So much /squeee

First, a lesson learned.

If you are looking for a way to substantially increase the amount of spam your blog receives, I recommend using the word “teeth” in a blog title. It’s absolutely amazing the number of dental products you will receive links to. Mind boggling number of links.

But I digress.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled /squeeeeeeeeeeeee.

As I mentioned the other day, I got my pretty, pretty, sparkly pony of pretty sparkles. Did I mention it’s pretty and sparkly?

I’ve also been running through normal and heroic Magister’s Terrace almost every day in the hopes of the phoenix hatchling or the white hawkstrider. And by running through I mean Tir gets everything angry at him while I kill it.


Sparklies and glowies and glitteries, oh my!

My pet collection is now at 122.

Ran out to Halaa and turned in enough powder to get the cheaper of the two PvP mounts, the Dark War Talbuk is I believe what it is called.

Only 170 more dust to go I think…

But this brings my mount total up to 99.

One more mount to get the spiffy dragonhawk.

10 more days to get my venomsaur out of Un’Goro. I’ve actually remembered to do that daily a few times this past week.

I won’t be done… I want all the pretty mounts… I don’t think I will ever do this on another character, however.

The positive side effect is that the more stuff I collect in WoW, the less compulsion I have to collect stuff in real life.


10 comments on “So much /squeee

  1. Nymesis says:

    99 mounts? Dude you are my hero, not….even…..joking.


  2. telanarra says:

    “The positive side effect is that the more stuff I collect in WoW, the less compulsion I have to collect stuff in real life.”

    I bet this make a certain Rogue with a penchant for names that begin with Z happy.

    and congrats on the sparklies and 99 mounts


  3. koalabear21 says:

    I’ve got a mount for you right here baby ;-)

    All kidding aside, I really did get you something that is a mount >.>

    Although I don’t think you will actually use it as such


  4. gravedust13 says:


    Hehe.. srysly tho, pre-grats on your achievement(s) Those two are a hell of a lot of work.

    …Coming from the guy who farmed a whelp for a friend once. -_- It took 3 sold hours and everyone still said I got lucky.


  5. slice213 says:

    pre grats boss!


  6. Tebla says:

    For the Halaa mounts you need battle tokens in addition to dust, right? Have you set it up with a player form the other faction? Or do you have a bunch of battle tokens left from BC?

    Btw, I just got my Dragonhawk yesterday, but I am still working on getting as many mounts as I can, including the Halaa mounts.


  7. trixyheleva says:

    If you havin’ ride problems she feel bad for you son. She got 99 problems, but a mount ain’t one?


  8. tebla says:

    Yeah, I have been trying to set that up, but I never have the time or an ‘opponent’. One of these days. Probably after that stupid blue proto drops for me. 33 kills and counting.


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