First few hours in



This is not a test.

This is a real freak out reported by the Emergency Freak Out System.

I have logged in to Arioch and attempted to do stuff.


This concludes our warning through the Emergency Freak Out System.

Thank you.

Where to begin?

How about the middle?

I wrote down some crap as it occurred to me and/or flipped me out as I bounced between characters trying to get Arioch glyphed, gemmed, and enchanted.

Glyph of the Monkey. I somehow had it. Learned and equipped. The copies of Penguin I had on my bank alt converted in to Monkey. Arioch has never so much as had a copy of the Penguin glyph in his inventory, let alone ever learned it. Judging by its location and graphic in my glyph interface, it would appear that the old Glyph of Frost Ward had converted magically into a monkey glyph. /boggle

Continuing with glyph bork-ups… on my scribe I have a glyph called Arcane Intellect. Funny thing is, it makes a glyph of Arcane Brilliance. That made finding that glyph a little challenging in the list.

Speaking of Arcane Brilliance, it’s nice to not have a single buff AND a group buff.

Because of that, my action bars look a little cleaner. Not having the “damplify” set helps and only one Mage Ward instead of 2. And this one covers Arcane! About time we finally got resistance to all three of our schools of magic.

I also have zero text on my action bars. That means I can’t see how many charges of my mana gem I have, the names of my macros, how many haste pots I have… but man they look sleek!

Other things that cannot be seen would be zone information in Cartographer. I guess this means that it’s finally time to let this one slip off into the night. You were well loved, Cartographer and will be missed. Now I’m in the market for a replacement add on that shows basic zone information from the world map (appropriate level, dungeons and their levels, etc.).

Know what’s neat? Somehow shadows got turned on, I had previously kept them off, and now when I’m flying on the taxi I can see my shadow on the ground! Small pleasures…

Did the graphics for herbs get buffed? Silverleaf appeared more leafy, Briarthorn looked more thorny, etc. Might have just been me.

The ability to track multiple things on the map? Very cool. I used to have a macro to toggle between tracking types on my DK when he farmed. Now I just have little yellow dots galore without my finger hurting from spamming the macro key!

One annoying thing removed and replaced by the Celestial Steed now being the most obnoxious mount in the game. EVERY time it jumps, it shrieks. EVERY time.

Also annoying, name plates are fubar for me. I can get some creature names to show and some health bars to show, but not all. If I turn on the friendly health bars I gain some enemy bars and lose some. It’s an absolute crap shoot.

Earthquakes are cool!

Did the DK ghoul summon get nerfed? I could have sworn he ALWAYS used to crawl up out of the ground. Now when I dismount he just sort of appears, like a hunter pet does. Lame.

The water effects are… meh. Some parts look pretty and some look murky. The previous style was much more mesmerizing for me.

New profession interface is great, when it shows all the fucking patterns sorted out. I had a few panic moments while mine was bugged up.

Oh, and no more cloth specializations? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!? I had JUST switched my priest to the moonshroud specialization from a gathering profession so that I would have access to all three specialties. Needed to make a lightweave embroidery so ship the mats to Selwyn. You create [Moonshroud]. What?  Where’s the other fucking Moonshroud? /waves fist in the air

Returning to Glyph issues… how about that Arcane Missile glyph being incorrectly classified as a major instead of a prime? And how about no one seeming to know the Armors glyph on my server? This is screwing up my pretty glyph page.

But, whoa. Flamestrike targeting circle got bigger. Like, same size as Blizzard bigger. Rejoice!

Mirror Images no longer seem to do the death animation, they just sort of fade away.

MAJOR MAGE GRIPE INCOMING: My beloved polymorph sheep no longer functions! History lesson: Prior to the patch, if a mage knew any “special” polymorphs (turtle, pig, black cat, rabbit, penguin) they would often override the sheep command when used in a macro. The workaround was to use Polymorph (Rank 4) to keep it a sheep. 4 was the highest polymorph rank and was equal in duration to the “special” forms. With the patch, they removed spell ranks. “Polymorph” now defaults to pig. I found out that it alternates between 2 different pig skins, but it’s still a pig. Not a sheep. DO NOT WANT. I WANT SHEEP. In a totally non-sexual way. Just saying.

The new portal fly-out menus? Also do not want. I kept trying to click one and the damn pop up would pop away before I could get the mouse over to the portal icon. I am not a slow mouse-mover by any means. This was frustrating as all hell. Now that DAGassist is set up with them all I will never have to deal with it again, but it was traumatizing. Honest.

