Do Not Adjust Your TV

I have a post brewing up regarding 10 man versus 25 man content, but it’s not quite ready to share.

So here’s a little something from a 10-man ICC I ran last week.

Raiding the day I pick up my Brew of the Month is an interesting experience.

Does anyone know if I have to re-buy my membership or am I a lifetime member?

I was at various levels of sobriety throughout the entire encounter, I still couldn’t run in a straight line after handing out loot and moving up to the trash before Lady Deathwhisper.

The fight was pretty dang surreal. Not sure how well I would have done at LDW drunk, what with all the add switches and whatnot, but the Marrogar fight, with all the pretty blue colors was awesome.

This particular brew was disappointing in terms of effects, I don’t even remember what it was called. But it didn’t seem to do anything. No squirrels throwing acorns at me, no ice blocks, nothing. I like my in-game alcohol experiences to be amusing.


10 comments on “Do Not Adjust Your TV

  1. Delerius says:


    Er, I mean yes, our membership is lifetime.


  2. Slice213 says:

    WTS AA membership. PST


  3. koalabear21 says:

    Is this why you died at Lady D? Or was that another night?


  4. theerivs says:


    The other day I drunk so much I puked, I didn’t even know you could do that in game…awesome!


  5. trixyheleva says:

    You get a lifetime membership already. I have a warrior who’s had it ever since it came out without having to renew.


  6. rustbeard says:

    Guess I’m just old school. Requirement for Rusty to raid: Kungaloosh. That’s it. I’ll bring my own flasks, repair my own gear, and promise not to roll on EVERY item that drops. Why? Well, think of the following conversation:

    “Rustbeard, we need you to assault the Litch King. The road will be long, hard, and require a great deal of sweat and little swearing. The chance of rewards will be small, and death almost certain. We will, however, provide a small headstone that the Kirin Tor can mow over marking a spot where your unrecovered body would have rested.”

    Rusty: “No Thunderbrew, no me.”

    Now, replace the last line with “For your trouble, we’ll have 3 stacks of Kungaloosh.”

    Rusty: “Rumble from the Jungle? Where do I sign – hell, let’s go now!”


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