More Guild Perks

OK, last post I looked at the first 15 perks, now we’ll peek at the proposed last 10.

Perks 16 through 20:

Guild Mail – Instant transmission of crap through the mail between guildies. Woot! Mail without attachments has long seemed to be relatively fast and painless but this is a definite improvement. Sometimes it’s a little time consuming to get raid flasks from point A to B or materials for gear crafting – not everyone can be as cool as a mage. Of course, with the cooldown on the hearth to 15 minutes, this isn’t *quite* as cool as it could have been. Why couldn’t this be something that lets me mass-mail the guild with one click?

Everyone’s A Hero – Heroism points earned increased by 5%, 10% at level 24. Epic. This right here is probably the most impressive perk on the whole list. Badges/emblems are being done away with and replaced with Heroism points. As new tiers of gear are released, the previous stuff will get cheaper. This means a few things – first, no more taking forever to downgrade random badge types to get the lower items needed, like gems and heirloom items. Second, lower tier items will decrease in value, just like the PvP items do with honor, making more sense. I can downgrade 25 EoT to get Encircling Burnished Gold Chains (ilevel 200) or downgrade only 19 to get Evoker’s Charm (ilevel 226). I would hope that you could make up the 25 hit elsewhere.

I had heard some mumblings, presumably from the RP-corners of the world, that the move to “points” instead of badges/emblems was destroying the feel of the game, that accruing points instead of marks was somehow lessening the quality of the immersion. Because killing Marrowgar every week to pick up little badges that magically appeared in our inventory (and always just enough for everyone!) was somehow not stretching the realms of believability? No system will ever be perfect, but this one removes a lot of needless complication and I am all for that.

Happy Hour – Twice the flasks from a cauldron. So not only are they going to last twice as long but now we get 2 for 1? Sign me up for this. Again, just makes raiding a little cheaper.

Have Group, Will Travel – 2 hour cooldown to say “GET OVER HERE!” to your entire raid. (Yes, I am going to macro that shit.) So long as this is per person and not per guild, this will be very convenient, especially in light of phasing. “I’m at the stone. I can see your dot, but I can’t see you. Goddammit, can we get someone else out here?” By the time you’ve finally gotten two people that can see each other at the stone, you’ve got half your raid at the stone.

Perks 21 through 25:

Bountiful Bags – More crap from mining, skinning, herbalism, and disenchanting. More money! Seriously, this is a nice little perk, especially for a guild like mine that provides enchants and materials for upgrades whenever possible.

Bartering – Vendor costs reduced by 5%. Nice and sweet, certainly not a deal breaker and I’m wondering why this one is so deep in the perks.

Mass Resurrection – Rez entire raid out of combat. This is cool, except for 1 thing – it takes 64% of the caster’s base mana. Which means that it requires a living raid member to use. AND the use of “mana” makes me think that only mana-based classes will be able to use it, so sorry warriors, DKs, hunters (remember you get focus in Cata), and rogues. So if it’s a true wipe, where everyone dies, you still have to wait for some poor slob to run back. And if one person is running back, might as well be everyone. If someone does manage to live, it best be someone with mana. If it really does turn out to just be mana-using classes, regardless of their normal ability or lack thereof to rez, I’m looking forward to being the mage that brings the raid back to life. So much power! /muahahahahahaha

A lot of the changes seem to be directed at removing the grindy or farmy feel of raiding. People can partake in the activities they enjoy without worrying so much about grinding up mats or getting coin.

One oddity is that they were talking at BlizzCon how larger guilds would not really have an advantage over the smaller guilds, that only the top 20 or so contributors would be used for determining how fast the guild can level. So a large guild and a small guild may LEVEL at the same rate, but I don’t see how perks such as Cash Flow and Bountiful Bags can be limited in a similar fashion. Larger guilds will have more opportunities for more cash and mats.

Perks like Cash Flow will also require that guild members can trust their leaders. Unless there are major changes to the guild interface to limit how funds deposited and removed work, a perk like this could easily be abused. Just like ninjas are called out in trade, I would expect that guilds operating with less than honorable rules in regards to perks will find themselves the center of much unwanted attention and find themselves with very lean rosters.

All in all, I think that guild perks will be a nice addition to the game.

I don’t see anything in there that will radically change the way raiding works. Well-run guilds with helpful members will still function as they have before, just a little cheaper and smoother. Crummy guilds with ninjas will still have ninja issues, possibly even worse. If you were doing well before, you will continue to do well. If everything sucked, this isn’t going to fix anything. Kind of like gear…


6 comments on “More Guild Perks

  1. Delerius says:

    “I’m looking forward to being the mage that brings the raid back to life.”

    But you can already do this on your main…


  2. Schlechter says:

    ” reduces prices of items from vendors ”

    Gear is bought from vendors is it not ? if it lowers gear cost then that would be why its so low


  3. Jong says:

    Happy Birthday! I know, it’s kinda late. Hope it was wonderful.


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