Oh Shit…..


Why Everyone Should Move for Shadow Trap.

My job has reared its ugly head and I’ve been doing 70+ hour work weeks for a couple weeks now.

I have a slight moment to breathe and I’m sharing it with you.

Feel special, dammit.

Having a really good time in my new guild, even though I hardly ever get to play on my mage.

Poor Arioch has been shouldered aside in favor of Selwyn’s capacity for healing.

If you hear of a mage laying siege to Blizzard headquarters and demanding a Mage-Priest talent tree be added, well, you know who that is.

We’re currently working on the 10-man Heroic Lich King fight.


Head over to TankSpot to watch the video if you haven’t already: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?66297-Icecrown-Lich-King-Hard

There are fun new mechanics in each phase.

We’re regularly making it through phase 1 now and are even focusing on being able to 2-heal the fight.

Phase 1’s spiffy new ability is called Shadow Trap and it works sort of like Defile.

You get targeted and wherever you were at that moment in time, a Shadow Trap will spawn.

If you are stupid enough to not move out of the bad, you get flung off the platform. If someone is standing close to you, it just might fling them around as well.

(Seriously, I think the devs were just trying to find more ways to get people to go over the edge in this encounter.)

So the idea is that you get everyone in 3 groups at the bottom of the stairs. We have the main tank with LK and the melee on the right side (as you look up at Arthas), the OT with Shambling Horrors and ghouls in the middle, and the ranged/healers on the left. Pretty much exactly like in the TankSpot video.

Regardless of which group gets the Shadow Trap, each group should scoot forward towards where you zone in at. This keeps the groups roughly even to avoid ranging issues. (Note that it is beneficial to have the OT keep the horrors slightly more forward so people can drop the plague off behind him.)

Failure to keep the groups sliding forward together makes a huge mess where some people are too far away from the platform edge for the transition (ouch), the raid ends up in front of a Horror (ouch), or the healers can’t hit their targets (ouch).

So it was late Sunday night.

We’ve gone through 14 or 15 attempts.

A few of us are exhausted but we’re plugging away.

One raid member calls out the timer for the Shadow Traps and we all scoot to the side.

Until the first Shadow Trap spawned on this ill-fated attempt…

“Shadow Trap on Cody…” (Cody was the off tank in the middle)

And no one in the ranged group moved, like flock instinct kicked in and we just stayed glued.

Theoretically, it shouldn’t matter, we want the OT to be slightly ahead, if we don’t scoot this once he’ll be in perfect position.

But, what is this black, swirly, glowy, sparkly thing in our midst?

The realization of what was about to happen dawned on us all at the same time.

“… in the middle of the ranged group.”

A chorus of “Oh shit…” could be heard, even from those that didn’t key in.

Somehow, the Shadow Trap that targeted the off tank landed in our ranged group, sending us all flying, and delivering a very potent message.

Everyone moves for Shadow Trap.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my work pile is growing like Defile with the raid standing in it.


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