And the fields…

of Halaa will run red with blood.

Lyss finally caved to peer pressure and transferred her Alliance druid over to Drak’Tharon.

But she didn’t do the faction transfer!

So a bunch of us met up on Halaa and proceed to slaughter her.

Over 170 times.

I love the way female night elves spin when they die. They sound so… excited about their demise as well. We took turns in vent trying to mimic her death throes to much amusement of the listeners.

Then we took over Halaa, stripped down and let her mow us down until she had her 170 Halaa Battle Tokens.

Now we all need to farm crystal powder.


I suck and totally forgot to take a screen shot, but if you’ve been living under a rock you might not have heard that I have my CELESTIAL CHARGER PRETTY PRETTY FLYING HORSIE.




I’ve already been whispered asking if I had to pay extra for it to be a 310% speed mount.

Oh, did I mention, if you have a 310, this one automatically upgrades to it? /sexy

I also got the XT pet, which has 3 awesome features:

1 – It annoys EVERYONE. I sat afk in the North bank in Dal for well over an hour just listening to it talk about being tired, watching people yell, scream, and troll trade about it.

2 – If someone summons a clockwork robot (either the red one from a few years ago or the blue one that can be purchased in Dal), it will shoot it and kill it.

3 – If someone summons a train set, XT will jump to the middle of it and destroy it. Hi-fucking-larious.

So… I was *supposed* to work on ironing out my priest’s gear last night but was having too much fun in Dal listening to people whine about the 15 XT pets that were being summoned.

I also had been bad about loading some parses so had to wade through a shit ton of lines of a text document and verify which nights had already been loaded. That took time. Maybe in the future I’ll stay on top of that better.

I did jump on Selwyn and gunned a siege engine to get the Flame Leviathan must die weekly done. So I have technically participated in one raid with him, just didn’t have to heal.

Lifespark Visage dropped and I fucking jumped on that. Thankfully no one else was interested so my Need roll of a 24 walked.

Maybe this weekend I’ll get around to crafting some pretty purples with him. After all, he has a pretty flying pony to ride. His scrubby blues just aren’t going to cut it.


8 comments on “And the fields…

  1. telanarra says:

    It was alot of fun slaughtering Tatia in Halaa. :)

    And if i didn’t say it enough last night Thank You for letting us kill you over and over :)

    gratz on the pony and the drop from loot lev


  2. slice213 says:

    lol it was fun indeed good times. thanks Lyssi/Tatia

    I managed to get one research token before gettting sick of it and fatigue set in.

    *stare* Ari…get the priest geared up. I told you Liyhe is going into retirement. *taps foot*


  3. koalabear21 says:

    You guys are welcome.

    Although now I get to pay you back by not healing you :D

    You guys did know that I am a very angry healer who doesn’t heal people on purpose right?


  4. Vordan says:

    You know I am one of those people who are annoyed by the Lil’ XT dialogue. I mean, how do you turn that off? Is there a setting in sound to turn passive pets off? I turned off pet sound and I still hear it. It wouldnt be bad if he was like Lil’ KT and did stuff every so often but I think XT says each line every 10-20 seconds, maybe even less time than that. And EVERYONE has him now. Whoever had the idea to make Lil’ XT should be shot, really, im not kidding. I bet they are laughing because they know its annoying to people who play with sound on. It gives me a reason to leave Dalaran hehe.


  5. Imoh says:

    Good to see people talking about the glitter pony without calling those who bought it idiots, I’m getting so sick of reading about how blizz are ruining the game buy selling pets/mounts.


    • Imoh says:

      I agree completely, as long as the purchases are purely cosmetic I don’t care what they add nor what price they place on it.

      Besides, I’m really liking my glitter pony, looks incredible with mage t10.


  6. […] The talbuks have always been a favorite mount of mine. They are totally worth the grind, but, boy, am I glad that’s done! I’ve had the tokens in my bag since April of 2010. […]


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