Have bloods, will DPS

OK, so Kaayn got the bloods off Rotface and Festernuts on ICC 25.

Ran around collecting 25 primordial saronites.

Ran out to BFE Dragonblight and wildly flailed about through the RP/combat to get Light’s Vengeance.

Popped back in to ICC to pick up my purty Shadow’s Edge.

I luvs it and hugs it and calls it George.

And then…



Kaayn has been benched again in favor of needing heals or ranged DPS.

So he’s standing around, Shadow’s Edge ready to go with a sharp, shadowy edge, glittering with gems, and infernal runic power emanating from it… and nothing to kill.

He feels a bit like a prom date that got dumped on his girlfriend’s door step, corsage in hand.


I’m a bit short on hit, but have a wish list of gear a mile long to make up for it.

Even have my bags stocked with enchanting mats to get my stuff sparkly as soon as it drops.

But it doesn’t do him any good if he’s just lounging in Dalaran.

So in the raid where I got my bloods, we had a pally.

That rolled on a 2-handed DPS weapon.

Wait, didn’t you get the bloods a few weeks ago?


Where’s your Shadow’s Edge?

Haven’t gotten around to getting it.

Oh. So you’re going to roll against someone who doesn’t have the bloods (and won’t be getting them for a few weeks) on a weapon that you could replace if you would quit being lazy and get one of your best ranked weapons?


(I am happy to report that with a little nudging the pally did give the weapon to the other DPS. Whether or not he’s gotten off his ass to get Shadow’s Edge… I have no clue yet. But at least the weapon isn’t in danger of being replaced so easily.)

We use EPGP as our loot system.

It does a pretty good job of making sure that no one gets left out for loot, that the most loot goes to the people that participate the most.

This is good and what we want to encourage.

You want loot?

Show up more than once every other month and you’ll have a shot at winning it.

Or, show up so infrequently that everyone else already has the piece and you were the last stop before it becomes a shard.

Either way, the people that participate a lot get first dibs on the loot.

EPGP also comes with a barrier in place so people can’t roll on gear their character cannot equip. So my clothies can’t roll on those awesome plate pieces no matter how much I demand the right to roll on them for an RP set. (I want to be a real battle mage, dammit.)

What EPGP does NOT come with is a common sense checker.

We had a shaman rolling on spirit gear. Over a priest.

I think a healer rolled mainspec on hit gear. Over caster DPS.

A hunter rolled on expertise. Over a melee class.

And this shit happens every week.

Loot mantras:

If it’s just “good” for you, chances are it’s BiS for someone else.

If the piece is just “marginal” for you, chances are it’s a phenomenal upgrade for someone else.

In a PuG, get the loot you can and run with it.

In a guild run, look at your raid. Look at the future of the raid.

Don’t look at your “competition.” They aren’t PuGs.

These are the people you hope to be running with week after week.

Look at the other characters that are helping make success possible.

Ask yourself if the guild would be better served by the item going to another member.

If you don’t know, ask. Most officers and raid leaders in a guild should be fairly educated in loot distribution. If they aren’t they can ask around to find the answer.

My favorite is when people roll on and win really nice pieces and then announce the next day that they are going to stop playing for a while. They’ll come back when they feel like it.

They might as well have just sharded the item in front of the other people that rolled against them. The people that will show up week after week trying for that same drop.

I don’t really have a tidy end to this post.

One of my officers posted a piece on the guild site about loot etiquette and knowing what is good for your class/spec.

The people that frequent the guild site and read it already know.

The people that need to know it the most can’t be bothered to do any research outside the game, including accessing our guild site where we have useful resources regarding classes and encounters.

Things are going to shake up in SR over the next couple of weeks.

We’re sitting at 12/12 ICC 10, 9/12 ICC 10 Heroic, and 8/12 ICC 25.

We haven’t set foot in Ruby Sanctum yet as a guild (I haven’t been at all yet).

We’re losing some people to school and getting some back from the summer. (How does that work?)

We have some very dedicated and skilled people that want to make progress. They ambit it.

We have some not so dedicated and/or not so skilled people that want to show up and be handed phat lootz.

I’m in the process of weeding out some of the lesser dedicated.

We’re making a concerted effort to work with the lesser skilled.

But ultimately, I will not ask the competent people in the guild to carry the rest to victory.

Being a raider should mean more than just hitting level 80.

It’s about team work and respect for your fellow raiders.

And it’s about time we started expecting that from our raiders.


6 comments on “Have bloods, will DPS

  1. Jong says:

    I think I’m gonna apply to Shadow Rising with my awesome alt.


  2. Jaedia says:

    That started out with me being oh so jealous of your DK’s shiny shiny axe. (I’m rocking the Pit of Saron normal mace, and look like I’ve just stumbled out of Naxx into a T9 bargain bin – OOHYEAH! Drooling over the 10 man Marrowgar 2h sword at the moment.) It ended with me /cheering. Selfish people are annoying. Sure it’s nice to get gear, but there’s the whole thing of etiquette, I think some people forget that they’re dealing with people.


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