Priest: Disc

So I finally logged on to my priest ALT. As in ALTERNATE character. You know, the character that is not my main. Because my mage is my main.

Now that we have that cleared up…

So I finally logged on to my priest.

I had made some improvements to my bar layout on Arioch and was planning on applying the same profile changes to Selwyn so I started by pulling everything off my bars.

Well, everything that was still there. Since all my healing is on mouseover macros, my bars looked very empty when I logged in.

Got my DAGassist all set up for my professions.

Poked through my bags to find all my extra gear.

Looked around at Dal.

Basically, procrastinated as long as possible before finally trotting off to the trainer.

I was hesitant to get going again on Arioch, I was downright terrified to start mucking about with Selwyn.

Threw together a disc and holy spec.

Promptly screwed up the disc spec (I swear the Inner Fire talent used to be useful) and paid 52 gold to respec.

WTF? I haven’t respecced my priest in AGES, what was up with 52 gold?

Learned my mastery and Power Word: Barrier.

Meandered down to the training dummies.

How odd is that? A healer having to go to the training dummies to work out the kinks?

And then just sort of stood there.

I wanted to put my abilities back on my bars, but I couldn’t remember where most of them went!

A few I could remember, but the really important ones were coming up blank.

I tried putting Penance here and PoM there… switched it back… what about Binding Heal?

OMG, have to have Smite keybound now!

I just started wildly casting and when I got a different spell than what I was expecting that keybind to do, I knew I had a spell in the wrong spot. (I later pulled up a pre-4.0.1 screen shot and discovered that with the exception of Holy Nova, which I deliberately moved, and the addition of Smite and PW: Barrier I got it all back to normal. Go go muscle memory!)

Eventually I got things in a spot that felt good enough and started playing around with the new “rotation” – namely, stacking Evangelism to use Archangel.

Let me just say:

Fuck bubbles.

I just want to smite and get wings!

And somehow not a single one of my screen shots of my pretty wings are to be found, so here’s a picture of Arioch on his newest mount.




I have a tracker set up in IceHUD for stacks of Evangelism, a timer for the Evangelism buff, and another for the Archangel cooldown.

At the training dummy, I was able to maintain what is theoretically an infinite rotation of Smites with Greater Heals and popping Archangel when it was off cooldown.

Greater Heals. That’s the expensive one for those of you not keeping track at home.

And I could not run out of mana.

I’m sure this will change at 85, but for now, I haven’t been able to really run out of mana on either my mage or my priest without great effort.

For gear, I only swapped my chest piece out with other pieces I had laying about.

I had far too much crit and mana regen (obviously too much mana regen and I’m trusting that Tir knows what he’s talking about with my crit) so I reforged all that extra into haste and mastery.

It’s looking like I will be able to keep the same gear sets between my disc and holy specs. The mastery for disc is better bubbles, which is nice, but hardly impressive. However, the mastery for holy involves putting a HoT on my healed targets and that has a lot of potential.

I have yet to actually heal anything other than the looky-loos at the training dummies, but I’m looking forward to testing out the new disc.

Looking forward alternating with dread.

I’ve always been the healer that once content gets easy, starts sneaking some DPS in there.

Now I sort of HAVE to get the DPS in there.

I’m a little worried that I’ll get swept away in legitimate DPS that I’ll forget to heal… I hope the wings will act as positive reinforcement to remember what I’m there to be doing.

Question for any of the disc priests out there:

Once again I’m looking at Heal versus Greater Heal and scratching my head.

Same cast time. Yes, Greater Heal costs a hell of a lot more. But it also heals for a hell of a lot more. AND I can’t run out of mana, so mana is hardly a concern at the moment.

Is this a situation where Heal just gets to sit on the sidelines until such a time as mana actually becomes worrisome (closer to level 85) or is it just the red-headed stepchild in my arsenal of heals?


5 comments on “Priest: Disc

  1. ambient says:

    Yes, there are nifty mechanics to come with Heal, but it’s a thoroughly worthless spell at level 80. I’ve always favored multiple Flash Heals over GHeal, but the bottom line is: keep using whichever one you’ve always used.

    When 4.0.1 hit, I rebound my Flash Heal button (plain left click, for ease of spamming when distracted/panicked) to Heal, but I promptly switched it right back. Can’t even say “practice your Heal keybinding in those moments when you’re bored and have time to use the slow heal”…because you’re supposed to be SMITING then! So yeah, shelve it for now.


  2. Rebecca says:

    …pre-patch screenshots. Now that’s organised, knew I forgot to do something.

    Great post!


  3. telanarra says:

    wait you have a 2nd priest now? I ask because you said you priest alt. :)

    /ducks heavy object being thrown at me


  4. Raven says:

    My disc priest has also given up on using Heal. I did the same as Ambient did and bound Heal where I used to have Flash Heal. Now that just means that I’m using my new bind for Flash Heal more because Heal feels useless.


  5. slice213 says:

    Yup heal feels really useless at this point. Its cast time and the amount it heals is very meh. (Heal maybe hits for 6-8ish? FH has been hitting for 9-10k+, and at this point mana is not an issue)

    GH > heal at this point, imo.

    And yes, smiting every now and then is fun. :) (Lootship, sindy gauntlet trash is smite city and nova spam)


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