Cue the music

Something triumphant, yet not too pretentious.

But something on a reasonably grand scale.

I mean, she was a very large dragon, her demise should be marked with something to match her monumental scale.

That’s right.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Drum roll please…

That bitch is DEAD!

Is my magic betraying me now?


I can’t hear you!

It was a little sloppy, our 4th attempt for the night.

But I think all our first kills are a bit on the sloppy side. We had 4 people standing at the kill and for once, I was one of them. Go me!

Loot was less than exciting, a fist weapon that went out as off spec and caster leather that got sharded.

And no one cared.


/deep breath

OK, so upward and onward to the Lich King!

Best attempt was 73%.

We called it when one of the healers said their computer wasn’t recognizing the monitor or something to that effect. Computer mumbo jumbo.

The REALLY awesome thing about the LK fight is that it doesn’t start until you talk to Fordring.


You can all troop up the stairs and pretend that Arthas is Santa Claus and tell him what you want for Christmas.

(I would have asked for a pony but I already have a sparkly glitter pony. /squeeee)

There is something inherently awesome about being pwned by the end boss of an expansion.

This is an entirely new experience for me.

The experience stings a fuck of a lot, but it is new and exciting.

I didn’t start playing until BC was well under way, IQD was introduced right around that time I think.

We were just starting to figure out what that whole raiding thing was when Wrath hit, New Naxx was my first raid.

Still haven’t finished Uld, but getting close.

ToCr is down, working on Grand.

And those are cool and all, but this – this is ARTHAS.

(In before “this is SPARTA” reference.)

This is not some resurrected bug in the basement of a jousting arena.

This is current content.

This is the guy on the loading screen, staring, silently taunting me to come to Northrend and defeat him.

We had a couple rough weeks on Sindragosa, having trouble getting the same 10 people on every week.

I imagine it will be the same for Lich King.

We’ll struggle, I’ll yell, and cry, and whine, and moan, and carry on until we get it.

But damn, that Kingslayer title is going to look fucking awesome with my name.

(OK, other pictures tomorrow, this was too good to not post.)


17 comments on “Cue the music

  1. rustbeard says:

    Gratz! Here’s hoping he goes down, but not too fast. The best victories are the ones of which the cost is high.


  2. Imoh says:

    You’d be suprised how quickly “the Kingslayer” gets old, I wore it proudly for about 2 weeks before I came to he conclusion that it’s “the Light of Dawn” or nothing this expansion, the HM encounters over shadow the LK normal encounter by a fair margin (at least some do, Marrowgar and lootship are bitter disappointments) that the normal mode title just loses it’s appeal.

    That’s just my opinion though, good luck with the LK, it’s a fun encounter once you get past the whole “biggest baddie of the expansion needing to rely on minions to make life difficult” thing that still irks me a bit.


    • Tirael says:

      For those of us in the lower reaches of the stratosphere, Kingslayer is a title that will never get old, even after Light of the Dawn.


    • Imoh says:

      The feeling I get reading the posts/comments by Shadow Rising members is that you have a dedicated team that is raiding for all the right reasons…

      “Loot was less than exciting, a fist weapon that went out as off spec and caster leather that got sharded.

      And no one cared.


      I love reading shit like that, makes me realise that not everyone is just in it for the loot like it seems reading forums some days.

      I think your raid group will make a good push into heroic mode after Arthas falls (which he will), you definitely seem to have the right motivation to push for the ultimate kill before 4.0.

      As I said, my comments on “the Kingslayer” are just my opinion, I really do hope you enjoy it longer than I did, killing a MASSIVE lore figure like Arthas should be fulfilling no matter what difficulty it’s on, I suppose I’m just a little jaded by the whole normal/heroic mode set up Blizz are using now.


  3. Sephrenia says:

    Gratz! We are at just the same point and I feel exactly the same – it’s great to be at the last boss. The one before the end. I’m kind of expecting to see a big “Game Over” sign if we ever actually get to kill him (even though I know it all starts again on Heroic mode). But damn it feels so good to be here :)

    We’ve had 2 nights (of 2 hours) on Arthas and have managed to get to phase 2 (the bit after the transition) on a few tries. I think it’s going to be a long process, but I’m still excited to be actually here and trying it. Me. I’m there. I’m trying to kill the ultimate bad guy……

    All the best to you and your guild. Race you!


  4. jaedia says:

    Congrats, you guys deserve it :)


  5. Alas says:

    Woo – congrats! I wish we were closer to achieving this goal than we are. Since we’re not, I’ll just latch onto some of the excitement here and live vicariously for a minute. Feels great!


  6. Delerius says:

    “That bitch is DEAD!”


    Ding! Dong! The bitch is dead! Which old bitch? The wicked bitch! Ding! Dong! the dragon bitch is DEEEEEEEAD!!”


    That song will be in my head for awhile now. So enjoy.

    Gratz all!


  7. koalabear21 says:


    I was alive when she died too! That fight is such a bitch for me as affliction. I get that stupid Instability every time she tosses it out at the raid. I hate this fight.

    I am very excited about being on the LK.

    I still have goosebumps from it!


  8. slice213 says:

    LK better bring me my presents!!! I have been a good belf!

    I was holding my breath on those last few percentages of Sindy’s health…..I think I started to see stars.


  9. Tebla says:


    LK is a fun fight. It took us probably 50 attempts total to down him in 25 man. I am pretty sure I will wear Kingslayer for a while.

    When I started raiding I was thrown innto Naxx 25 after it was pretty much on farm. The guild I was with then was not into doing all of the achievements, so I was always envious of the plagued proto’s I would see flying around. I joined my current guild while they were grinding ToGC 25 and got in on a first kill there (heroic twins). I have been in on every single first kill in ICC 25. I am having a blast and I don’t think anything else in this instance will make me scream as loud as I did when Arthas wiped the whole raid at 10% and we knew we had it. My wife and son were in the other room and he said ‘he got the LIch King’ and both came in and watched the cut scene with me.

    Yeah, I think I will wear it for a while.


    • Imoh says:

      Haha, I joined the guild I’m in for our first Twins kill in TOGC25 too, talk about being thrown in the deep end =P


    • Tebla says:

      Lol, yeah I was in T7/8 and had only done 7 bosses in Ulduar when they threw me in there for my first app run. We cleared the whole place, did a no zerg OS 3d 25 and a VoA 25 in like 3.5 hours. I was casting my ass off. It was a blast and it still is.

      Even though we are on our second night of wipes with Heroic Deathwhisper 25 and she is owning us so far :)


    • Imoh says:

      Yeah, deathwhisper is an absolute nightmare to learn for some reason, the fight doesn’t really change much, there is just very little room for error on a first kill.


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