Bad blogger is bad

Adding bad to the list with fail.

I really did not mean to let it go this long without an update… but I’m a bad blogger. See title.

OK, the long and the short of it.

I’m a technical writer by trade. Means I do a LOT of writing. Which is a good thing as I do genuinely enjoy writing.

But work has become a bear and shows no signs of letting up in the near future.

Take any activity you enjoy and make it uber stressful and frustrating and see how much time you want to do it when you’re not getting paid.

So, terribly sorry, but work is crushing my little soul. (For the sake of this post, please just accept that I do have a shred of soul remaining.)

On top of it, my personal life is in a… umm… erm… state of upheaval.

Yeah, that’s it.


Do not fret loyal readers!

(All 3 of you that I have left…)

I am still playing WoW, probably more than ever before.

I’m raiding 3-6 nights a week and racking up the gear on my priest.

I’ve been told I’m pretty cocky while playing him. It’s not really my fault. I mean, pair me with a holy pally to heal ToCr10 and watch me out heal the dude in raw heals – as disc. No, that wasn’t including absorbs.

Arioch finally has gotten all the teeth for his Venomsaur raptor. I have a screen shot around here somewhere… will post later. I also managed to get the BQL achievement I thought I would never see (thank you Mr. Raid Leader Tir Sir).

I’m looking at putting some more time in on my pally, need to hit 65 to open up the last level of inscription. I’ve also got a couple other toons that I’m exploring with, trying some new things, and having a blast.

My little hiatus here will continue, but I’ll try to be better about dropping a line every now and again until this beast of a project at work lets up and the shaft of sunlight breaks through into my cell.

9 comments on “Bad blogger is bad

  1. Delerius says:

    ZOMG what is this thing? This looks like… a post? Wow!

    “Take any activity you enjoy and make it uber stressful and frustrating and see how much time you want to do it when you’re not getting paid.”

    So true.

    Don’t ever blog because you “have to”. I find that when I “have to” play wow is when I need to take a step back. Blog because you enjoy it, and because we all enjoy reading it.


  2. koalabear21 says:

    That is the reason I just stopped making posts. It had gotten to where I felt like I “HAD” to post something Monday through Friday. I used to feel like I needed to put up a filler post apologizing for a lack of a post, but then I decided to say “fuck it” and just only put something when I had something to say.

    In other words – I missed you :D


  3. Telanarra says:



  4. Telanarra says:

    I think it ate my last comment :(

    so instead of the link i’ll just type it

    “And there was much rejoicing”


  5. slice213 says:

    woah a post!!

    /craves moar


  6. Raven says:

    WB….sorta. :-) Good luck with the project!


  7. Lippie says:

    Goddamned, do i only need to check you once a month now? :)


  8. Some Orc says:

    In 6 days…. every 2 months.


  9. smart001 says:


    pst arioch



    /dies a little inside


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