Double the Pleasure

Double the fun.

Yeah, so I was up until 2:30 and totally forgot that I had started this post and failed to finish it. So late post is late. Bite me.

This week marked the first week of our two-night 10s.

Not *quite* as smooth as I was hoping for, but we are ironing out the last couple scheduling snafus and should be in a much better position next week.

Wednesday night’s 10 went up to Sindragosa with 1 wipe on BQL. We attempted to 2-heal it, just to see if we could. Not that time. Maybe next time.

The Citadel was cleared from Marrowgar to Saurfang in 28 minutes.

Saurfang himself went down before he could cast a single mark. As much as I hate the pity buff, I will admit it’s incredible to be rocking 9.5k on a fight that has so many target swaps.

And, guess what?

I fucking LIVED through the BQL fight!

So I got to pop my macro that I’ve been saving.

/s Drops of dew glistened off Arioch’s bare shoulders in the moonlight, which stood in sharp contrast to the evidence of fresh bite marks.

If you don’t recognize the line, I wouldn’t be surprised. It came from the WoW forums last year when they revamped the forums for April Fools. Yes, I wrote that down and have been saving it for an opportune moment for a year.

Dreamwalker was messy, but we got it.

The fight went to 5 minutes, the tanks managed to keep shit off the lone surviving healer long enough that he was able to call forth a miracle and save the dragon. Hats off to Hêx for being awesome. Really, hats off to everyone. Maybe pants off to Hêx.

Put in a couple shots at Sindragosa and then it was time to call it. Dragon killing will resume next Wednesday.

Since this was the first week we were running the split 10s we had a hiccup in the scheduling and ended up short a healer. So unfortunately, they had to pug one and I don’t think he was all too familiar with the fights.

They did get Professor Putricide down and moved to the Frost wing for a couple stabs at Dreamwalker.

They’ll pick up on Sunday to get some more attempts in and next week I don’t think we’ll have the pug issue.

Many thanks to the Thursday team for their patience while we get the details ironed out.

In semi-related news, my priest hit 79 by virtue of following a goddess of death around on the Savage Ledge for literally almost half a level.

When he hits 80 I’ll be picking up dual spec for disc and starting the crazy grind for gear. Does anyone have a handy list of the best craftable/BoE pieces I can get for either spec? I don’t have enough badges to be able to get him any gear yet.

And the reason I was up until 2:30 last night was an impromptu trek into AQ 40.

5 of us.

It was a fucking blast.

Wonderful reminder that encounters have been designed that cannot just be muscled through, that gear will not just fix.

Also a reminder that Blizzard has had a long-standing hatred of mages. I’m looking at you, Anubis-guardian-things with random spell type reflections.

So I am freaking tired. Trying to wake up. Mage changes are due out today. Be looking forward on Monday to either my /squees of delight or some nerdrage.


14 comments on “Double the Pleasure

  1. slice213 says:

    This list is a bit outdated but here is one i used


    Off the top of my head.

    For disc – if you have the mats laying around – Merlin’s Robe is nice.

    For Holy – Royal Moonshroud Robe

    In a pinch – moonshroud robe. (i used this for a while – till i got emblems for t9) – remember only takes 1 weekend of grinding out randoms to get all your t9!


    Wispcloak is nice


    Royal moonshroud bracers – holy

    Bejeweled Wizard Bracers – disc


    • slice213 says:

      Reanimators cloak or rune casters mantle. some misc blue rings as well.

      Not sure if you wanted to keep the list as cheap as poss.

      you could also get the craftable ICC items for your priest as well :P

      genreral guideline for starting heroics as a priest

      1500 SP or so (unbuffed)

      15000 k mana (unbuffed)

      Spellpower > Int > Crit / Haste > Spirit/MP5 is what some sites use

      i look for:

      Spellpower > Crit > Int > Haste > Spirit/MP5 (I think Tir would agree as well)

      Lower gear rank use the 1st,


  2. Tiræl says:

    I am glad I could take some people through there. Sorry, it has been 4 years and many killed brain cells since I studied those mechanics.


  3. gravedust13 says:

    Just a quickie re: your priest and associated grind.

    Nelchalen needs about 90,000 badges to gear up his Ret spec, so I’m gonna be doing high-volume H5’s tomorrow or the next day. I can be tanky-tanky, should make for fast Cues if you wanted to come along for the ride.

    If I’m not on when you wanna go just bug Lys and she’ll bug me. :)


  4. gravedust13 says:

    Yep yep, no worries. :) If it’s backburner I’ll just go do my own thing.


  5. smart001 says:

    Since I will be leveling a priest as soon as cata hits, I would appreciate a full comprehensive list of the gear research you do so I don’t have to do any of it (the research) myself.

    For serious though, almost any tailor (450) can make you a decent set of ilevel 200 stuff, especially since the cloths are off CD. While that is not BiS anymore, it is more than enough to get you grinding heroics.

    GL and godspeed


  6. Donny says:


    Maybe this is useful:

    Its a massive archive of healing priest theorycrafting, very useful with Pawn. Check out the “Priestly Recources”-tab

    Its an entertaining read not the boring mathzz

    Found ya thru Koala’s Blog

    The Belgian Dude


  7. Rurjaos says:

    My disc-only-priest hit 71 yesterday and is still 1 or 2 lvl behind the stuff she finds in rnd5. UK with 68, dropping lvl 70, nexus with 69, dropping lvl 71, azjol->72, Old Kingdom->73. Always stuff to level for.
    Beeing an academic bitch (engineer + alchemist) is very helpful there: good SP/crit-boost and never any mana problems.
    When she hits 80, I’ll do 3-4 selected heroics with friends to measure the incoming dmg. vs. my healing capabilities, followed by a jump into the not so cold water of rnd5h. No preequipping, except ilvl219-badgebracers.


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