The Lich King is talking to me!

The Lich King is talking to me!

I expect at least one other person is hearing Dennis Leary say that line.

Kaayn finally got to run a 10 man ICC and listen to the tempting whispers of the Lich King.

I really think what with this being an RPG and all we should have an option to rejoin Arthas.

I also think we should have that option in the DK starting area. I want to turn XP off and just slaughter innocent peasants for a few hours.

It feels good to laugh that much.

Anywho, before I get carted off as a blood thirsty loony…

It was a pug run so I didn’t get a parse on it.

I’m *pretty* sure my DPS was up when I wasn’t busy being distracted and squealing about the Lich King’s pillow talk.

Got 100+ souls closer to my goal of being on the verge of obtaining the next step and sitting on Shadow’s Edge for the rest of eternity.

We have yet to be able to support our raiders that have Shadow’s Edge in being able to get their infusions of plague, blood, and frost. But we have a promising sort of alliance with another guild that needs some help in their 25s and I think 2-3 of our people may be able to sneak in to get infusions – once everyone else in the primary guild has theirs.

Got a few new nifty pieces of gear, such as my T-10 gloves. Got my hit issue taken care of. Got an Agi/Sta neck that I’m not too proud of, but it helped my hit and no one else was interested. Got the Revered ring, Whispering Fanged Skull, and a belt. All in all, a pretty damn good haul for a pug run.

Sometimes there are benefits to being one of the worst geared people in a raid.

Actually got to pull Arioch in to a raid again.

It was an “alt” run for the guild, but my other toons were saved and at least Arioch can turn on heroics.

(Arioch is my MAIN, goddamit!)

We actually wiped on heroic lootship once.

Amazing what happens when people don’t kill the correct adds and the Sergeants end up eating your “home ship” tank for lunch.

After getting that sorted out, the ship went down without a hitch.

Except it looked like we needed to jump over one more time for the below-zero mage.

So the “away team” tank and I jumped.

And the Alliance ship pulled away.

And we couldn’t jump back in time.


*casts portal to Dalaran*

What could have been disaster turned into an opportunity to pick up a few things from the bank and hit the AH for a raid member to gem a new piece of gear.

We spent some time on heroic Rotface…

and then spent some time on normal Rotface…

and then called the raid.

If you can’t do your GS in damage with a 30% buff, there is probably something wrong with what you’re doing.

Total tangent: I make someone vomit through Twitter.


Tonight marks the first night of only inviting our Core Raiders to raids.

I even changed the ranks around to have a Raider Core and Raider Initiate.

For the next week, only Raider Cores get invites.

When I have a second raid leader (hint hint I know some of you read this blog), we’ll start the alt runs back up and extend invites to Raider Initiates at that time.

Pretty sure we won’t be able to run a 25 this week.

Should be able to get two heroic groups going for 10 man, just on different nights.


This means I’m back to pugging 25s.

4 comments on “The Lich King is talking to me!

  1. slice213 says:

    Total tangent: I make someone vomit through Twitter.


    LMAO. win!


  2. zarigar says:

    When is he going to learn to tank so you get the trifecta of roles down? (Or, as trade chat calls it, “rolls”.)


  3. telanarra says:

    yeah but capital L, little i, little t, little c, little h, BIG FUCKING K just doesn’t have the same ring.


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