Time Out

I hate to do this, but it’s crunch time at work for a major project, so no real post today and quite likely not tomorrow. We’ll see.

I’ve received and posted a few more pieces up over at From the Nether if you’re looking for something to read.

Raid last night was good, pugged up to fill our 25 and cleared the Citadel and took down Festergut.

As a guild member said, our success and failure on Rotface was directly tied to the people afflicted with the slime.

My raid kittens can kite slimes.


Not so much.

I think we gave it 4 shots and then called it for the night.

Looking forward to picking up 10s again on Thursday.

I want Sindragosa down this week.


One comment on “Time Out

  1. Imoh says:

    Good luck with Sind, I love that fight, simple mechanics but it requires pretty exact execution to pull off a first kill, can’t wait to start working on the HM version tonight.


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