve got a good image of how you fall asleep, answer this question:

What character in WoW do you consider your MAIN character?

This could be the character you spend the most time on, or the character you’ve always felt the strongest connection with (for those of us loonies that get connected with our toons.).

What is that character’s race and gender?

Now pore over the  images below the break.

Blood Elf






Night Elf




Does your sleep position match that of the sleeping position of your main character?

Let me know in the comments!

I consider Arioch to be my main (durrrr) and I sleep just like the male blood elf.

On the rare nights I don’t fall asleep like that, it’s just like the male night elf, which I also play a lot.

Coincidence or does it mean something?

30 comments on “How did you sleep last night?

  1. dvotee says:

    My main is a female b’elf mage and thats the position I find most comfortable haha so maybe you’ve hit on something here ;)

    OMG What have the Dwarves been up to? They look pretty contented with themselves ;)


  2. Main is a Male Dwarf.

    I sleep most like the Draenei Male or the Troll Male, since they are pretty much the same thing. I’d say the only way I differ is neither of those two have a female counterpart jamming her forehead into their shoulders until they are hanging precariously off of the edge of the bed.


  3. Kaethir says:

    It’s pretty close to a match, lol!


  4. Currently this holds true. My main atm is my Draenei warrior and that is how I sleep or am most comfortable (till my arm falls asleep).


  5. Jaedia says:

    Fae’s a female Blood Elf but I wants her to be a female Draenei!

    I do sleep like the female Bloof Elf, hand under the pillow, on my side. Don’t sleep like the Draenei.. for a start I don’t have hooves.


    • Shawndra says:

      The character I consider my main is undead and female. Yes, I sleep like the dead, minus the crossed arms. Lately, though, I have been sleeping more like the female orc, almost on my belly but mostly on my side. Figures, the orc is my farming and alchemy toon.


  6. koalabear21 says:

    99% of the time I sleep just like the human female.

    I consider Millea to be my main, despite the fact I never play her anymore.

    If I am sharing a bed with someone, then I sleep like the female belf/nelf

    My secondary mains >.>

    Your cryptic comment from last night now makes sense. :)


  7. Vulpina says:

    Haha! Yes, my mains are both human females, and I do sleep like that.


  8. Delerius says:

    I started off thinking that the blood elves don’t really look like me.. and then I remembered my main isn’t a belf… And OMG I sleep like a Tauren. I *try* to sleep on my back because I know it’s better for my back and yada yada, but I never fall asleep until I roll on my side like a cow. =)

    This post was informative and creepy.


  9. Thistleseer says:

    My main’s a night elf female, and I do sleep on my side like the model. I’ve been informed by my husband that I pretty much toss and turn all night…too bad there aren’t long-term animations for sleeping characters.


  10. Dark/Soth says:

    My sleeping position closely matches the Tauren Male, with the Blood Elf male coming in 2nd. My main is pretty much my forsaken DK, but Belf mage will always be my favorite.


  11. Orangeslice says:

    Me main is my belf priest…i sleep like the dranei female or human male.

    When i 1st started reading the post…dirty thoughts started popping into my brains.


  12. Hêx says:

    Um, yeah, my sleep position matches. Fucking weird.


  13. jong says:

    What a fun topic!

    Girl dorf sleep position looks like river dance.


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  15. Tirael says:

    Ummm…I play a Night Elf/Blood sleep positions are exactly like theirs when I first fall asleep. Funny thing is, I wake up in the same position as the human female…my tauren warrior use to be human. Thanks for weirding me out Ari.


  16. Lippie says:

    My main is a Tauren.. but i fall a sleep like a Undead…
    But then again i wake up like a Tauren …


  17. Slo says:

    Gah! I sleep just like the male draenei, but now I’ve gone and made my main an orc…

    This better not interfere with me getting a good night’s sleep!


  18. dragonray says:

    I used to be a human until about a month ago, and I did sleep like that. but apparently since I changed to a spacegoat, my sleeping has changed and I am rolling more to my back….

    Damn weird if you ask me :) but awesome post – I am goin to link to it if that is ok?


  19. Sephrenia says:

    Fantastic post. I have all female characters, but can’t play undead, gnomes or dwarves, just like I can’t sleep flat on my back (although I often wake up that way, I can’t get to sleep that way). Interesting.


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