And now for something completely different

No, this is not the continuation post for Del’s non-meme meme thing.

Personal life is a little weirded out right now, and it’s affecting my ability to put down cognitive thought to paper (or blog).

So, just a quick update on my poor little priest.

Last night he got drug through ICC from start to well, end of raid time.

So for the first time, he got to see everything that happens BEFORE the BQL fight.

Thankfully we have an awesome druid healer on our Thursday night team (wave to everyone, Tattia!). I frequently felt like I wasn’t really needed there to heal, just, you know, look handsome standing around in my blond foxtail.

We duo-healed the lower spire, dropped Saurfang before there was even a mark.

One-shot Festergut (did have Slice swap from ret to holy to help heal that). Even one-shot Rotface with me panicking about dispelling diseases.

Had a couple people that weren’t experienced beyond this point.

Move up to Prof Putricide and down him in one go.

Blood Prince Council was 3 to get them.

BQL was 4.

VDW was 2. And I solo-healed the raid, go me!

At that point we were half hour past raid end, but it was worth it. A certain mohawk-sporting troll got a cloak and I am fully expecting to see a blog post celebrating this happy occasion.

Mag’hari Chieftains’ Staff is mine as well as the Cerise Coiled Ring off of the Princes and I collected the friendly-level Ashen Verdict ring.

Shuffled some badges around and got a neck and cloak upgrade back in Dal to replace some heroic dungeon blues.

My little gearscore is up to 4600+!

After the raid I ended up in Silvermoon.

Yes, I would like to learn more about this dual spec option you offer me. (I am now bi-specual, giggity.)

I learned a disc spec and stood around with Tir on his priest casting bubbles and practically squealing in delight when I saw how fast my AoE dispel magic casts now.

And Penance totally looks cool. Get two priests facing each other and casting it at the same time… very cool.

Casting Penance is similar to casting Prayer of Mending, it has this “I AM HITTING YOU WITH HEALS, BEEEYOTCH!!!!” effect to it, with the recipient looking like they are taking damage. Once you play DPS I guess you just keep looking for ways to hurt people. Even if they are your friends. Now come here and let me heal you. IN THE FACE!!!

Haven’t actually taken Disc out for a spin yet, I was just starting to get the hang of Holy, not sure how well I’ll be able to switch between them. I still have problems healing something and then switching to my mage and wanting to bubble people.

I’m still screaming a lot and stringing together curse words in rapid repetition, usually just “SHIT SHIT SHIT” or “FUCK FUCK FUCK” over and over again or this keening, pained noise that makes people in restaurants look at our table funny. But people aren’t dying (much) and I don’t think I’ve wiped a raid yet.

There’s always next week.


14 comments on “And now for something completely different

  1. Alas says:

    Congrats on getting the priesty through so much of ICC. I have to say this:

    “Casting Penance is similar to casting Prayer of Mending, it has this “I AM HITTING YOU WITH HEALS, BEEEYOTCH!!!!” effect to it, with the recipient looking like they are taking damage. Once you play DPS I guess you just keep looking for ways to hurt people. Even if they are your friends. Now come here and let me heal you. IN THE FACE!!!”

    totally makes me want to change from shadow to disc. I’m all about the violence.


  2. Nymesis says:

    Grats Dude on the upgrades. I’ve never even stepping inside ICC yet. Wish I could but guild drama (fell apart is more accurate) has kept me from venturing forth. Maybe one day.


    • Tirael says:

      You know…I hear there is this guild on Drak’Tharon Horde side that could use a few good players. Figured I get that in before she did…lol


  3. repgrind says:

    Penance is the sole reason I picked up my long-abandoned priest and have gotten him to Northrend. The proposed changes for cata have me very excited about the class as well.

    Grats on getting so far and doing so well! My 10 man team is having issues getting everyone on at the same time. Something about this ‘real life’ thing, whatever that is.


  4. Delerius says:

    Agreed, Penance is one of the coolest healing spells ever. I’m lovin’ it :)

    It’s hard to imagine that you are inflicting pain and punishment as a tree.. it’s more like I’m jumping around throwing candy at everyone. And hoping they die of a heart attack or something. Not quite the same effect.


  5. slice213 says:

    “my poor little priest.” o.o zomg lies! You are epic heals~!

    Holy to Disc aint too bad. Shield, shield, shield, shield some more, Penace when its up, PoM when its up, FH as needed.

    The gearing requirements are different from Holy. But you will get it down boss! I can retire my priest and move to the beach now!

    Spellpower > Int > Crit to a certain point/haste > Spirit/MP5 > Stamina (i guess)


  6. koalabear21 says:

    Druids are OP

    We know this, Blizzard knows this

    That is why my fail druid does so well :D

    You did great hun :) We only had 2 people die outside of wipes, and people who cannot move out of shadowflame even when they are fucking told to!

    Yeah sorry, the rage seeped through a bit there >.>

    Soon you will be moving from the crying and low moaning to full on healer rage.

    You too can make Tir bleed from the power of your voice alone ^_^b


  7. Raven says:

    This is a driveby commenting from an overly happy shaman about to dissappear from real life for a week.

    I didn’t read the post…or I did and forgot….maybe.

    Grats on…stuff.


  8. That’s cool. I have a 5200 GS on my resto shammy and my raid won’t let me heal. :( Might have something to do with being an experienced tank though.

    I don’t have an 80 Priest, but my wife does…and when I play her I definitely favor discipline over holy. Shields + Penance resonate with me for some reason.


  9. Vordan says:

    I went duel spec at 65 on my priest, and had my talents under holy main spec and shadow as offspec. I was healing these outland instances and I just went oom WAY too fast. I hated it. It was more like…”OMG which aoe spell should I use, oh shit the tank died”. I switched to disc and for pew pew penance even though I had actually never seen it before. I favour disc over holy, and like others say it probably has to do with the fact that I bubble and shoot a ‘ooh shiny’ holy lazer at people.


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