Yes, I am that douchebag

But I’m that douchebag with the best guildies.

Ran a 25 VoA with mostly guildmates and a smattering of PuGs.

Nothing unusual there.


Reins of the Black War Mammoth dropped.


I’ve never, ever even seen them drop before.

We all start rolling.

And I have the epic roll of….



A freaking 9.

A guildmate rolls 11 times better than me and wins the reins with a 99.

Trade window opens.

Dude, are you sure?

The whole guild knew that I was a single mount away from the 100 mount achievement.

So after the raid broke, so as not to confuse the pugs, I popped that puppy.


Off to the mailbox.

Off to Krasus Landing.

And then, yes, off to the well in front of the north Dal bank.

Because, yes, I am that douchebag showing off my spiffy new flying mount in Dal.

Huge shout out to Sorak for making my 100 mount achievement possible!

And only 37 more mounts to go!


10 comments on “Yes, I am that douchebag

  1. Imoh says:


    Big grats, that dragonhawk is such a cool mount (the horde one anyway, looks silly in blue).


  2. rustbeard says:

    Arrrrgg… Rusty’s sitting at 82 mounts currently, and slowly working his way up to the magic number.

    Now that you’ve taken the BMW (Black Mammoth – War), I suppose my only recourse is to grab a Phoenix. Will someone mention to the appropriate party that the beatings will continue until the mount drops…


  3. smart001 says:

    Wow, congratulations. I have never seen that mount drop!!


  4. slice213 says:

    Woo~ grats boss!!!!

    I need to siu…but i am only at 33/50 for the albino drake.

    I bow down to your geek skill of collecting 100 mounts :P


  5. ambient says:

    Congrats!! I also hung out forever at “nearly almost there” (i.e. was at 97 and I all had to do was go to AQ40 and farm for bug mounts, but never could get around to it!).

    What do you mean by 37 though?


  6. theerivs says:

    Grats, and welcome to club Douchebag. We got cookies. :)


  7. chigatana says:

    That’s awesome. Gratz


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