Cutting my Teeth

Well this was an exciting weekend, especially considering the ratio of time I spent in game to the amount of “AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH” that was had.

First up, on this episode of Pimp My Priest, we take Selwyn, a scrubby holy priest in blues and greens from a rather lackluster 1200 spell power to a healing hunk of belf.

First up, for classic raid night, how about we spring it on Selwyn that he’s about to heal Sapph and KT!

I was paired with a resto shaman, somewhere in the vicinity of a 5800 GS. Yeah, I felt pretty damn useless.

We were a little heavy on melee and I do believe I shit a brick when 3 of them got ice blocked.

KT dropped a wand for me.

Then off to Eye of Eternity!

Which kept glitching every time we would get to phase 3. At least 1 person wouldn’t get an action bar and at least 2 of us couldn’t get button 4 (kind of important for healing) to light up at all.

So we gave up on that and went to OS for a zerg.

Thankfully they let me bring Arioch for that.

Drake was handed out. Yay.

Sunday morning found Arioch desperately scratching together the mats needed to Pimp My Priest.

Took some teamwork, but we went from:

  • 1335 spellpower
  • 10.81 holy crit
  • 113 haste
  • 429 / 253 mana regen
  • 2935 GS


  • 2287 spellpower
  • 17.29 holy crit
  • 441 haste
  • 558 / 329 mana regen
  • 3978 GS

Oh happy day!

My GCD is almost fast enough that I’m not feeling like a complete moron every time I cast an instant.

I also fixed my spec up, a few points I’m kind of quibbling on, but I think I just need more experience with the healing to see where those extra points are going to suit my play style best.

To celebrate, I was drug into a heroic.

Turned out to be UP again.

HUGE difference from the previous time I had healed it.

For starters, I didn’t have a certain DK in frost presence telling the pally tank to NOT taunt off him just to make me work harder… but most importantly, it didn’t seem like my heals just tickled the targets.

My heals were finally big enough to make the green bar noticeably go up!


Hop on to Arioch and we put in some decent tries at Sindragosa.

Best attempt was 14%.

Something stupid happened every time and it was always something different.

A few disconnects.

People spacing out and losing focus, we called it after 8 attempts.

We’re really close and I think it’s going to be like Putricide. The night that we get it, we’ll walk in, probably wipe once due to someone DCing on the pull, and then we’ll slaughter her like she was on farm. We just need everyone on their A-game all on the same attempt.

Log out for a while and mope, listening to music.

Log back in to clean up the EP calculations for the week.

“Get on your priest.”


“Just do it. Please?”


*log onto priest*

*accept group invitation*

“Oh, by the way, you’re healing BQL.”


There are times I don’t know whether I should love or hate my kittens.

There are certainly moments I want to shove them into a sack and toss them into the river…

So grouped with a well-geared resto druid and a moderately geared holy pally, both of which have FAR more healing experience than me, I get summoned into ICC 10.

By this point in time, I have healed a smattering of heroics, Sapph, KT, and first two phases of EoE.


There were a few moments I was dangerously close to just outright sobbing at the keyboard.

We got it on the 3rd try.

Looking at the charts makes me cry. I literally did half the healing of the druid.

So all of ICC that my priest has seen is the trash hallway before BQL, the queen herself, and a wipe on Sindragosa. For all intents and purposes, my priest is as far as my mage. /sigh

Speaking of my mage… I have a picture to show tomorrow. =)

(No spoiling it if you know what it is!)


13 comments on “Cutting my Teeth

  1. slice213 says:

    “Oh, by the way, you’re healing BQL.”

    You did fine imo.

    Going back to Sindy…yeah…I know on our last attempt..i spaced out. I dont know why…but yeah Sunday…A game was not broughy by all.

    Mage picture? Its either something cool and epic…or something dirty…..hmmm.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    For once I was not let in on the secret picture so I am curious.

    As for the healing you did a much better job than you give yourself credit for. Resto druids are OP


    You should just be glad he had you come in on that fight and not the earlier ones.

    I am still pissy.



  3. slice213 says:

    *mental note* dont make Koala heal. Do not want axe blade in my spleen.

    2 AM…you need to get some Mt Dew.

    Monday can DIAF


  4. Rurjaos says:

    Seems, your kittens have biiig amounts of confidence, for you or/and themselves. Grats again for those guildies!
    Sindi is a fun, but hard encounter. Our raidgroup is going into round 4 tomorrow. Each round has been around 2.5h of more or less failure and progression. Phase 1 down to a science, phase 2… no comment.


  5. Sounds awesome. I can’t wait until I hop into ICC on my Shammy. I’m ready now, but I think my other characters are too valuable.


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