Yes, this is a total cop out post

So I was up too late and I’m sick and so there is no real content for this post.

Raiding with a fever – kind of trippy.

We keep getting 4/5 in ToGCr.

Anub fucking had a love affair with me last night.

Our first attempts on him, he targets me first, I get BoPped by the pally, Anub bugs out and will not target anyone else.

I had to kite that bastard the entire burrow phase.

I also killed a rogue in the process.

Oops, my bad.

Rogues are kinda squishy anyway.

Filler picture because no one believes that I will be wearing a dress to a wedding next month.

I would apologize for the blurriness, but you try taking a picture of yourself in a mirror with a camera balanced on your shoulder. So nyah.

Mage 4-piece T10 is awesome. I love the fact that the buff from my Mirror Images is called Quad Core. It amuses me.

Having Arcane Empowerment being “on” all the time is great.

IceHUD was fubar but the author got a temporary workaround out and saved the day. He’s my hero at the moment. If he can get it straightened out the rest of the way I will donate for that add.

From the searches people get to my blog:

Because you aren’t fucking cool enough. Roll a ‘lock and /wrist. End of story.

(The half a dozen cool ‘locks I know can disregard that previous line. Please don’t shard my soul. I give you strudel!)

I think I’m raiding ICC 10 with EoF on my failDK tonight.

I’ll be parsing the raids now for my own torture.

Must stop wigging out when my rotation slips…

Enough rambling.

Amuse yourselves in the comments section.


47 comments on “Yes, this is a total cop out post

  1. Tirael says:

    You will never guess what her natural hair color is. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

    Also, 2 hours of sleep before work FTW….not.


  2. Tirael says:

    Also…no one will be scared of you now…that picture makes you look like Punk Rock Barbie….and who is scared of Barbie? (Totally joking but I thought it was funny).


    • Tirael says:

      Since I am the only one awake and/or crazy enough to do it, I am gonna respond to myself. I guess you still are kinda scary..because you are the HBIC of SR. But we <3 you….purple is truly epic and whatnot.

      On a side, I can't wait to see this new mage apply to our guild. Should make for many lololololololz. Also, we will get Anub one day. The problem is I always take us in there late at night. Maybe I could use it as one of our classic raid nights after we get GotUR 10 down. Only FF/One Light to go!!! Woot!.


    • Arvash says:

      Thanks for the Barbie reference… now I have Aqua in my head. “C’mon Barbie, let’s go party…”


    • Tirael says:

      “ha ha HA yeeaahhh!!”


  3. Raven says:

    Pretty…totally forgot what I was going to say. Oh yeah, iceHUD was funny. It kept melting off my screen. I ended up turning it off because it wouldn’t stay put and it was seriously messing with me. Yay patch day -_-


  4. koalabear21 says:

    We got him to 8% like 3 or 4 times.

    It almost felt like our first wipe on him just set the tone for the rest of the attempts. Like people felt since we couldn’t get him down the first try that we couldn’t get him down period. Bad thoughts like that tend to make people not perform their best.

    That pally had such a hot voice though *melts*


  5. theerivs says:

    Why you wearing the Robe?


  6. adgamorix says:

    I swapped out to ArcHUD when Ice was broken last night. Some FR issues I’d been having mysteriously disappeared when I did that – so I don’t think I’ll be going back to Ice (even though I doubt they were related).


  7. slice213 says:

    Hmmm tir did you get a new wand? what nice loot dropped?

    O.o; What have you done with our GM!! They wear a robe not a dress!!


  8. Delerius says:

    Nice photoshop work, but we know you would never wear a dress…

    Nice try though.


  9. gravedust13 says:

    Ari sez:
    >>I also killed a rogue in the process.

    /saurfangjr “ROGUES.”


    • Tirael says:



  10. gravedust13 says:


    Once upon a time doing Anub on my Warlock I wound up as a spike target. And since apparently every time he spikes the ice it causes adds to spawn, apparently it’s in the raid’s best interest to sort of string him along as long as you can to avoid overwhelming the raid with adds. ..Actually Iv’e never seen it be much of a problem, but maybe it’s worse in 25-man or hard modes.


    So there’s a chunk of ice already between the spikes and myself and since I want to keep him chasing me I dance a bit to the side so the spikes miss them. I run back and clear some more room as he’s speeding up, and once again dance around to the side to get him to clear it.

    I’m doing really well!

    Except… Holy shit, the spikes are going REALLY fast now. So I hike my skir– ROBE and book it towards the nearest icepatch only to catch a spike right in the no-no zone and expire messily about 3 feet from safety. At which point I sort of sank below my desk and died quietly from embarrassment.

    (Actually Ari I think you were there in vent for that one. >.> )


  11. slice213 says:

    3.3.3 known bug

    “Shoulder armor does not attach correctly to Blood Elf Male characters.”

    I dont know for some reason when i saw this…seeing Ari running around with detached should pads…made me crack up.


  12. […] purple…Arioch can keep that. (kool aid drinking CEO might have an issue with […]


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