WoW. Just WoW.

So after my rather tearful decision being made, leadership transferred over, goodbye post left on the forums, and characters invited to my new home I spent part of the day going through some old blog posts of mine.

I told you this was like a journal for me.

I was reading about how happy I was to be breaking 2k in VoA, how much my first guild struggled in freaking heroics.

I had actually forgotten about how challenging those heroics were way back in the day.

Posts about entering Naxx and being nervous as hell.

Posts about entering Ulduar and being nervous as hell.

Posts about the good times.

Posts about how fucking frustrated I got.

My new guild fields 2 25-man raids a week. The main run is Tuesday through Thursday and the alt run is Monday before the reset.

As a new recruit, even one with a previous standing with the GM, I wasn’t expecting to be invited to any thing prior to the alt run on Monday.

Tir logs on and chats with the GM.

So, ready to raid tonight? They want us in the continuation of the 25 man ICC. Putricide, Valitheria,  Sindragosa, and LK up.

Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhherrrrrr………….. OK? I guess I can do this…

Arioch was brought in as my main character, but it’s understood that Selwyn will be my primary raiding toon, at their request. Arioch will have to scrape by in alt runs and the 10-mans. So I log on to Selwyn.

Tir hands me dinner and I can barely eat.

There’s so much to do!

They wanted me as a holy priest with a modification to my spec, so I needed to fix that.

Needed to get my consumables.

Needed to get my reagents.

Needed to remember to breathe.

My stomach is turning, just like old times when I was so insecure about my performance.

I still am, but not to the same degree I once was.

I join the healer channel.

(zomg they have class/role leads and channels for them)

Invites go out.

So-and-so would like to summon you to the Ruby Sanctum. Accept?


But… but…

I haven’t read anything on that fight yet!

SR wasn’t ready to head in to RS without it being a hair-pulling frustration festival. To avoid teasing myself and feeling even worse about the situation, I just had acted as if RS didn’t exist.

I knew I might see it on Monday in the alt run, but I had all weekend to study.

But now, I’m getting tossed right in to the fire.

As holy.

Which I haven’t raided on in AGES.

I’m very honest in the healer channel about how long it’s been since I’ve been holy and the fact that I have no clue what I’m about to step in to.

No problem, just go disc and we’ll tell you every thing you need to know.

A certain rogue was really fond of getting cleaved, but other than that…

People were there on time.

People knew what to do.

Vent was clear except for important things being called out.

The heal lead pulled me in to a separate vent channel just before Halion and gave me the quick run down.

And go.

We 5 healed it, where before I believe they were 6 healing.

Twilight Cutter really didn’t seem all that scary.

For phase 3 I was on the outside, paired with a tree.

No deaths.

Loot was handed out via Loot Council and we flew to ICC.

Heroic VDW.

A few deaths on Sindy while resetting the encounter.

1-shot 25 Sindragosa.

Two priest tokens dropped.

Only one other person rolled with me. We each got a token.

A non-tank DK was getting their infusion of Putricide. We got a little overwhelmed with ooze puddles his first attempt.

Wipe was called and we all dutifully died by the door.

Second time, we had to call DPS off the boss before the first unstable experiment we were so close to tipping him over. DPS had to slow down to give the abomb enough time to get his energy for the infusion.

Infusion was a success and Putricide 25 went down.

Another priest token.

Same people rolling.

Since I had fewer token pieces, it was awarded to me.

Trundle off to the Lich King.

Holy fuck.

Do we need to explain the fight to Tir/Sel?

Naw, they’ve done it on 10.

So I’m on bubble bitch duty, correct?


Can do.

We 5 healed Lich King. I think all their previous kills have been with 6.

Not a single person fucked up defile.

Not a single person fucked up Valks.

Arthas hits 10% and wipes the raid.

(Sorry for the spoiler if you didn’t know that.)

Raid chat and vent explodes, it’s the new priests fault, didn’t heal us up and wiped us!

Yup, I suck.

Apparently they’ve gotten people with that one before.

This means that Selwyn is now way further progressed than Arioch.



And guess what dropped?

Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas.

And guess who got it?

That’s right, no one else even rolled on it.

So now Selwyn has the 25-man caster staff from LK and Arioch has the dagger from 10.

Both have Kingslayer.

Just to show you how crazy the night was:

I was popping off achievements left and right.

I had a blast.

Guild chat and raid and even the healer channel was full of friendly joking, but when the pull happened, people got to work.

It was everything I remembered about our best raids in SR when every thing clicked back when we ran with the same 10 people every week.

And here I was, the new kid on the block, getting that in a 25-man.

There was no questioning authority.

No whining about loot.

No one quibbling about assignments, and assignments were very specific.

Heroic VDW and not a single fucking frostbolt went off. People assigned to interrupt did it.

The raid ran like a well oiled machine and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Might be heading in to ICC 10 tonight for hard modes – practice for 25 heroics!


6 comments on “WoW. Just WoW.

  1. telanarra says:

    woot, yayy, (insert uplifting cheering noise here), I am glad you had a great time in the raid with your new guildies :)


  2. Jong says:

    I’m glad you guys are settling in nice at new home and having fun. I guess mage will only run on Mondays now?


    • Tirael says:

      Yeah, DH needed a regularly raiding priest healer (holy or disc) so Selwyn is getting all the action right now. It was nice to see her (and myself) happy while raiding instead of frustrated to the point of not wanting to play.


  3. Kaethir says:

    Gratz and nice job!


  4. repgrind says:

    Holy crap … congrats! I guess I’m behind on my reading, I didn’t even know you were moving. I’ve considered it before … all the 25 man Kingslayer guilds are recruiting right now … but … nah. I know I could do it, but I also know in my heart that it’s not the right move for me. Good luck in roics! :D


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