Short post is short, I’ve got a bunch of things chewing up some time right now, sorry.

Frustration comes in 2 flavors today:

Flavor #1

I had 2, count them TWO, interviews scheduled for last night for prospective guild recruits. Neither ever responded back.

Fuck them.

Flavor #2

Healing ToC.


You all should be VERY grateful that I have and use push to talk.

We did make it through, but it was not what I consider a fun experience at this point.

I’m about 10% away from hitting 80, this discipline thing that people keep saying I should do sounds more and more tempting every time I start freaking out while healing.

I’ve already been told that my first raid I’m healing is ToC.

What’s wrong with Naxx? I liked Naxx… OS no drakes? VoA?

I couldn’t be bothered to run my daily heroic on Arioch for the last few days, I’ve purchased my patterns and my gear so now I would just be accruing frost for primordial saronite… which I really should do for my poor priest. If I’m going to freak out while healing, I might as well have a pretty gear score while doing so.

And I guess I should run the heroics on my priest… if anything, I’m going to need to learn how to disc heal before I get roped into that raid.

Tir specified that he wouldn’t bring in any more pugs for a Grand Crusader… I hope he means the same for a normal…

For some reason I think I would be OK with guildies dying, it’s all part of learning, right? But the thought of fail-healing in the presence of a pug makes me cringe.

We’ll see what happens.


7 comments on “Frustration

  1. dvotee says:

    Hmmm I tried healing, geared up but unfortunately I had to pug.

    I always said I’m a new healer, please dont go to mad but the tank would pull the whole instance (yeah ok not quite but you know what I mean) we would wipe and then I’m called a crap healer, noob all of that and I’m done with it. People are too impatient on pugs and I really can’t do with the grief over whats a game.

    Yes doing it with guildies will be a great help and will build up your confidence ;)


  2. Rurjaos says:

    My priest is disc, at the moment rnd5-healing for items she can’t wear because of lvl-restrictions. As with my last alt, I wish, I could raid-test her in naxx when she hits 80, but who’s going into naxx these days? Nobody!
    In lack of time, she’ll end up pre-icc-equipped without ever seeing another raid. But thats ok for a raid-leadering-level-class-understanding-project.


  3. zelmaru says:

    Healing TOC is awful… especially if you get evil nightmare chick, or that poison rogue.

    I’d say that disc isn’t necessarily “better” than Holy. Some people really “click” with Disc, some really “click” with Holy. It couldn’t hurt to try. I was dual spec Holy/Disc for a while before I figured out which one I liked.


  4. koalabear21 says:

    As I told you last night, ToC is tough on healers. When it first came out I had trouble on it with my Ulduar geared druid. I cannot imagine healing it as a level 79.

    The fact that you guys managed to pull it off with the success that you did is a fantastic thing.

    Soon you will be bored healing so enjoy the newness of it while it lasts.


  5. telanarra says:

    Toc as heals sucks. Toc as a 79 with you healing it sucked alot less. your did an awesome job. And if memory served you made out like a bandit :)


  6. zarigar says:

    I am the opposite. I feel worse if I let guildies die and don’t feel as bad when pugs die.


  7. gravedust13 says:

    Yerp. ToC5 doesn’t really screw around, so I wouldn’t be cranky if you hitch up a little bit running it, especially before 80. You couldn’t hear me but when I heard that’s where y’all were headed I sort of went ‘oooohhh…. This may not end well..’ Still I think the fact that you all powered your way through regardless should earn you all a gold star.

    From my experiences in there, mostly on my Pally… It helps a lot if you have someone help out with the dispels, as the status ailments stack up to a huge amount of damage pretty quickly. That goes for pretty much all of the phases.

    As far as wanting to only heal for guildies while you get your feet under you, I understand that completely. The first time I tried Holy Pallying I basically whined till 5 guildies offered to come along to get me to shut up. I think it’s probably because they at least know you’re a skilled player trying something different rather than just a defective who’s presumably been healing for 79 levels and STILL can’t do it right. (That and because you can count on your guildies to actually work with you, rather than stand in the fire glaring pointedly at you while their life ticks away)


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