Warm Fuzzies

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been working on getting a priest up to level 80.

He started as a completely hidden character, I wanted no one to know about him so I could hide and learn how to heal in obscurity.

That didn’t last too long.

I had posted about some of my first attempts at pugging on my priest back in the day before the spiffy new LFD tool. I can’t recall if clams stacked back then. There was definitely uphill walking in the snow, though.

From that post, a certain clever pally was able to recognize me when we happened to later end up in the same group.

Eventually we discovered that 5 of us from the original House Vol guild had appropriate level characters to form a little leveling group and off we went: prot pally, ret pally, huntard, shadow priest, and me.

We did some questing together but focused primarily on instances once the LFD was made available. There was some solo-work. We would say, “be level X by Monday” and then yell at the guy that failed to level.

So from about level 25 onward, I’ve almost exclusively healed the same group of people. Yelled at the same group of people. Cried not-so-quietly at the same group of people.

Somehow, everyone in the group got a little ahead of the two priests. The pallies and huntard hit 80 on Monday, while we were still holding at 79, but oh so very close to 80.

Finish up our 25 ICC on Tuesday night and I was informed I was leveling my priest to 80.

… Fine.

Oh, by the way, you’re doing a heroic as soon as you hit 80.

Hahahahahaha, yeah right, whatever.

Flew out to Sholazar to pick up the quests I was working on out of the Nesingwary Camp. I was hoping to get to the “go kill X number of Y animal” quests, those go pretty fast. Instead I was killing excavation workers and finding plane engines.

Finally they sent me to the camp at the river and I got the quest to dig about in the mud to find the pilot’s keys. Easy peasy.

Tir had flown out on his priest to watch me flail about lolsmiting the damn threshers in the pool and was kind enough to assist in the eradication of said pests while I dug about in the muck for over 10 minutes.

I swear, the game knew I just needed that one more quest and deliberately kept moving the fucking keys.

Finally, keys in hand, I return to the quest giver and promptly fail to take a screen shot as I ding 80.

So here is Selwyn: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Drak’Tharon&cn=Selwyn

The only picture I have of him is from my compilation picture… he’s the blond.

Oh wait, new armory to the rescue:

Yes, I am fully aware that my spec needs to be cleaned up and my gear is bad.

Funny story: When I was still 78 I was sitting on Krasus Landing and I got a whisper from a guy from a guild that was heavily recruiting in trade chat, “hey u notice ur unguilded.”

“Yes, I did notice I am unguilded.”

“lol, I noticed your GS is really low, we could gear u up fast.”

Seriously? I’m 78, of course my GS sucks. “I’m the GM of a progression raiding guild. This is my escape character. Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll pass.”

I don’t think I’ve seen that guild since.

Anyway. I dinged 80. My GS is about 2700.

Next thing I know, Tir is logging over to his warrior tank.

Bah, on my DK, I don’t think it let me into any heroics with this GS, it won’t happen tonight.

Port to Silvermoon, train up all my new pretties.

Invited to group. Tir tanking, Lyss DPS.

Other guildies are wisely refusing to be guinea pigs.

Queue up.

Eeeeek. It actually took us.

Hello, Heroic Halls of Lightning.

Goodbye, tank that has already started pulling.

He did warn me…

I think he still had 3 adds on him when he pulled the boss. Who was charged.

Achievement earned: Lightning Struck.

PuG DK did not know that AMS would protect him from the exploding guys in the fire room. I needed to remember where my resurrect button was, anyway.

Achievement earned: Shatter Resistant.

Tir proceeded to pull the ENTIRE fear-casting vry’kul gauntlet.

Sparky debuff on Ionar really fucking hurts.

Then we started to run into problems. Stacking on the charging vry’kul is apparently not a widely-employed method of not being charged. Standing out of whirlwinds is apparently also not real common.

We had one wipe. And one encounter where I managed to keep both the tank and mage up, even though I died twice. (Being soulstoned is cool, it’s like the healer equivalent of getting Vigilance for me.)

As I’m running back, feeling like crap…

That made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Except for the part where they tell the pugs I’m freaking out. Just because I share it with the entire internet doesn’t mean that I want everyone to know… oh wait. Never mind.

