This time, it’s going to be different

With patch 4.0.whatever dropping we are that much closer to saying goodbye to the world of Azeroth as we know it.

A lot of people are getting nostalgic in light of the upcoming Cataclysm (cwatididthar?) and I’m really no different.

I may not have memories of late nights in MC with drunken tanks or original Kara or the opening of AQ or anything like that, but I have been playing for a while now. Just before IQD opened up, if anyone has those dates memorized. I could look it up but I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m lazy. Besides, this gives someone an opportunity to show off how much of a geek they really are by rattling that date off.

My first year was spent bumbling around Alliance-side. I was an embarrassment to warriors everywhere, I’m certain of it. I think I broke 100 DPS around the time I was hitting my 40s.

Then came the decision to reroll Horde and run a dedicated guild with some friends and family.

Suddenly, my outlook on the game changed.

Through a friend playing a fellow mage (and he’s now in semi-retirement from WoW), I realized that there was a huge span of capability in the game. The difference between where I was and where I could be was huge.

And that mattered to me.

I started poking around and reading forums. Started reading a few blogs.

Was still far too shy to get in to that whole “raiding” thing that the cool kids were doing, but I was holding my own in guild heroics.

I did no raiding pre-Wrath.

By the time I was level-capped everything was on farm. The casual raiding environment where people might be willing to drag some scrub newb raider through hadn’t developed yet. And for whatever reason, I’ve never developed the sense of entitlement that became prevalent and tried to demand my way in to raids.

So when Wrath hit, I was very new to the raiding scene. No way in hell my guild was ever going to be capable of scratching together a functional raid.

So we merged with another guild.

We did very well for a long time.

But as I grew as a player, I wanted more out of my raiding experience. This led to me recently leaving my guild and joining a more progression-minded one.

So when Cataclysm is installed and patched, I will be logging in to an environment where I will be expected to get my ass to 85 so I can heal those new raids.

Yeah, I know. Arioch is my main.

But DPS is a dime a dozen, and healing is what I said I would do for this guild.

I don’t really mind. I’ll blitz to 85 on the priest, fucking up left and right all the way there.

Then I can relax and enjoy the story, follow the quest lines, and chase the butterflies on my mage.

Somewhere in there, I’ll level my DK just to keep my farming up.

So what’s going to be the difference?

First is my awareness.

I’ve been doing a lot more lurking in forums, reading blogs, following Twitter, etc. to keep up to date on general changes. When Wrath hit, I didn’t really have anything to compare to so being told that X was changing into Y really didn’t mean much when I didn’t grok what X was in the first place. (In a way, Cata will be like my first expansion since I was still so fresh when Wrath came out.)

This also means that I have more of a “right” to bitch or celebrate changes. Maybe if life calms down enough (yeah right) I can get back to doing more of that here.

Second is my focus.

Raiding will obviously be a prime focus, but with so many things going away with Cataclysm, it’s going to remind me to quit procrastinating on things.

Well, a lot of it wasn’t really procrastination. It took a lot of time to lead a guild, and when it got to not be fun anymore I will admit I avoided logging on. I missed out on a lot of play time because I didn’t want to play. The last couple months have also just been really bad with my work schedule and before that was that stupid real life thing getting involved.

So in the next few weeks I’m going to try and scrape up what achievements I’m missing that I want to get before Cata. After Cata, I’m not going to continue the mindset of, “it will be there next week.” I won’t kill myself to get something, but if I want it, I’m going to make it happen. Because when the world ends, it might not be there.

Third is my goal.

I want to have fun.

That’s a little misleading as it makes it sound like having fun wasn’t in the cards for me before, and it was. But it got a little lost. Every one else having fun pushed my fun out of the way. Now I’m just a raider in a guild, no responsibility. A raid is posted, I show up and do my job. And I can have fun with it. If the raid is full, I can pursue all my other in-game joys like collecting things and completing things.

So really, the goal didn’t change, just my dedication to it.

What about you?

Any changes in how you’ll approach the game this expansion?

5 comments on “This time, it’s going to be different

  1. Kaethir says:

    Much like you, I was too new when Wrath came out to understand much of the changes. On my guild runs into Kara before the patch, I was DPSing in Bear form. Yes, really.

    So… I’m really enjoying this, and I’m hopeful I can enjoy Cata as much as I have Wrath…


  2. Rurjaos says:

    I almost did, what U did. Stumbled around in Vanilla, feeling, there’s more in BC, but far out of reach of MY guild, starting to raid in WotLK, feeling, there should be more, but realizing, there isn’t with MY guild, leaving MY guild with one char (it hurt!)and BAM!, having fun in ICC25HM without the high responsibilities of a raidleader, just beeing there, hitting fast and hard.
    I’ll be, where I want me to be when Cata starts. Involved in a progression oriented guild with one char, leading 2 raids, 3 days a week with other chars.
    What changes? My main isn’t my most progressed char anymore. For WotLK, my small family & friends guild has been my home, raiding with 2-3 other guilds provided losts of fun and drama. Thats not longer supported by blizz, so things might change.


  3. You and I are similar, and I think a lot of people share that story. My focus in Cat is going to be pretty divided. I’ll be leveling two characters concurrently, one solo and one with my wife.

    I’ll probably be going through at a pretty normal pace for me. I won’t be stopping to explore or look for special sites, but I won’t be reading up and pathing out my questing strategy beforehand.

    At endgame, I’ll be raiding with my guild & pvping in lowbie BGs. Possibly doing some rated BGs at max-level.

    Looking back, I’ll be doing the exact same thing as with Wrath.


  4. Jess says:

    – When Wrath hit, I didn’t really have anything to compare to so being told that X was changing into Y really didn’t mean much when I didn’t grok what X was in the first place.-

    I hit 70 in the game when the Isle of Quel’Danas was about to be released/opened on my server. I had heard all about Karazhan and was excited to venture into it when given the chance, but I didn’t hold my breathe. I did, eventually, get in… embarassing myself and earning the unrespectable reputation of being on my back the entire time. >..>


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