Wyn = Win

Yes, I know, I didn’t post yesterday.

That whole thing about posting under the influence of more sleep?

Yeah… ok, so I’m raiding just about every lock out on 2 characters now.

I can sleep when I’m dead, right?

Still pretty wiped out from the weekend, so here is some link love to a guildmate who is artistically talented and funny as fuck.

Check out Gravedust AKA Nelchalen and this absolutely wonderful pic he did of my poor little fail priest: http://gravedust13.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/for-the-wyn/

For the record, I have been keeping Inner Fire up (make sure you hover over the picture) and I’m actually remembering that Penance is on my bar. I’m even casting it from time to time.

Fail priest is up to 5600+ GS, with 2 piece T9 and a sexy Frost cloak as well as Solace.

Of course, got Solace *right* after I ground up the emblems to get the int trinket. And by *right* after, I mean soon enough after to be annoying but not soon enough to take the trinket back. /sigh

I’m enjoying healing, but I’m noting it’s very hard to switch back to DPS. I keep wanting to bubble people or make all the little green bars even. I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually…


2 comments on “Wyn = Win

  1. Tirael says:

    At least you don’t use the same class to do both…..lol.


  2. Lippie says:

    Ari Wake up!! :)

    I miss you!


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