Then Tir announces that we’re standing in for the Lightning Nova on Loken.


I’ve done it on normal, it hurt, but my party heal goes off right as it ends and it was all good.

ZOMG that hurts on heroic.

I died, Spirit of Redemption kicks in.

Achievement earned: Timely Death.

Achievement earned: Heroic: Halls of Lightning.

For the most part, my screaming was reduced to really loud whimpers punctuated by frequent outbursts of: FUCK, WHERE’S MY GODDAMN MANA, FUCK ME, NEED MOAR HASTE, IH8U, and more FUCK. Sometimes it was FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. I’m creative like that.

Next up is to clean up my holy spec, pick up a disc spec, and get some purples on me. Oh, I might want to actually learn how to heal as disc in there, too.

And I *suppose* I could actually move Selwyn into the guild.

But I am NOT healing any raids yet!

(Let me learn disc and get 3500 GS first, ok? Please?)


18 comments on “Warm Fuzzies

  1. Orangeslice says:

    Make her heal EoE!!! lol i think my GS was that low when I went in there with SR. :P

    Sounded like a lot of fun. Heroic HoL.


  2. Rurjaos says:

    A friend dinged 80 with her bear-cat-tree yesterday and I offered to heal her through her first heroics. As I expected the incoming dmg to be a bit more spiky than normal, it took us DTK and a half of Occulus to realize, that she was tanking in heal-equipment.
    It wasn’t as hard as my first heroics, but some …. interesting runs.


  3. koalabear21 says:

    You did fine. Considering all that Tir pulled in that instance, you did fantastic.

    From what I was hearing in vent, last night’s runs were more interesting.


    • slice213 says:

      Sounds like tir pulls like Zug!

      Have Ari run a heroic with Zug as tank XD


    • koalabear21 says:

      I kind of felt bad that I was hardly doing anything in that run with him. I was sort of distracted. But hey he was killing everything before my seeds were even worth it and I got new timer achievements for each boss fight so apparently it didn’t make too much of an issue.


    • slice213 says:

      yeah…zug is crazy.

      You did fine Koala. You didnt stand in bad etc. So its all gravy train.


  4. gravedust13 says:

    Yeah he was like “Don’t taunt.” And I was like “k”

    I did draw the line at not putting R.Fury back up after the OK wipe. (which was due to mass LOLFLAMESTRIIIKEE!!!11 from the 647 cultist mobs that sooommmeeehhhooowww got pulled. >.>)

    Because I have some pride at least. ;)

    Was a good night though. :) Thanks for helping me get my heroic Dungeonmaster finally. -_- I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to kill shroomguy otherwise.

    ..and that quest..

    You know, I’m starting a petition for them to put in a ‘Heroic Dungmaster’ achevement just from doing all the shit-related quests they’ve put in this damn game.


  5. chigatana says:

    Reading your posts always makes me wish I had a character on your server so I could sneak into your guild. You guys always seem to have so much fun.


    • koalabear21 says:

      We do!

      I haven’t ever had so much fun playing as I do with this bunch.

      Just be aware though, 16 year old hunters can bite me


    • telanarra says:

      “Just be aware though, 16 year old hunters can bite me”

      me thinks this would not be legal :)


    • chigatana says:

      So, are you guys recruiting?? I am a 16 year old hunter though…


    • koalabear21 says:

      The 16 year old hunter thing has now become an inside joke.

      I was leading an ICC 10 raid on my Alliance guild and one of the pugs was a hunter. We are usually very raunchy in vent and when this kid got in there he had the audacity to tell me to tone it down because he was 16.

      Yeah, you don’t come into MY vent and tell me what to do.

      I do believe we got even worse after that.

      We are recruiting though!



  6. chigatana says:

    You’re in the guild with Arioch, right? That probably seems like a dumb question, but I just wanted to make sure. I might be intrested. I’m actually a 30 year old Hunter, but I used to be a kickass Bear tank. And would love to return to it. The only problem is that I’m on a different server. And Alliance. Talk about a spendy move… Maybe I’ll just roll a new tune. Always fun to level alts…


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