How to…

feel useless.

(I’m sure this blog title is going to earn me lot’s of spam, yay.)

Playing my priest, because that’s what I get to raid on.

Focusing on Heroic Sindragosa 25.

Unchained Magic hits 5 people at a time.

In Heroic, you also asplode and do AoE damage if you get any stacks of Instability.

So you have to run to the side, wait for your happy little self to asplode, and run back to the group.

And stand there.

Because if you cast, you will asplode.

And if you asplode in the raid it is bad.

Very bad.

I seem to be an Unchained Magic Magnet.

So I run to the side.

I asplode.

(Because I always seem to have a heal in the works when I get hit.)

I run back to the group.

And stand there.

Watching health bars slowly (or quickly) slide to the right.

Fingers twitching.

Must… cast… heal…


Must not asplode in raid!

But… people dying…

No asplode!

The closest I’ve ever felt to this was stumbling across arcane-resistant mobs in Netherstorm.

Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast… why is it still alive? ZOMG FUCK ME IT’S IMMUNE TO ARCANE!

And then the arm flailing commences.

And the swearing continues.

That situation makes me mad.

Mad is OK.

I can always switch to another school of magic.


I can do *something*.

But with Unchained Magic, I can’t even cast off-school.


I might get A tick, as in a singular tick, off on someone before the rampant AoE nixes that.

So I stand there.


The feeling ranks right up there with being the first person to die in an encounter.

Had to commit suicide in one of the Sindragosa attempts.

(Bet that line gets me some spam too.)

Hit with Unchained Magic.

Run to the side.


Run back to the group.

Stand there.

Air phase.

Frost Beacons are out.

Bubble. Bubble. Bubble. Bubble. Bubble. Bubble.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

My Unchained Magic hadn’t fallen off yet.

I now have plenty of stacks of Instability.

Must. Not. Asplode. In. Raid.

Run to the side.

It was close, if the Frost Bomb hadn’t killed me, the Backlash from the Instability sure as hell would have.

And the people around me.

After that I decided that my buff bar and buff counter were not adequate tools for tracking Unchained Magic. At least not adequate enough to overcome the compulsive need to bubble people prior to being entombed in ice.

Thanks to IceHUD I now have a bright red bar right next to my character counting down the seconds until I can stop feeling useless.

Query to my readers.

Air phase on Sindragosa 25.

One line of tombs or two?

Does it change if doing regular versus heroic?

7 comments on “How to…

  1. Soph says:

    oh I feel you PAIN!
    I always get it with something cast as well, so I run away, go boom, and run back.
    And there are some attempts where you just get it over and over again.
    We got her to 19% last night, so we’re slowly working on it but it isn’t easy.
    Some notable things from our good attempts included:
    1. when you run out from blistering cold, ONLY run out to your one-spot that the healers and DPS are using. You don’t actually need to run that far, and you save valuable healing time by shortening the amount of time you can’t heal/cast.
    2. two rows of tombs. We use the same marks in the same place and I’m pretty sure almost all of us have it pinned to our monitors on a post it. In fact, I could recite it now. We use a pattern of
    cross skull moon – on the bottom step

    triangle (diamond) square – halfway up

    Diamond is only present during heroic mode.
    3. During phase 3, the dragon moves simultaneously (when it works) with the ice blocks. The first ice block is at her head – we one spot near the back end of her body – we then run en masse to behind the ice block. Melee damage the ice blocks, ranged focus on the boss. The second ice block person runs back to her rear end, the second tank taunts, the first tank can run behind the ice block.
    I realise that may not sound like it makes sense but it kinda does!

    Good luck with the kill!!


  2. Strum says:

    My guild does a single row for both heroic and regular. 3 pairs of tombs (left, right, middle) at the bottom of the stairs; middle only has 1 tomb on regular. The members of a pair don’t stack but do overlap so each tomb can be targeted separately. The tombed people take a little more damage at the start since they overlap with another person, but we’ve found the additional space and better sightlines a good tradeoff.


  3. Tebla says:

    We do three stacks of two tombs in a triangle formation. The double stacks make it easier to AoE down both at the same time. Your DPS has to be on the ball, though and know when to lay off for a sec.

    For phase three we use Soph’s method of making Sindy’s head switch.

    You can actually see a pic of my UI, when we used AVR of the placements on our guild site: It is a news post about 4 down, and represents on of the last wipes before our first kill. She had 20k left when we all died.

    We one shot her the other night and our players are getting much better with it. The key to downing her was/is communication from the healers. We ran, I think, 9 healers for the first kill. We run less now, but it only works when our healers say when they have to drop Mystic Buffet or if they have Unchained. When they stop talking, we wipe a few times.


  4. Trebuchet says:

    We use a single line of 6 tombs, its just how we’ve always done it. We have downed her but don’t have it on farm just yet. Its always someone with unchained magic blowing up the raid. Such a simple fight, but like Defile it only takes 1 person…

    Re: Feeling useless….wand :-)


  5. slice213 says:

    air phase

    6 blocks which now have a metic ton of HP now for heroic.

    Ice bombs will basically one shot ya as well. so watch how they are taken down.

    good luck!!


  6. Imoh says:

    One line of tombs, it’s just easier.


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