And now for something completely different

I swear I am not an RPer.

Pinky swear even.

Even when we did table top D&D, we didn’t dwell so much on the interplay of charcters.

My characters all tend to have much higher charisma and higher intelligence than I personally possess. OK, with the exception of my last barbarian, charisma and int were her dump stats… that was fun to role play.

We all generally had character backgrounds and personality quirks and we were blessed with a game master capable of weaving some incredible stories, the kind you sit around and talk about years later. Remember when we were in that one campaign? Good times.

But in terms of communication between ourselves and even most of the NPCs we encountered, we were pretty lax about the whole in-character and out-of-character thing.

My first characters were rolled on an RP server. Funny enough, the server was chosen by that game master’s wife. It was Cenarion Circle, and I still have 10 characters sitting over there, all experiments in the most inefficient ways to level.

When I zoned in on my first character, that poor night elf warrior, I was greeted by a female nelf with “vamp” in her name attempting to solicit sexual favors from all the level 1 male night elves. There was much custom emoting occurring…

Once out of the starting zone, RP on Cenarion Circle (at the time, it could be different now) consisted primarily of one person making a terrible statement in trade chat in archaic English, “Prithee, canst thou giveth me directions to yon weapon trainer for staves?”

From there, trade would erupt into the Murloc Movie Name Game (Fried Green Murlocs), Chuck Norrisisms, or berating the poor guy for trying.

I witnessed a few sporadic conversations in RP-style, but it seemed like a lot of effort and well, really boring.

It reminded me of playing Vampire. Vampire tends to be a much more political based game whereas in Werewolf, I got to tear shit up.

Ultimately, I prefer tearing shit up and not so much caring about political maneuverings within a game.

So, within the realm of the game World of Warcraft, I’m not interested in developing a story to act out. Fighting the same raid bosses every week would be tough for me to work around.


I still create personalities for my characters. In my head, they have reactions to the quests they complete. They like different places in Dalaran, they look at other characters differently.

And when an entity develops a personality that personality needs to be expressed.

So I’ve started doing little stories here and there, little snippets of scenes that exemplify bits of personality and I’ve posted them here and there.

Then over at DoTs and HoTs we started doing the story contest with scenes I made in the WoW Model Viewer (and yes, there will be more of those coming up).

Flood gates opened.

We realized that we have some very good literary talent around here and it deserved to be showcased.

So a few of us ganged up and put together a new blog where said talents can be put on display.

It’s completely dedicated to RP-type stuff, no game mechanics or loot drops or guild drama. If that’s not your thing, don’t bother, no worries.

And… to be fair with the warnings, it’s not all safe for work. If you’re sensitive about that sort of thing, I suggest you avoid anything with a tag of Smut.

Updates will be when the collaborating authors get around to it, this is just for fun and giggles.

Because I’m not an RPer.




29 comments on “And now for something completely different

  1. Tiræl says:


    Shameless plug is shameless.


  2. Delerius says:

    /subscribed =)


  3. Tiræl says:

    Not to drag this OT, but can we make this a mandatory addon for raids?

    It allows everyone who has it installed in your group to see the pics you draw. Of course, giant penises may ensue, but it could be really useful for showing positioning on a new boss.


  4. Tiræl says:

    Sounds good. We can work on it tonight in ICC 25….however I can only expect epic things to come from us doing this.


  5. theerivs says:

    I go into fits of rage when I hear the letters RP. :)


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