New and Improved

So Initri has “died” and been resurrected as Kaayn 2.0.

I’m back to raiding on him, 10s and 25s in ICC.

Yep, 3 toons. I am a glutton for punishment.

Tir, the raid leader for SR, had me respec to Unholy from Blood and put me through my paces at the training dummy.

ZOMG, blood had such a smoother rotation to me.

I know that Tir vastly outgears me so I couldn’t hope to meet his numbers, but the numbers I was posting seemed really lackluster.

I got *really* frustrated with my damage on the dummy and was about ready to spec back to blood, but there are benefits to having your DPS mentor in the same room.

Tir took over the keyboard and ran through the rotation on Kaayn, with DPS only about 100 more than mine.

Reassured that I was on the right track, I threw myself back into the rotation and was able to get it up to about 600 above what Tir was doing when everything aligned properly.

Hearth back to Dal and head off to Silvermoon to do some shopping. Take the portal, run out to the street, mount up – completely expecting to be on my Acherus Deathcharger.



Why the hell do I have a hot PINK HAWKSTRIDER?!?!?!?!

Oh yeah.

When I was a night elf, I got the newest buff-colored kitty to ride on. Apparently that translates to a pink chocobo.

My surprise and shame was cut short as Tir puts together an impromptu 10 man ICC to get me some practical experience.

We pulled in some pugs and off we went!

With me protesting and squealing the entire time.

At the time of entry I had a GS under 5k. His first time in ICC I was rocking something like a 3500 GS.

I had been in ICC before as a night elf DK, this was to be Kaayn’s first time in. I had 2 Marrowgar kills, 2 Lady Deathwhisper kills, 2 Lootship victories, and 1 Saurfang kill under my belt. All back in March. Sheesh, this guy was collecting dust.

That night with the pug we cleared through the Lower Spire, including Heroic Lootship, Festergut, Rotface, the Princes, and 2 attempts at BQL before people had to go.

First time in was about 3k DPS, second time was almost 4, and this time was over 6k overall with a couple fights at 8k. I’ve got a 30% pity buff, some fresh craftable gear, and a shiny new spec to thank for the increase. Oh, and an hour or so at the training dummy.

The best moment was probably on BPC when I went to send my ghoul after a kinetic orb and realized the bugger had died.

My ghoul, not the orb.


It was my first time raiding with a pet and the exact reason why I avoid pet classes. I don’t pay attention to them.

Thankfully he doesn’t need to be fed, or he would die. Except he’s already dead. I could somehow kill a ghoul through neglect, I’m sure of it.

However, when I’ve died, I am practically neurotic about getting the ghoul back up so he’s available for buffs.

I left ICC that night with the Honored Ashen Verdict ring, heroic boots from lootship, and a chest off Saurfang. My PR would have taken a pretty hefty dump with the boots and chest, but it was a non-sanctioned guild run with pugs, so free loot!

At the start of the next raiding week, I signed up for our 25-man run on Kaayn.

Tir knows I’ll bring whichever toon he needs, but I was promised the bloods this week so I can get the spiffy Shadow’s Edge.

We got the guild’s first Professor Putricide 25 kill, and it was somehow a one-shot. We passed Blood Wing and wandered over to VDW to smash our heads against the wall for a bit.

Chains of Ice needs a longer range or VDW’s room needs to be a fuck of a lot smaller. kkthxbai

After the night of 25, I had enough badges and a token to grab my T10 shoulders and immediately upgrade them to 264. Still having some hit issues (just a tad over, getting Shadow’s Edge will send me scrambling for hit) but my expertise is just about right and my strength is increasing nicely. I also picked up a set of bracers off lootship.

Just as a future point of reference for myself… according to WoW Heroes, prior to obtaining Shadow’s Edge… Selwyn is ranked 10th geared in the guild, Arioch at 11th (because I’m using a lower-level ring to keep my haste where I want it), and Kaayn is waaaaaay down at 64th geared toon in the guild.

Was having trouble logging in the other night so couldn’t gather my Primordial Saronites before the continuation of the 25-man raid. We took a break from VDW and killed the Princes. After all the log in issues, we only had time for a few attempts on BQL.


Run together.


Run away.


GTF away from each other.

It’s really not hard.


We hit the enrage timer in one attempt and the attempt after that we were doing great until the 8-bite was supposed to happen and all hell broke loose with half a dozen mind controlled vampires destroying the raid. (For the record, I successfully found a target and did not get MCed.)

Being new to the fights as melee, it’s pretty cool to hear my name called out in the bite rotation. I generally expect to get bitten as Arioch and I know I’m a last resort on Selwyn, but as a new toon, it’s nice to be performing well enough to rank that buff.

I still have some snags in my rotation and am still working out the kinks in my “where the hell is the back of the mob and which one is the tank targeting in that trash pack and what do you mean I’m too far away and how the hell did my diseases drop off” issues. But overall, I think I’m getting the hang of it and I’m even able to provide some utility in fights.

Maybe someday I’ll keep an eye on my ghoul.


4 comments on “New and Improved

  1. zarigar says:

    …and poor Arioch gets pushed further down the alt list…


  2. Forreststump says:

    “ZOMG, blood had such a smoother rotation to me.”



  3. Jess says:


    Run together.


    Run away.


    GTF away from each other.

    It’s really not hard.


    You know, if my raidleader had actually explained it to me this easily the first in there on my priest — then maybe I wouldn’t have killed myself with the purple fire of death OR killed my boyfriend in the bloodbolt whirl of death after a battlerez… ergo killing the only tank healer in the raid. >.<


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