OK, I’m working on a response post to another post… but then got distracted by the fact that I had to spend today in the office.


So that post is still in draft form, terribly sorry, Del. But I want to give this a serious response so please bear with me while I suffer in the office.

I just know someone is going to get me sick again. /grumble

The other reason why that post isn’t done… is that I was back in ICC.

I did get this spiffy achievement:

But wait…

What’s this?

Other recent achievements include Heroic Gundrak and 250 SKS?


Yes, I got this achievement on my bloody fucking priest.

In order to get this achievement on my mage I’ll have to do some serious planning. Probably die right off the bat and pray they don’t wipe.

But Arioch did finally get this little gem of a random achievement:

Our smoothest 3D zerg yet. Somehow we even lived after Sarth died. Normally we kill him and get torn apart by one of the drakes coming down. We did get stuck in combat and had to zone out to cast portals, but one less repair bill is always nice.

We also have a new rule I implemented for rolling on the mount drop – you must have been present for 3 OS zergs with the guild to roll. We’ve had at least 2 drakes go out to people that haven’t stuck around to repay the favor and that doesn’t sit right with me.

OK, in the office today, hope I can work on my post for Del tonight.

And yes, I am WAY behind on my feed reader, sorry!


4 comments on “FML

  1. Tirael says:

    Holy new post, Batman. I told you, all you have to do is not get bitten (Read: Don’t dps for a few seconds or have Zug in there with us) and the achievement is all yours. Anyway, I need to do up a post over on the guild site about the new changes in our 25m raiding scene. Hope you don’t get too sick from the cubicle dwellers. :)


  2. slice213 says:

    Woo. A post…zomg!

    It was very smooth 3d OS that is,


  3. Delerius says:

    *tap tap* *tap tap*

    You went in to the office hoping not to get sick and I stay home from the office because I am sick :P

    I would rather a well-thought out post than a rushed one anyway, of course. Whenever you’re ready I will be happy to read it.


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