Noobcake? Moi?

Apparently greeding on BoE greens in a heroic is a sign of being a noobcake.

I was informed of this by some random holy pally last night.

Never mind the fact that it’s an add on I use so I don’t even have to see the stupid pop up.

Or the fact that I’m a 460 enchanter. (So you know, the whole reason why he can even click DE in the first place is most likely because I’m there.)

After informing him of these facts the rest of the party told him he was the noobcake. He didn’t seem to be too impressed with our diagnosis and he left.

Oh well, instance was already done.

Now I want to know, what flavor noobcake am I?

20 comments on “Noobcake? Moi?

  1. I do it because I’m poor and can get more money out of a green (especially weapons & plate) than the DE’d mats.

    Up until we had more mats than we knew what to do with in our guildbank I always clicked the DE option when available, but now I’m in it for the goldz.


  2. telanarra says:



  3. Stop says:

    Strawberry. Delicious strawberry noobcake.


  4. Rurjaos says:

    You’re guilty of using your (or others) brain instead of neglecting any statistics and just doing what others do. If that’s not noobish… what else!?
    I dont use mine. just clickin’ the 2nd-rightmost button available. Going even further and invest 30c to send greens/blues to my ench to vaporize them.
    Almost nothing uncommon I find is vendored or sold to the AH. Everything finds a place at a friend or in the guildbank…maybe thats noobish to.


  5. Raven says:

    He should carry some salt with him so his foot doesn’t taste so bad next time. :p


  6. gravedust13 says:


    Well since I always have to play devil’s advocate, there are some greens that are valuable, if you’re on of the people who who like to list *Soldiers, *Champion, *Defense, etc on the AH for stupidly inflated prices and sit on them for weeks till they sell. *coughshameonyoucough*

    ..Or if you’re one of the people who buys them, despite being overpriced and with alternative gear available for free in every instance. *coughshameonyoualsocough*

    That being said:

    I’m not sure what in hell makes people get into other people’s business like that. Like it seriously ruins their day to have some person they don’t know, have never met, and will probably never see again hit D/E instead of Greed on a green, because it’s not what THEY would have done.You are CLEARLY a noob for not knowing psychically what their intent for your actions was!

    And HOW DARE YOU not listen to them and their sage wisdom, cleverly phrased as a insult! Everyone know the best way to get someone to listen to your superior advice is to piss them off!

    Eeeeh.. In all, just another excellent candidate for testing of my revolutionary new internet-based cockpunching device.


  7. gravedust13 says:

    Whoops. Reading comprehension failure. -_-

    Sometime between reading the OP, actually doing my job and coming back to respond w/o reading it again I got my facts mixed up and thought he was getting pissy because you DE’d instead of greeding.

    …I do still not like green scalpers, tho. >.>


  8. Tirael says:

    Filet Minon, Prime Rib, or New York strip


  9. Arvash says:

    Red Velvet


  10. jong says:

    Gonzo Grape


  11. D says:

    You’re a noobcake drenched with awesomesauce.


  12. rustbeard says:

    Devil’s Food Cake, I’d wager. As sweet as Angel Food, but with the dark twinge expected of mages.


  13. Wolfe says:

    As a mage? You are the flavour of Strudel. Simple as that


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