Yeah, so…

I’m a slacker. Short post is short.

The weather was fucking HORRENDOUS driving back from visiting family.

The 1.5 hour trip took closer to 2.5 hours. The rain was pouring down, at one point I had a flashback to visiting family in Louisiana when there happened to be a storm. The lightning was just lighting up the whole sky, no streaks of light, just the entire night sky gone white then black again. The rain drops were HUGE and I’m guessing would have bruised my flesh had I been outside the safety of the car.

My cousin and her husband have recently stopped playing WoW, they’re waiting for Cataclysm before making their return.

My uncle has just started, has a little belf rogue on my server. He’s just figuring out how much there is to the game. It’s like watching the world through your kid’s eyes or something like that.

Noblegarden is in full swing and so far I have done, let me think about it… jack, diddly and shit in relation to it.

Arioch has everything completed from last year.

I feel like I *should* be working on it for my priest so he can have the 310% speed mount… but meh.

Running in circles in Dalaran and chatting with guildies is much more entertaining. Or getting turned into a bunny and dropping eggs with guildies. Whatever.

Yes, some kind soul dropped a picnic basket for us.

I’m suddenly more interested in working on my belf DK than I am on my priest.

2 reasons:

1 – if the priest hits 80 I might actually have to raid on him and that prospect terrifies me. I get twitchy enough watching 5 frames and yelling at people I know in real life to get out of the fire. (Best quote so far from me in regards to healing stupid, “Hey! Colorblind! Get out of the green shit!”)

2 – I’ve already raided on a DK so I’m antsy to get back in there and see what I can do when I have a main to support me. I should probably start collecting primordial saronites to make the craftable pieces… prices are down to 1k each on my server.

Best vent quote from me recently was directed at a rather inebriated drunk vent crasher who had explained that a friend was on his way over with a couple female friends and he didn’t know what to do: “If you pass up pussy for this game you are fucking retarded.”

And that concludes this really short post.


5 comments on “Yeah, so…

  1. Delerius says:

    That name looks oddly familiar… is Tiryal returned from his wanderings with the stinking Alliance?


  2. zarigar says:

    be careful…bunnies in love tend to multiply


  3. dragonray says:

    LOL @ vents quote!!!



  4. piercedprep says:

    Bunnies in gay love don’t multiply.


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