I suck

No post this morning, I was up far too late farming mounts and pets in old raids.

No, none dropped.

Yes, per our normal tradition we died in Kara.

I did get to upgrade my Kara ring, woot!

9 comments on “I suck

  1. Rurjaos says:

    Getting the Horse could fill another 20min a week in my thight schedule.
    How many people did you take into Kara?
    1 Healer, 1 Tank + ???


  2. gravedust13 says:

    BAHAHAHahah… ehh…


  3. flip5577 says:

    I love your animated header, I’m going to make one for myself that’s a great idea.


  4. Rurjaos says:

    For anyone interested: Going in alone with a tank, pulling all up to the boss isn’t a good idea… they hurt! Poppping CDs and surviving long enough to be stabilized by your healer is.

    And no. No mount.


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