Anyway… the important part was that I got Arioch (mostly) glyphed and gemmed and enchanted. Swapped some gear around, reforged a couple pieces, got up to the ungodly 17% hit requirements and need MOAR mastery.

When I logged in, I looked like:

  • HP: 30533
  • MP: 29058
  • INT: 1738
  • SP: 2899
  • Haste: 33.42% / 1096
  • Hit: 11.78% / 309
  • Regen OOC: 429
  • Regen IC: 163
  • Crit: 31.56% / 927
  • Mastery: 0

After a trip to the trainer, picking up my spec, setting the glyphs I could get, and self buffing with Arcane Brilliance and Mage Armor, I looked like:

  • HP: 30533
  • MP: 30948
  • INT: 1824
  • SP: 3164
  • Haste: 33.42% / 1096
  • Hit: 11.78% / 309
  • Regen OOC: 436
  • Regen IC: 163 – WTH? Mage Armor returns mana in combat… I don’t even
  • Crit: 35.08% / 927
  • Mastery: 12% / 8

Then I went rummaging through my bags to dig out some gear, gemmed and reforged, bringing us up to:

  • HP: 30733
  • MP: 31338
  • INT: 1850
  • SP: 3179
  • Haste: 29.37% / 963
  • Hit: 17.08% / 448
  • Regen OOC: 343
  • Regen IC: 163 Still no IC improvement?
  • Crit: 37.24% / 1019
  • Mastery: 13% / 8.98

After bringing myself up to the absolutely wretched amount of 17% for hit, I only had 1 piece of gear left on it with spirit. While this is good in one sense, spirit is completely useless to me, it meant I only had one piece to reforge some mastery on. Got a little creative with the gemming and swapped some hit to mastery as well.

My casts feel so slow… but I’m seeing a lot of mana numbers popping up from the Master of Elements. I got bored of beating on the target dummy after about 10 minutes and still not running out of mana. As arcane. Fucking up my “rotation” left and right. And maintaining 8+k  DPS.

I’m sure my numbers could be a lot better, but I was sloppy and kept altering my ratio of Arcane Blasts to Arcane Missile/Arcane Barrage, trying to find the sweet spot to conserve mana. Without Icy Veins, it feels like I’m missing cooldowns and they aren’t lining up properly. Something feels awkward and it will just take some time getting used to.

So far, I’m not overly impressed with Arcane mage. I’m not disappointed, but there’s a lot of lacking information on how we should be prioritizing our stats. Crit is looking to be more attractive than it used to be, but haste was where my heart was. I seem to have the mana management part of my mastery under control, but I lack the mastery stat to truly benefit from it.

I think when the math comes in and I’ve got my gear sorted out to support more mastery and I’ve had ample opportunity to smooth out the kinks of the rotation it will feel like home again. Until then, they’re going to ask me to raid on my priest anyways.

Oh, and I almost forgot.

I have the cogwheel bug. And I got a new mount. Which you already knew if you followed me on Twitter. =P


11 comments on “First few hours in

  1. telanarra says:

    grats on the mount even though i hate you for it :)

    my drood should have the glyph you need will check later today and send ya one if you still need it. just ping me with which glyph :)


  2. Ragnvald says:

    “I also have zero text on my action bars. That means I can’t see how many charges of my mana gem I have, the names of my macros, how many haste pots I have… but man they look sleek!”

    If you’re using Dominoes, you were lucky enough to update to a bugged version. The lack of text bug existed for one single day before they fixed it, so try an update. If you’re not using Dominoes… maybe try it out? :)

    I think graphics quality was bumped up by default, which explains the nicer looking herbs – I also noticed (or imagined) that. And I think I read that there’s a bug with temporary pet summon animations, which might explain why ghouls and mirror images just appear and disappear.


  3. zarigar says:

    This is an awful lot of rant for an alt. (…someone had to say it…)

    My priest got the Horseman’s Reigns last night, too.


  4. Rurjaos says:

    Cromulent + Mapster = Cathographer * (1.05 + nice)


  5. Fish says:

    I also think tracking 2 things at once is win. yay for only having to have 1 farmer now.


  6. Tirael says:

    Don’t forget to try to do your inscription research and to learn Colossal Smash from the glyph book.


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