I’m tired

Not of WoW, just in real life.

In case you didn’t know, I actually write these posts the night before and then use the miracle of setting a publication date and time to make the words appear tomorrow.

So it’s like I’m talking to the future from the past, man. Or something. Yes, I will go to bed when I’m done with this post, I obviously need the sleep.

(This is what happens when I have to go into the office on raid days.)

Title of post aside, I am also hungry because I forgot to eat dinner again. (Remember, writing this post from the past, woooooo, Twilight Zone.)


That’s what happens when you have a kick-ass time in a raid.

Food is second fiddle to dropping bosses and having a good time.

It was our “normal” 10-man ICC night, not like “normal” can really be used to describe anyone in our raid groups…

But the healing comp was tight, me on fail priest (actually casting Penance! but forgetting to flask…) and Tel on his druid tree for all of the lower spire and the plague works. Add in resto shaman for all the “hard” stuff.

The awesome part of 2-healing this, versus the 3-healing we’ve done before when I’ve been in on my priest, is that I actually felt USEFUL.

My heals weren’t constantly being overwritten by god knows what other heals flying around from healers geared better than myself.

(Not that I can use the gear excuse for much longer… hit 5.4k GS last night.)

We 1-shot everything up to Professor Putricide. Stumbled for 1 attempt in P3 with a taunt snafu that made it too much for us to heal, but it was very, very close.

Got BPC on 2nd try.

BQL on 2nd try.

VDW 1-shot. Me on raid again. So much easier as disc than holy, imo.

Yes, I’m healing as disc…

Sindragosa was down to 9% on our 2nd attempt and then we had to call it for the evening.

Handful of randoms later, Tir has his purty red proto-drake (me next!).

So why am I healing as disc?


I want to kill the Lich King and get Kingslayer for the guild.

Our best chances probably involve moving some characters around.

DPS is fairly easy to come by, but getting a solid healing comp is tough. We’ve got a plethora of resto druids. Some nights.

Getting everything lined up is proving to be a pain again for progression. Time to take a step back and reform the raid.

Will post under the influence of more sleep next week.



9 comments on “I’m tired

  1. Telanarra says:

    I had a blast healing as my druid last night. Add to that the fact the You and I 2 healed Lower spire and Plague and it was awesome.


  2. theerivs says:

    Good luck, I hope you get the king, I think we got until October/November until Cataclysm hits.


  3. slice213 says:

    grats on the kills and the 5.4 GS XD


  4. koalabear21 says:

    See you didn’t need me :D


  5. tonedeath says:

    So many acronyms….my brain hurts


  6. Rurjaos says:

    Hum. “Next week” is history and the week after “next week” is also gone.
    Everything ok?


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