How did that happen?

My mage is my main.

My mage is my main.

I swear it.

So how does it happen that my priest ends up healing ICC 25 last night?

Normally, we have a plethora of resto shaman, but two of them mysteriously were not there last night.

The guild that we are partnering with for 25s now on Tuesday nights tends to be a little short on the heals.

So we were lacking heals.

We were not lacking DPS.

I… *shudder*

I… offered to come in and heal on my priest.

*sobs quietly in the corner*

On the whole, it wasn’t too terribly bad.

Saurfang went down after the second mark, which was a good thing as I was assigned to the third… and the new people didn’t seem to quite comprehend what we meant by, “you, with the mark! move into melee!”

Healing the puppies was a little nerve-wracking.

Weekly quest was the Rotface/Festergut goo.

Had some sort of issue on Festergut, I’ll take blame I guess since people died…

Got it on the second attempt.

Then one shot Rotface.

That one left me on the edge of tears. I don’t think we had but 7-8 people standing at the end. The dispel healers went down fairly early and I freaked out as I realized that I was the last of the healers alive that could dispel. Dying was NOT an option for me. Eeek.

Skipped the Professor and tackled Blood Princes.

And somehow, on our second attempt, killed them.

Back to Professor, gave it a good shot and then we had respawns so called the raid.

I ended up with a couple new pieces of gear, was even able to buy a frost trinket. Decided to shell out for the ICC-level craftable pants since I was now *gasp* actually raiding on the character.

Ultimately, I ended up with these after the raid:

That’s right, I’ve been healing ICC 10 and 25 without even the Superior achievement, lol.

Then, to top it off, I realized what a fail priest I was.

After the puppies, I switched from Holy to Disc.

I’m getting a little more used to it, chain bubbling is still a little awkward and I miss my Serendipity stacks.

Standing in Dal after the raid, I had the sudden insight that I had not cast Penance once from the time I switched to Disc until the raid ended.

Yes, a Disc priest that never cast their trade mark spell.

I am fail priest.

And to make it even better…

When I died at Professor Putricide, I was all put out that dying to a pool of slime (yes, on purpose) didn’t trigger the fail angel (spirit of redemption). I even said something about it in vent, immediately followed by something along the lines of, “damn I’m dumb.”

Stupidity aside, it was time to run some randoms since I need 50 more triumph to get another reasonable trinket.

Swapped some guild mates around and ran a few, netting me:

Oh, and the one for pugging with 10 people.

During the raid I also got the 100 raid emblems one.

There really isn’t anything for Arioch in the lower spire anymore except badges… but I don’t know what I would spend them on.

Need to find a way to bring in the priest for the lower spire and mage past that….

/starts plotting


25 comments on “How did that happen?

  1. Tirael says:

    That’s fine by me. We will just make one of their dps l2heal.


  2. gnomeaggedon says:

    You have a Mage now?


  3. slo says:

    I am travelling this week, but next, how bout I enhance in lower spire and heal after that?


  4. koalabear21 says:

    We took one for the team together m’dear :)

    And yes Tir take that however you wish ;-)


  5. Rurjaos says:

    I had something like that with my DK-project. Started long ago, abandoned @lvl70-something and continued to become an emblemwhore. But she was a very fun to play and a very lucky girl, getting almost everything she needed from heroics in her 1st run, pumping out decent numbers, killing elites in Icecrown because… Yes, she can!
    Getting THE trowsers from Tora25 started her rebirth as a raiding char, luck continued, giving her 2 axes from gunship + helmet + chest within only 2 runs to ICC, making her fight Sindragosa in ICC10.
    Now that I don’t need frost emblems anymore on my main, the former whore is a princess now.


  6. repgrind says:

    Oh god, I’ve been saying the same thing now for about a month.

    My main, you know, the mage? Yeah, he’s never downed Rotface in 25 man.

    And then there’s the DK, you know … the dude that fills in when they need someone for an alt run. The one that leveled JC just so my MAGE would have all the gems he ever needed .. yeah, that guy. He’s killed him FOUR times in 25 man … only twice in 10 man. He’s farther in 25 man progression than my mage. Oh, and this week, if he obtains Festergut’s Blood? yeah, he’ll be using the MAGE’S leftover frost emblems to purchase the Primordial Saronites he needs for Shadow’s Edge. >.<


  7. For the Pie says:

    You are the guild kitten herder…you do what ever the hell you want to do.

    Oh and I am pretty sure half your guild is skeered of you and the other half you beat up regularly anyway.

    So. Do. What. You. Want. To. Do.

    Oh and who let these dirty stinkin alliance folks in here?


  8. theerivs says:



  9. […] more and more to play my shadow priest, Lorethos. Apparently it’s not that uncommon: Arioch posted about playing Selwyn more, Slice has been favoring his pally over his priest, and other guildies […]


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